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Chapter 683: Naughty and Mature at The Same Time!

Edited by RED

“Lang Xie, regarding Lin Feng…” began Zu Ti seriously.

He wanted to say something, but Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie interrupted him. He glanced at Lin Feng and said to his brother, “You and I can't get involved in his issues.”

“Why not?” asked Zu Ti. He didn't understand.

Lin Feng had a bad feeling, but he wasn't sure why.

“Do you think that Lin Feng can solve his own issues himself?” Lang Xie asked Zu Ti.

Zu Ti shook his head. He had to be realistic. The old man said, “He can't, especially with Zi Dian.”

“Indeed, Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian is protecting Fu Su Rong, Lin Feng can't get his revenge like that. That's why I'm telling you we shouldn't get involved.”

“But brother, can we help it?” Zu Ti asked unhappily.

Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie smiled wryly and shook his head, “What can we do? Kill Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian? There are four high-level Supreme G.o.ds in Lang Xie City, it's the reason why our city is prosperous and safe. Do you want Jiang Yi Tian, Jiang Yi Ze, and me to go and kill Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian?”

“You know how strong Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian is… He's as strong as me. He's a real a.s.set for Lang Xie City, killing him would come down to cutting off our own arm…”

“I can't kill Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian for Lin Feng to help Lin Feng get his revenge. I have to think of Lang Xie City and the Jiang family, you understand, Zu Ti?” Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie explained gravely.

How could Zu Ti find arguments to contradict him now? He knew that Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie was right. Lang Xie City couldn't get rid of a high-level Supreme G.o.d… it would be the same as cutting off their hand to spite their foot.

Zu Ti seemed dispirited and disappointed. He looked at Lin Feng guiltily. Lin Feng agreed; he didn't think Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie was wrong. On the contrary, he was really thoughtful. Killing Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian because of him would be stupid.

It had nothing to do with the affection Jiang Xuan felt for him.

Lin Feng missed the good times he spent with his wives, when he didn't need to care about anything. Living happily without any problems felt so good.

However, the world was cruel, and if he wanted to become one of the strongest cultivators in the world, he had to go through hardships. Utopia didn't exist, and life was impermanent. Things changed all the time. Sometimes, it felt like paradise; sometimes that paradise turned into a nightmare. Lin Feng didn't want to see his wives and relatives get killed.

Therefore, Lin Feng controlled himself despite the pressure. He had to become stronger to protect his entire family.

However, Lin Feng realized that his journey in the Country of Eternity wasn't going to be that easy. On the contrary, it was extremely complicated and he kept facing new dangerous situations. It was even worse than in the previous worlds he had been to.

He had to get used to it. He had to get used to facing extremely strong cultivators.

However, things were frustrating. Lin Feng felt strong enough to kill Fu Su Rong, but he couldn't. However, he had managed to escape from Yan Zhen, a high-level Supreme G.o.d, relying on the Sword of Remote Times. How come he couldn't kill Fu Su Rong, a medium-level Supreme G.o.d? The problem was Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian, a terrifying opponent!

Lin Feng had to give up for the time being. Unless Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian died, he wouldn't be able to kill Fu Su Rong. Well, there was another solution: what if Fu Su Rong really infuriated Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian? But that probability was extremely low, so…

Lin Feng was lost in thought. He would have to find a solution sooner or later, to avenge Mister Tian Ji and all those people who had been killed in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had to get rid of Fu Su Rong, that arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He had to catch up with him, too. He couldn't let anyone bully him!

Lin Feng knew what he had to do, and he knew what he really wanted. Giving up would come down to making a public announcement in the Country of Eternity that he had failed. That way, he would have nothing better to do than going back to the Continent of the G.o.ds and acting as an ultimate ruler there.

Lin Feng didn't want to rely on other people for protection though, he wanted to ensure his own safety. Even though he needed time, he had to be patient. He had to endure humiliations and bullying; like Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie had told him, he had to endure!

Suddenly, Lin Feng felt relieved and smiled. His eyes twinkled.

Zu Ti and Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie suddenly noticed something different about Lin Feng, it was a subtle difference, but they clearly saw that Lin Feng didn't feel as pressured anymore, as if the sky in his head had cleared after a storm.

“Thank you very much for your help, Masters. I understood a lot,” Lin Feng said, putting Jiang Xuan back on the ground. He bowed before the two old men and smiled broadly.

Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie was confused, as he hadn't taught Lin Feng anything. On the contrary, he had just been really selfish, he only cared about Lang Xie City and the Jiang family. Now that Lin Feng had thanked him, he felt guilty.

Zu Ti felt guilty too. As Lin Feng's weapon, he couldn't even help him. He felt useless.

“No need to salute. We did nothing,” said Zu Ti with a pained look.

“Masters, you made the right decision. I would have done the same. I wouldn't kill a high-level Supreme G.o.d because of a low-level Supreme G.o.d. It isn't realistic.”

“Well, great if you understand. We feel a little bit less guilty,” agreed Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie. He was happy to see Lin Feng forgave them. He clasped hands to Lin Feng.

He also looked at Lin Feng with new eyes. This young man was very honorable. Even if he kept getting bullied and humiliated for the time being, it wouldn't prevent him from making great efforts to become stronger.

“Brother, I promised Lin Feng he'd be able to go to Qi Yang Tai,” said Zu Ti. Indeed, he had told Lin Feng to come to Lang Xie City so that he could go to Qi Yang Tai. It was about time now.

Lin Feng glanced at Zu Ti expressionlessly, but on the inside he was touched. The old man hadn't forgotten his promise.

Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie frowned, glanced at them and said, “Alright, I see that you two didn't come to Lang Xie City without ulterior motives. Brother, how could you tell an outsider about our family's holy cultivation place?” He didn't look angry, though. He didn't mind bringing Lin Feng to Qi Yang Tai.

“Little boy, your teacher is going to Qi Yang Tai to practice cultivation, I'll leave it to you. I have other things to do,” said Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie to Jiang Xuan smiling in a meaningful way. When Jiang Xuan heard that, he reacted quickly. Sometimes, he seemed quite mature.

Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie and Zu Ti went away to talk about the past. They hadn't seen each other for a hundred thousand years. They had lots of things to talk about.

Zu Ti took the Sword of Remote Times with him because without the Sword Ancestor's Soul, the Sword of Remote Times was just an ordinary item, and useless for Lin Feng.

The two old men left, leaving Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan alone.

Lin Feng understood he needed Jiang Xuan's permission to go to Qi Yang Tai, which made him smile wryly. He never thought it'd be so easy though… Lang Xie City's holy cultivation was managed by Jiang Xuan?

“Ah… little boy…” Lin Feng began, scratching his nose and smiling wryly. He looked at the little boy gently, which made him feel awkward.

Lin Feng didn't say what he wanted, but Jiang Xuan looked worn-out, tired and sleepy, then he sighed annoyedly and sighed, “I'm exhausted. I need to rest.”

Lin Feng, “…… Little boy, don't you want to go and play?” Lin Feng was annoyed but he didn't show it, he just teased the boy.

Jiang Xuan was naughty and unruly, otherwise, he would not have killed a dozen teachers. When he got angry, he killed people, a bit like Lin Feng, actually…

Jiang Xuan sighed, “I have no teacher yet, I don't want to play.”

Lin Feng understood that he had agreed to be his teacher officially for the boy to be happy.

Lin Feng had thought carefully though, and he didn't want to stay in Lang Xie City. Since he couldn't get his revenge, he had to go far, far away. He needed s.p.a.ce, then he'd come back stronger; but if he agreed to be Jiang Xuan's teacher, he'd have to stay here for a while.

Lin Feng was facing a dilemma. He needed to go to Qi Yang Tai to improve his primal chaos body and primal chaos strength, but he didn't want to stay in Lang Xie City.

He was stuck.

“Sigh, I'm going to sleep first; bye Brother Lin Feng,” said the boy. He couldn't call Lin Feng teacher anymore, so he decided to call him brother. Sometimes, it was better to loosen the reins to grasp them better.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and scratched his nose. This little boy knew how to plot!

“Young people are creative!”

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