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Chapter 897

Chapter 897: Insane Great Emperor

When Qiong Qi heard Lin Feng, it stood up and flames appeared around its body.

Lin Feng raised a hand and in a flash, a little golden person appeared. Lin Feng asked, “Evil spirit, tell me if that is Yan Di or not.”

The little golden person frowned and looked terrified. It was indeed a part of Yan Di’s broken soul and on top of that, it seemed like it had inherited everything Yan Di previously possessed. It possessed everything Yan Di had and even more.

“Indeed.” said the evil spirit in Lin Feng’s brain. Lin Feng nodded coldly. When Lin Feng had fought in Divine Waters, Qiong Qi helped him as a lookout. After Lin Feng killed the fire wolf king, Qiong Qi stopped reacting and wasn’t as close to him anymore. Lin Feng knew from that moment that Qiong Qi wasn’t Qiong Qi anymore.

There were only two possibilities, it was either an evil spirit or it was what the evil spirit confirmed, Yan Di.

Initially, Lin Feng hadn’t said anything to let the evil spirit spirit think about it.

“Since you know it’s me, the Flame Emperor, what do you want to do?” said Qiong Qi, seemingly proud. Its Qi suddenly looked luxuriant.

“Emperor?” Lin Feng laughed, “Alright, I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever have to say that but today, I will seal you.”

Lin Feng suddenly jumped forwards. With a flash, bright lights illuminated the room. Mysterious marks appeared and flowed everywhere in the room.

An infinite number of black marks also appeared.

“Spirit sealing technique!” Yan Di was horrified. It stood up suddenly and loud sounds spread in the room. Black lights surrounded Yan Di’s body, wrapping him up like a mummy.

“You dare use the spirit sealing technique on me!” roared Yan Di furiously. It looked so furious that it would have scared anyone. Even though Yan Di was a broken spirit and had used the body capture on an animal, it still looked powerful. It was part of his nature. Even though Lin Feng was much stronger than Qiong Qi, it was still difficult for Lin Feng to control him.


Lin Feng’s facial expression looked cold as he said, “You’re not an emperor, you’re just a worthless animal, nothing more!”

“How dare you!” Qiong Qi roared. Fire appeared and it started tearing apart the black marks. It opened its gigantic mouth and started spitting out fire. Qiong Qi was an ancient animal, its fire was extremely strong, let alone Yan Di’s fire.

Lin Feng jumped and used his cosmos-burning sun technique. Incredible flames appeared and destroyed Qiong Qi’s flames.

In the past, Yan Di was incredibly strong but now, he was just a Xuan level beast.

“p.i.s.s off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng raised his hands and released his demon sword’s strength, slapping Qiong Qi with it. An explosion sounded as the demon seal strength crashed into Qiong Qi’s body, crushing it onto the ground.

“You dare… an emperor…” Qiong Qi was furious. The demon seal strength made it tremble.

Back in the day, it was an emperor, but it hadn’t gotten used to being a futile beast now.

“Maybe you were an emperor, but now you’re my pet.” said Lin Feng. Lights were twinkling in his hands. Qiong Qi couldn’t move because of the black lights so it was just staring at Lin Feng, its expression was hideous.

“Roar…” a human being wanted to use the spirit sealing technique on him, and now it had become a mere pet. A once great emperor had taken the form of a mere pet.

The emperor had left the parallel world because he wanted to find a better body. That’s why he had chosen Qiong Q

i. After all, Qiong Qi was an ancient, ferocious animal which possessed incredible strength. But in the end, it was just an animal. The emperor made a mistake in choosing Qiong Qi’s body.

“Roaring is useless.” said Lin Feng cheerfully. Bright lights appeared in his hands and his lips were moving, it seemed like he was chanting something: the spirit sealing chant. The sealing power in his hand was becoming stronger.

The lights turned into a mysterious pattern.

“Spirit seal!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He moved both his hands towards Qiong Qi. It looked like it was struck by lightning and was electrocuted. Qiong Qi lost its ability to move.

“Roar!” But Qiong Qi couldn’t roar, It just shook. Lin Feng punched it again. The spirit sealing strength entered its brain and oppressed its Qi.

Because of the spirit sealing strength, the emperor’s G.o.dly awareness would remain imprisoned in Qiong Qi’s body forever. It was almost the same as dying, unless someday, Qiong Qi became strong enough to expel Yan Di. Until that day, Yan Di was Qiong Qi.

“I hope you die!” Qiong Qi looked furious while glaring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shivered but still looked cold.

“You’re just a stupid pet.” said Lin Feng as he punched Qiong Qi with sealing strength, forcing it to crouch down again.

“Roar!” The sealing technique had succeeded. Qiong Qi ran towards Lin Feng with its open mouth.

“p.i.s.s off.” said Lin Feng as he violently kicked Qiong Qi, making it fly away.

Lin Feng released an ice-cold Qi. Yan Di still thought of himself as an emperor. Lin Feng had to teach it a lesson.

It ran towards Lin Feng again. It felt humiliated and it hated Lin Feng.

Lin Feng punched its mouth almost knocking out Qiong Qi. Lin Feng ran towards him and kicked it again. Qiong Qi moaned with pain and crashed onto a wall, shaking violently.

Lin Feng released more demon sealing strength and punched it again.

“Boom boom boom!” Lin Feng continued punching it violently. Its Qi was weakening as it eventually crouched down. It hated Lin Feng but he couldn’t contest.

“Emperor! Come, try and kill me!” said Lin Feng while punching it unceasingly. He showed no mercy.

In the distance, some people heard the sounds and figured that Lin Feng was beating up Qiong Qi. They walked even farther away, wondering what Qiong Qi did to infuriate Lin Feng. Poor Qiong Qi, it was just a pet.

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