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Chapter 681: Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie!

Edited by RED

Lin Feng heard whistling sounds. He suddenly felt lighter: the sword on his back had disappeared. Zu Ti was flying towards Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian at an incredible speed. His sharp Qi cut the s.p.a.ce in two. Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian had no choice to slap out and step back.

However, Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian's hand shadow contained all sorts of hidden energies. Zu Ti was struck away and crashed on the ground.

“Sword of Remote Times?” Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian's eyes gleamed greedily. He wanted the Sword Ancestor's Soul.

“Master.” Lin Feng's expression changed drastically. He hastily flew towards the top of the mountain and took the sword out from the ground. When he took it out, he trembled. He sensed a terrifying strength penetrate into his blood through his hands.

Lin Feng roared in fury. He wanted to release that incredible strength, it felt the same as when he was fighting against Yan Zhen before. This time, the sensation was even more intense. This time, Lin Feng did it on purpose, unlike during his battle against Yan Zhen when he couldn't control the sword at all.

It felt natural, for Lin Feng, and for the crowd. The crowd didn't notice anything wrong. Lin Feng held the Sword of Remote Times and flashed, quickly arriving in front of Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian. Lin Feng slashed without saying anything.

Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian's expression didn't change. His Qi became even more terrifying. Qi invaded the top of Lang Xie Mountain. Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian raised his fists and punched the Sword of Remote Times, which emitted a clear and metallic sound. The Sword of Remote Times was blown away, of course, Lin Feng was blown away along with it since he was holding it.

But Lin Feng quickly managed to get back on his feet. He bounced off a gigantic boulder and threw himself back at Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian while rotating in the air. He looked like a deadly torpedo.

Lin Feng turned into a beam of sword light. That sword light pierced through Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian's external protection layer, then through his G.o.dly aura, and continued moving towards Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian's chest.

At that moment, Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian started looking grim. He shouted angrily and struck out at Lin Feng's hand. Lin Feng's hand felt incredibly sore. He had rarely felt such a pain. He wanted to move back, but he realized that Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian was holding him in place.

Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian slapped Lin Feng's hand. Initially, he held the Sword of Remote Times firmly, but now couldn't maintain his grip. Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian struck Lin Feng's hand and the sword fell away. Zi Dian struck Lin Feng's chest, and. Lin Feng was blown thousands of meters away and crashed against a gigantic boulder, which exploded at the impact.

Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian took the sword. Everybody gasped with astonishment. Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian ignored those people's expressions. He got ready to stash the Sword of Remote Times in a safe place.

However, the Sword of Remote Times released a terrifying strength which started piercing through Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian's chest. Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian started sensing some life and death Qi. He retreated without saying anything. At the same time, he kicked the Sword of Remote Times, which crashed against a mountain in the distance.

An incredible strength rolled out and swept away everything around Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian. Even though the situation was getting more and more dangerous, more and more people from Lang Xie City were gathering to watch.

“Teacher, we have to kill Lin Feng! Otherwise, he'll become too strong in the future and he'll pose a threat to us!” Fu Su Rong said hastily. When he saw that Lin Feng had been blown away, but not killed, he started worrying.

When Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian heard Fu Su Rong, he nodded, then rolled up his sleeves and flashed away. He landed in front Lin Feng, and lifted his foot. Up in the sky, a foot shadow hundreds of zhang long appeared and descended towards Lin Feng at an incredible speed.

Lin Feng looked at the gigantic foot in despair. It was difficult to avoid death at that moment, but Lin Feng wasn't ready to die. Now that Fu Su Rong was protected by an incredible cultivator, avenging Mister Tian Ji and the others would be extremely complicated. At the same time, Lin Feng had just arrived in G.o.ds Country and hadn't gained a firm foothold yet. But was he really going to die like this?

Lin Feng was really furious. He didn't want to die like this. He still had so many things to do! How could he leave his wives, children, grandchildren…?

Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian grunted icily. For him, killing Lin Feng was supposed to be like killing an ordinary person. He would have never paid attention to a small fry like Lin Feng in normal circ.u.mstances; he would have never wasted his time if it wasn't for Fu Su Rong.

Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian's foot descended from the sky. Lin Feng felt ice-cold and oppressed.

“Mister Zi, as a high-level Supreme G.o.d, don't you feel ashamed bullying someone so weak?”

As Lin Feng had resigned himself, an arm appeared in front of his eyes. It was also hundreds of zhang long. Lin Feng was astonished, and couldn't believe his eyes. The foot and the hand collided, but no strength emerged, as if the arm and that foot had belonged to ordinary people.

But Lin Feng understood that that collision contained terrifying energies. If the foot had reached him, his veins would have exploded.

The foot and the arm disappeared. Many people shuddered in fear.

“Lin Feng?” An old man appeared in front of Lin Feng, he looked extremely old. His wrinkles were deep, but his eyes looked sharp, showing the vitality of a young man.


When Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze saw the old man, they were overjoyed. They hastily ran towards the top of the mountain and bowed to him.

However, the old man frowned and shouted furiously, “Lang Xie Mountain is a holy place in our city, and you let people fight here without authorization?!”

“We… We…” Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze didn't know what to reply, but they knew their father was really angry.

“Old man, it's been so many years, you're finally showing up again,” said Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian, smiling gently.

“You're not dead, why would I be dead?” replied the old man straightforwardly. He didn't feel like talking about the past with Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian at all… and Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian knew that.

“You shouldn't have shown up on Lang Xie Mountain today,” continued the old man aggressively. He didn't care that Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian was one of the strongest cultivators of Lang Xie City.

Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie was the only one who could talk like that in Lang Xie City because he was the father of the city's two Great Leaders.

“Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie, are you going to get involved in all this?” asked Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian. His expression suddenly changed. He looked much colder.

Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie didn't reply, but he looked as if the answer was obvious. He didn't fear Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian. The two strongest cultivators of Lang Xie City had been working together for a long time, there were things they didn't need to explain.

In the end, Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian took Fu Su Rong and disappeared from Lang Xie Mountain.

Lin Feng watched Fu Su Rong leave. He was furious. He wished he could have killed Fu Su Rong. However, it was impossible now. As long as Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian was alive, he wouldn't be able to get his revenge unless he b.u.mped into Fu Su Rong alone, and only if Fu Su Rong didn't have one of Supreme G.o.d Zi Dian's talismans.

Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie noticed that Lin Feng was angry, and said indifferently, “You can't do much when you are weak and have no background. Just endure.”

Then, he walked over to Zu Ti. Zu Ti trembled; he wanted to leave, but Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie shouted at him, “What? You want to escape? Your master is here and you want to escape?!”

“Hmph! It's none of your business!” said Zu Ti glumly, coming out of the sword. However, he was extremely pale and seemed powerless. He had used all his Qi to help Lin Feng a moment before. He was exhausted.

“Hehe, empty words. Come back with me and we'll see,” said Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie, laughing mockingly.

Zu Ti frowned, then looked dispirited and nodded. He had no choice.

Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie smiled coldly, then raised his hand and called the Sword of Remote Times over. He said to Lin Feng, “Come with me and we'll talk about your revenge.

“You sc.u.mbags! You let my grandson's teacher get humiliated! How scary is that old grouch? Next time you see him, fight!

“d.a.m.n it! Who else wants to bully my people? Who does Zi Dian think he is?”

The old man was furious, shouting and pointing at his two sons, Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze. Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Yi Ze just smiled, not daring to contradict their father, and just enduring the humiliation.

Supreme G.o.d Lang Xie then looked at Jiang Xuan. Jiang Xuan seemed extremely sad. The old man looked at him kindly.

“Sigh, my beloved grandson, don't feel sad. Tell me what you want and I'll help you, I'll even do my best to avenge you.”

Many people had cold sweats. They finally understood why n.o.body dared humiliate and offend the Young Prince. It wasn't only because the Leader of East Lang Xie protected him; his ancestor was there for him, too!

Who would dare offend him?

Translation of the Author's Note: these days, I'm writing longer chapters as a sign of my grat.i.tude. I would like to thank all my fans!

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