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Chapter 909

Chapter 909: Asoka City

Lin Feng had learnt the Xiao Yao agility technique from the Three Lives Demon. Even though his cultivation level was inferior to theirs, he was faster than them.

After a short time, Lin Feng arrived in a desolate place and slowed down.

“Hmph. Where are you going?” shouted someone furiously. Many people were following him now.

However, when they got near him, Lin Feng turned around and a demon seal stone appeared.

“Kill him!” shouted someone furiously. Lin Feng threw his demon seal stone and ran away as fast as he could. The first two people felt oppressed, like they couldn’t move any further. The strength of that demon seal stone was incredible. Their faces showed hints of worry as they knew they couldn’t avoid it anymore.

“Boom boom boom!

Explosions sounded as Lin Feng’s strength, coupled with the power of the demon seal stone, killed those two strong cultivators and immediately reduced them to ashes.

Lin Feng glanced at the others and continued moving. He was hiding his true ident.i.ty so he couldn’t use his full strength, otherwise people might recognize him. Therefore, he was attracting people to different corners to kill them.

“He’s got demon seal stones, be careful!” shouted someone. Then, they continued using their Xiao Yao agility technique to chase Lin Feng. This time, they stayed in a group to avoid acting careless like the two others from before.

Lin Feng took out a red sword which was full of thick blood Qi.

Lin Feng released a terrifying sword Qi and his entire body turned into a sharp sword. At the same time, he released the Qi of a million swords. His sword Qi dashed to the skies as his enemies hesitate for a second.

Lin Feng then stopped in the air.

“Be careful.” shouted someone. They all stopped and looked up at Lin Feng. Lin Feng turned around and was smiling, “Are you tired? Don’t be nervous.”

Lin Feng then continued running.


“You really want to die.” shouted someone furiously. Lin Feng was playing with them. But again, Lin Feng turned around and released an infinite amount of sword Qi. 

They suddenly all looked desperate, if Lin Feng’s sword Qi reached them, they’d die.

“Boom boom boom!

“Die!” they all released a terrifying strength. However, Lin Feng turned into a sword using his human sword fusion. Slashing sounds spread in the air as two corpses fell from the sky.

“Argh!” the others were going insane. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had already killed four of them. Just as they turned around to face Lin Feng again, Lin Feng’s sword Qi disappeared. A mountain appeared in Lin Feng’s hand which shot out at them.


“Bzzz, boom boom boom.

Lin Feng used his Tian Xuan treasure. Many people who were too close were immediately crushed alive.

Lin Feng glanced at the enemies, only two were left.

He recalled his Tian Xuan meteorite and stood there. He looked like a G.o.d despising those strong cultivators.

“You still want to kill me, but can you?” said Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng. You’re Lin Feng.” said someone staring at Lin Feng. Demon seal stone, blood sword, that meteorite which looked like a precious treasure from Tian Xuan, that person had to be Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was already famous in Gan Yu. He had demon seal stones, he loved swords, he was a member of Tian Xuan. All those things weren’t a secret anymore. It was easy to guess that he was just wearing a mask.

“You just found th

at out? It’s too late now.” Lin Feng jumped forwards with his gigantic mountain in hand.

The two enemies ran backwards. Lin Feng threw his meteorite at them. The strength of the Earth and sky rolled in the air and chased those people. A terrifying mountain fell down onto one of the enemies’ back and crushed them to death as blood splashed everywhere.

One strike, one death. In a flash, Lin Feng recalled the meteorite back to his hand and it disappeared. Lin Feng had killed all of his opponents but one now.

The last opponent started running like a madman. Lin Feng had killed so many people in the blink of an eye. If he didn’t manage to escape, he would definitely die.

He used his Xiao Yao agility technique. He was running so fast that the wind buffeted against his body.

“And where do you think you’re going?” shouted Lin Feng loudly, startling his opponent. He had been chasing Lin Feng the whole time and now he was being chased. What a coward.

“Die.” Lin Feng released a terrifying fire energy from his fist which turned black. Then their fists collided.


As their fists collided, the strong cultivator gave a horrible shriek. Lin Feng crushed his fist and continued on to crash into his chest. Lin Feng had just killed the last one.

Lin Feng was still standing in the air.

Xiao Yao Sect, the meeting…

Lin Feng continued running. He understood what was happening in Gan Yu. When he was in Xue Yue, his teacher had gone and killed people in Shen Gong. Shen Gong, Jade Heaven and the East Sea Dragon Palace had joined hands and went to Tian Chi. When that didn’t go their way they called the big sects from the Gan Yu region with the sole goal of destroying Tian Chi.

Lin Feng wasn’t surprised that all of Gan Yu wanted to destroy Tian Chi.

Lin Feng didn’t stop. After he guessed about the meeting, he headed straight for Asoka. Tian Chi was good to him, he couldn’t let them down now.

Asoka was in the center of the Gan Yu region so bringing together all those sects was most convenient.

The East Sea Dragon Palace, Jade Heaven, Shen Gong, the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, the Xiao Yao Sect and so on were already there. There were so many Zun cultivators there as well as countless numbers of Tian level cultivators.

Many people were leaving as a group of people arrived, their leader was wearing white clothes and looked both rich and handsome. A beautiful woman stood by him.

“Master Tian Lin.” the members of the Xiao Yao Sect greeted him politely and respectfully.

“Patriarch. Long time no see.” said the young man in white clothes smiling indifferently. Even when faced the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, he still acted proud as if he were the best in the world.

“Indeed, long time no see. I wouldn’t have thought that you’d come to the Gan Yu region. It’s an honor to see you again.” said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect smiling. Members of the Xiao Yao Sect were surprised. Who was this man that was respected by even the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect? His social status must be very high.

“Patriarch, you’re too polite. I’m not the only one who came to Gan Yu. I heard that an emperor’s treasure has been found and that many influential people had come to practice cultivation.” said Tian Lin. What Tian Lin meant was that things were not going to happen smoothly.

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