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PMG Chapter 901

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 901: Courting Death

"Kacha!" Qiong Qi put an abstruse crystal in its mouth and nibbled on it. It seemed like it was suffering.

In the distance, Lin Feng was sitting. He made his awareness go out of his body and saw everything Qiong Qi was doing.

"Is that possible?" Surprisingly, Qiong Qi was eating pure abstruse crystals.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and shook his head. Whatever Lin Feng thought, Qiong Qi used to be an emperor.

His current condition was tragic. Even though Lin Feng knew that Qiong Qi had stolen abstruse crystals, but he didn't try and prevent him from doing so.

Lin Feng breathed in deeply and started studying the marks Qiong Qi made as well as his deployment skills.

At the same time, people in Shen Gong were recognizing Xi Jue Tian's disappearance so they sent some people to find him. They had heard that all the strong cultivators they dispatched had probably died in Xue Yue.

The Firmament Empire was situated between Mi Cheng City and Xue Yue in the Xue Yu Region. At that moment, in a huge palace of the Firmament Empire, someone was sitting on a throne. However, that person wasn't an official of the Firmament Empire. The actual leader of the Firmament Empire was sitting below them and looked scared.

Someone arrived at the gate of the palace. The one sitting on the throne said, "Come in."

The one waiting outside walked into the palace and bowed in front of the leader in a solemn and respectful way.

"We have some news from Xue Yue, the group from Shen Gong didn't manage to capture Lin Feng."

"Eh?" that person was surprised. His eyes twinkled and he released powerful Qi. The group Shen Gong had dispatched, led by Xi Jue Tian, wasn't enough to capture Lin Feng?


"It is said that they were all killed in Xue Yue."

"They all died?" The strong cultivator was astonished. Even though Xi Jue Tian wasn't the strongest cultivator of Shen Gong, he was extremely strong. How could he have failed to capture a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer?

"Did Tian Chi send people to help?"

"I don't know of anyone from Tian Chi being in Yangzhou City. Some Tian level beasts seemed to have helped Lin Feng." said that person. The news had surprised that person as well. They all didn't understand how Lin Feng could have killed all those people in Yangzhou City.

The monarch remained silent. He rolled up his long sleeves and said coldly, "Zun cultivators from Shen Gong will probably go and avenge Xi Jue Tian and the others. If that's the case, it won't be easy anymore. We need to go to Xue Yue as soon as possible. We can't allow Lin Feng's treasures to fall into anyone else's hands than Jade Heaven."

"Indeed." said that person, again in a solemn and respectful way. Shen Gong thought that n.o.body knew that they had sent people to Xue Yue. They thought that they were carrying out top secret operations. In fact, Jade Heaven controlled everything. Only they knew what the treasures from the mysterious world were, and only they knew how to use their ancestor's treasures.

Initially, they had thought that Xi Jue Tian would succeed and then they would have killed him and captured Lin Feng themselves. However, Xi Jue Tian had disappeared.

After a short while, a group of people left the palace of the Firmament Empire. Those people all had a mysterious and unfathomable Qi.

However, after that group of people left, some new people appeared outside of the palace. They looked back at those who were leaving.

Those people were wearing dragon robes and looked incredibly powerful. They must all be strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace.

Jade Heaven was spying on Shen Gong while the East Sea Dragon Palace secretly knew the relations between Jade Heaven and the emperor's tomb in the mysterious world. Therefore, they knew that Jade Heaven would never give up on Lin Feng, so the East Sea Dragon Palace spied on Jade Heaven instead.

Everybody's goal was the same, capturing Lin Feng, or more precisely, stealing his treasures.

In fact, n.o.body really knew what Lin Feng had obtained. He had something, for sure, but they could only guess what it was. People who really knew had disappeared or died.

As far as Lin Feng was concerned, he had no idea that so many strong cultivators were after him, but he understood that he had offended many people. It was because of this that he asked Yan Di for help and had asked him to protect the whole palace.

The next day, in a beautiful place inside the palace, Lin Feng was sitting on a chair with Xue Ling Long crouching gently on his shoulder.

Xin Ye was there too, she was painting. From time to time, she would look over at Lin Feng without stopping what she was doing.

"Sister, you paint so well." said Xiao Ya with admiration. Xue Ling Long jumped off Lin Feng's shoulder and looked at the drawing too. She looked inspired by its beauty. It was a portrait of a young man, he was sitting and looked both calm and serene. The landscape around him was astonishingly beautiful too. There was a very cute little white animal perched on his shoulder, its fur was snowy white.

Xue Ling Long jumped onto Xin Ye's shoulder and put her paws on Xin Ye's face. Xin Ye smiled in a gentle way, looked at Xue Ling Long and said, "Meng Qing, sister, you will always be the most beautiful one."

Xue Ling Long rubbed her furry head against Xin Ye, it was just adorable.

Lin Feng smiled and stood up. That painting was so beautiful, he couldn't help but smile in a sweet and gentle way.

"Lin Feng, get the h.e.l.l out here!"

At that moment, someone shouted furiously from outside. That voice contained an incredible strength so everybody heard what they said very clearly.

Lin Feng was startled as he raised his head and looked at the horizon.

"Finally, they came." thought Lin Feng. He had waited for a long time for someone to kill him.

"Xin Ye, Meng Qing, don't come out with me, just stay here." said Lin Feng, still smiling. Xin Ye nodded and Lin Feng left in the direction whence the voice had come.

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