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PMG Chapter 904

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 904: Killing in Shen Gong

In the Xue Yu Region, Mi Cheng City was surrounded by a mysterious cloud. A seemingly ordinary old man went inside.

Besides his normal appearance, his speed was astonishing.

"Eh?" someone thought that they had just seen a shadow, as if there had been someone but there definitely wasn't anyone there.

The old man crossed the clouds with incredible speed before stopping. He didn't say anything, he just calmly looked around.

A long time pa.s.sed and the clouds in front of the old man dispersed and a gate appeared as well as a person.

That person was surprised to see the old man and said in a cold way, "Who are you? Do you know where you are?"

The old man said nothing. He just crossed the gate. The person at the gate wanted to stop him but he couldn't move his body. When the old man disappeared from his field of vision, his body continued to freeze and he eventually froze to death.

Some more people saw the old man.

"Stop right now!" shouted two of them. Many people came to that direction when they heard the shout. Surprisingly, an uninvited old man had entered Shen Gong.

However, it suddenly started snowing and a blade-sharp wind began blowing. The atmosphere was chilling-to-the-bone.

The old man kept running without saying anything. However, it seemed like the piercingly-cold Qi came from his body.

"Kacha, kacha!" Everybody who tried to stop immediately froze and became as motionless as an ice statue.

n.o.body could escape this fate.

"Hurry up, call the Zun cultivators." said someone hastily. There was a myriad of frozen people already. n.o.body dared to try and stop the old man anymore. They knew they couldn't. Anyone who approached him turned into a statue.

Shen Gong was turning into a landscape of desolation. People didn't have time to get near the old man before they were already frozen.

Many strong cultivators came towards that direction but when they saw the landscape full of frozen people, their facial expression changed drastically.

Shen Gong's people started to think that they had never seen such a tragedy, it would probably be the first and last time they would.

Finally, Shen Gong's Zun cultivators were notified. Even though who were in a state of meditation practicing cultivation, someone had come to destroy Shen Gong?

The old man seemed like he was having a walk in a garden, he seemed quite relaxed. However, each of his steps terrified people. Was he going to freeze Shen Gong's entire territory?

"Who are you, dear friend? You should have warned us that you were coming so we could welcome you properly." said someone very far away. Finally, a Zun cultivator was coming out.

A terrifying Qi spread in the form of a whirlwind. It seemed like that Qi was attempting to thaw out the ice.

"An unknown person not worth mentioning. Shen Gong is not a restricted area so if I want to come, I can as I wish. Why would I need to inform anyone?" said the old man calmly. He didn't stop running. He sounded very confident.

"Dear friend, you sound like you despise Shen Gong." said the Zun cultivator from Shen Gong. His Qi was lacerating the air and breaking through the old man's ice.

Shen Gong's people looked delighted. A Zun cultivator had come out and his skills were certainly extraordinary. They hoped he would kill the old man.

The old man looked at the hurricane without much emotion. He immediately stepped on the wind and released more ice energy. The hurricane immediately froze!

Abstruse ice energy, it could freeze anything in the world.

The Zun cultivator from Shen Gong didn't look happy at all. The old man was terrifyingly strong and didn't seem to like Shen Gong very much.

"Dragon, Kill!" shouted the Zun cultivator from Shen Gong. He made gestures with both his hands and in a flash, a dragon-shaped hurricane appeared. It whirled around the old man and divided into eight parts, attempting to attack the old man from every side.

"Freeze!" said the old man. The terrifying dragon made of wind instantly froze. The Zun cultivator from Shen Gong was astonished.

"Kacha, kacha!" The atmosphere was freezing around the Zun cultivator now, if he couldn't protect Shen Gong, who would?

His facial expression changed drastically. He punched the frozen atmosphere and a vortex of wind appeared.

At the same time, the old man jumped forward and punched another side of the ice block. The atmosphere trembled as ice energy appeared on every side.

His facial expression changed drastically. A tornado appeared around him but the old man shook his hand as strident sounds could be heard. The old man seemed to be absorbing the ice into his hands as well as everything else, including the Zun cultivator.

"Die!" the Zun cultivator from Shen Gong turned into a hurricane, however, the old man punched it again and the abstruse ice energy penetrated into the wind dragon. Again, the wind froze and slowly stopped. The Zun cultivator's body also started to freeze. He looked astonished and even scared.

"Punished Heart!" the old man moved his hands.

"Break!" the old man shook his hand and in a flash, the Zun cultivator's heart which was frozen started to break apart.

"Die." the old man moved his hand again and the dragon-shaped hurricane broke apart as well. The Zun cultivator and all of his strength had turned into a block of ice.

A Zun cultivator from Shen Gong was killed by an old man!

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