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Chapter 893

Chapter 893: Destroying Jue Tian in One Strike

Jue Tian’s hands were frozen cold, Lin Feng was willing to use his demon sword. Was he not turning into a demon though? Did Lin Feng not fear harming the crowd on the below?

“How demoniac…” Jue Tian was speechless. That demon sword was incredibly powerful. The initial owner of the demon sword must have been at least a Zun cultivator. Even though he eventually died, his demonic power remained.

“You’re crazy. Do you actually think I will not kill everyone on the ground anyway?” shouted Xi Jue Tian furiously. That demonic power was terrifying and Jue Tian was afraid that he couldn’t fight it.

Lin Feng coldly glanced at Jue Tian with a b.e.s.t.i.a.l expression in his eyes. Even his mouth resembled that of an animal. He then said, “I will not give you any chances to do so.”

“Demon seal!”

Suddenly, a terrifying black light appeared in Lin Feng’s hands with strange markings in that light.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and visualized the demonic sealing strength so he could better control his demon power. He was finally able to use it!

He rose up in the air, his head reached the black clouds. There were mysterious marking on the demon sword now which contained a terrifying power. At the same time, bright lights twinkled around Lin Feng’s body as if he were condensing this strength. This strength was very subtle and barely visible. The crowd on the ground could see a huge word, “SEAL”.

Lin Feng was visualizing the demon sealing strength while preventing the demon sword intent from corroding his body.

“That…” Xi Jue Tian was astonished. Lin Feng’s body had turned into a gigantic word “SEAL”. He was sealing his own body.

How was that possible? How could Lin Feng use the power of the demon seal stones to this extent? It couldn’t be a part of his powers..

Lin Feng was in the sky surrounded by rolling black clouds and floating snowflakes. He was dominating the skies with his demon sword. Lin Feng’s ice-cold eyes made Xi Jue Tian shiver. Was that Lin Feng’s true power? No wonder that he acted so arrogantly.

“Even in such circ.u.mstances, do you think you can stop me?” Xi Jue Tian’s didn’t back down. He jumped forwards and a whirlwind followed him. However, he wasn’t jumping in Lin Feng’s direction, he was flying down towards the crowd on the ground. He wanted to kill Lin Feng’s people to humiliate him.

Lin Feng’s pupils were still ice-cold. He moved his demon sword around as if he were writing something. It seemed like he was moving his hand really slowly, but at the same time each strike gave birth to insane hurricanes. Each trail left by his sword in the sky seemed to contain sword intent.

“Eh?” Xi Jue Tian who was flying downwards but raised his head, cold sweat was dripping down his neck.

“How is that possible?” thought Xi Jue Tian. The trails left by Lin Feng in the sky seemed to contain a special energy, the real strength of the Earth and sky. Those were the mysterious markings. Even someone like Xi Jue Tian had only heard of such mysterious markings. They were mysterious, subtle and extremely powerful.

Lin Feng had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer, being defeated by him at his cultivation level, would be an incredible tragedy.

Lin Feng had probably learnt how to use those mysterious marks in the mysterious world. He couldn’t have learnt them in the outside world.

Xi Jue Tian was right, those mysterious marks came from the mysterious world. Back then, there were eighty-one mysterious sword marks in that sword room. The mysterious marks Lin Feng was using were some of them. He had spent lots of time studying the

m and had focused on a particular part only. Finally, he was able to understand some of the marks related to the way of the sword.

Lin Feng had prepared himself for the fight against Shen Gong.

The demonic clouds were wailing. Xi Jue Tian suddenly stopped from the surprise. Lin Feng had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer, but with the help of the demon sword, how strong could he get? Xi Jue Tian didn’t want to think about that.

At that moment, the Tian level beasts and the group of people stopped fighting. They were all staring at Lin Feng. Shouldn’t a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer possessing such power violate the rules of the universe?

“Let’s go!” said Xi Jue Tian. His energies dispersed as he started running. He wanted to escape and come back with reinforcements.

Lin Feng seemingly ignored Xi Jue Tian escaping, he continued condensing the strength of the mysterious marks. Snowflakes were still falling in the air. Despite his speed, Xi Jue Tian was still surrounded by these snowflakes.


Xi Jue Tian barely had time to react. His head felt like it was exploding, he groaned and blood splashed out of his mouth.

What kind of power was that?

“I told you that you wouldn’t have a chance. But surprisingly, you still came. Now you will stay here forever.” at that moment, a trail appeared behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng raised his head and the whole sky became white.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A trail was left behind by the demon sword as a gigantic word appeared in the sky, “DIE”. That word seemed to contain an infinite amount of sword energy. People couldn’t look at it, it was so bright that they were forced to close their eyes.

Xi Jue Tian’s facial expression changed drastically as he opened his mouth and moaned. The “DIE” word penetrated into his body. Xi Jue Tian’s mouth remained open. On his body, the word “DIE” appeared and carved into his skin. His body started falling apart as that “DIE” word was continuously a.s.saulting his body.

Xi Jue Tian of West Shen Gong was dead and Lin Feng, a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer, had killed him.

The crowd shivered.

Lin Feng had unsheathed his demon sword and killed Xi Jue Tian with one strike. n.o.body would forget that move, ever.

“Crrrr…” Lin Feng’s demon seal strength was quickly diminishing. Even though he had sealed his body, it would never be as strong as the demon seal stone. Because of this, he couldn’t prevent the demon sword from corroding his intent forever. He put back his demon sword in the demon seal stone and the clouds dispersed. Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled as the demon seal strength vanished.

The snow flakes gradually disappeared as well. Even after the clouds and snow disappeared, people could still imagine that they were there.

The battle between the Tian level beasts and the remaining Shen Gong people wasn’t over. Lin Feng had only killed Xi Jue Tian, there was still another leader and their Zun cultivators.

Lin Feng glanced at the remaining Shen Gong people. This time, n.o.body looked at him despisingly. He was too scary. Lin Feng had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer, but was able to kill people at the top of the Tian Qi layer.

The seven snow eagles’ silhouettes kept flickering. Lin Feng had ordered them to fight, so they obeyed. Actually, they didn’t know what kind of power Lin Feng had. It wasn’t until now that they were starting to understand how scary their master was.

Lin Feng was a young master in Tian Xuan. In the future, he would become an authentic leader and Tian Xuan could only benefit.

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