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PMG Chapter 892

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 892: Unsheathing the demon sword

"Roar!" The golden hand cultivator roared violently, his facial expression looked ferocious.

A terrifying G.o.dly awareness sword headed for Lin Feng but Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and his demon seal stone.

"Boom!" the G.o.dly awareness and the stone collided as a terrifying golden light appeared. The G.o.dly awareness was barely visible but at the same time, new golden lights appeared between the golden hand cultivator's eyebrows.

"evil spirit, argh…" the cultivator screamed when he saw the little golden spirit. His forehead was bleeding, but he really wanted to capture Lin Feng. He suddenly stopped moving in the middle of the sky. He was staring at Lin Feng with the utmost hatred as a drop of blood fell from his forehead and suddenly, he died.

Lin Feng called his spirit back and glanced at the cultivator with the golden sleeves. As expected, he couldn't fight against a cultivator of the seventh Qi layer. It was from the very beginning that he had used the evil spirit to control the old man. Even though he couldn't control his strength, he could at least use him to prevent the Tian level cultivator from killing him.

After that, Lin Feng made his G.o.dly awareness come back out again and killed his opponent.

Lin Feng looked at his opponent eyes and could almost see the fury in them. Lin Feng, a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer had killed him with the help of his evil spirit.

A whirlwind started around Xi Jue Tian and protected him. Cultivators of the third and fourth Tian Qi layers had died. Even though he wasn't happy about it, he didn't care much. However, seeing the dead bodies infuriated him. West Shen Gong had sent people to capture Lin Feng and in the end, even a cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer couldn't suffice. What a humiliation, if other people in Shen Gong knew about that, he would lose face.

Even the others who had fought against the Tian level beasts hadn't been able to resist a single attack. Those beasts were extremely powerful, they were at least level four Tian level beasts. Shen Gong had no chance.

"I swear, after we capture and torture you, I will kill you in a tragic way." Xi Jue Tian threatened Lin Feng.

"You're still quite confident." said Lin Feng while smiling coldly.

"If you are not afraid of losing your consciousness and decide to turn into a demon again, I will help you kill your family and friends, all of them, one after the other. You will kill them with your own hands." said Xi Jue Tian while smiling coldly. He had known about Lin Feng's demon sword from last time. He also knew that when Lin Feng used it, he was unable to discern friends from enemies, killing anyone in front of him.

Lin Feng's pupils narrowed. Shen Gong's people were extremely strong but they were shameless. In the world of strong cultivators, sometimes, there were no principles.

"Bei Ming of North Shen Gong as well as another Shen Gong leader have disappeared. It seems like today, another leader along with many strong cultivators will disappear as well." said Lin Feng while staring back at Xi Jue Tian. He sounded as arrogant as always. Strangely, Lin Feng seemed confident about defeating Jue Tian.

Xi Jue Tian's pupils narrowed. He seemed intrigued. How could Lin Feng be so confident? Concerning the the strong cultivators disappearance, the only person who knew about that was Duan Wu Ya. However, it was said that Lin Feng had followed Duan Wu Ya into the East Sea Dragon Palace and killed him there. Therefore, n.o.body knew about the mysterious disappearances in the mysterious world. Did Lin Feng have a secret weapon to deal with him?

Otherwise, why would Lin Feng be so confident? Not only was Lin Feng unafraid but he was goading him to fight.

After thinking those things through, Xi Jue Tian couldn't help but re-examine Lin Feng. He felt like he had to be even more vigilant. A moment before, the cultivator with the golden clothes had died by Lin Feng because of carelessness. Jue Tian, as a leader, had great plans, so dying there would be a pity.

Rumbling sounds were unceasing as the Tian level beasts and cultivators were fighting. There were so many people fighting that the sky had darkened. The Tian level beasts had a stable advantage having killed two cultivators of the Tian Qi layer.

Xi Jue Tian and Lin Feng were staring each other down. In the middle of the chaos, they alone were motionless. Jue Tian was a bit scared that Lin Feng might possess an incredible weapon or treasures, maybe he had the treasures of the Great Emperor.

"You all from Shen Gong will die. Against all expectations, you're not even attacking first. Honestly, you are all trash. A leader, you? You won't even fight me, a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer. If other people saw that, they would burst into laughter." said Lin Feng mockingly. Jue Tian remained calm.

"Since the beginning, you have humiliated and insulted us, even killing us. What is your motive?" asked Xi Jue Tian.

Lin Feng just laughed. "A leader who is afraid to attack, I, Lin Feng, am honored!"

Lin Feng looked at the battle between the beasts and the group with amus.e.m.e.nt. He wasn't even looking at Xi Jue Tian anymore. However, Jue Tian remained calm still, his expression didn't change.

The crowd on the ground was enjoying the battle. Some people were whispering about how wonderful their leader, Lin Feng, was. With a few sentences, he had manage to terrify a leader of Shen Gong.

"Ahhh…" another shriek sounded. A member of Shen Gong had been cut by a snow eagle. Tian level beasts were fierce and very brutal. Shen Gong's people were terrified. At that pace, they were all going to die. They had no hope anymore, especially since their leader was still facing Lin Feng without doing anything.

West Shen Gong had sent a dozen cultivators of the Tian Qi layer and thought that they would be enough to crush Lin Feng. In the end, they were humiliated.

"Leader, attack with us!" Someone shouted furiously. At the same time, another member of Shen Gong fell down from the sky, dead. The great roc had cut him as well.

Xi Jue Tian's eyes were twinkling with murder. As if Lin Feng had sensed those murderous intentions, a b.e.s.t.i.a.l aura started twinkling around his body.

Snowflakes started floating around and they contained b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi.

"Eh?" Xi Jue Tian was surprised by the snowflakes.

Lin Feng slowly raised his hands and condensed strength in them. A whirlwind of b.e.s.t.i.a.l pure Qi flowed in his hands and white lights were twinkling around them.

"You finally can't hold back anymore." Lin Feng's eyes looked cold. He moved his hands and a piece of demon seal stone appeared.

That was the stone Lin Feng used to seal his demon sword.

Xi Jue Tian yelled at Lin Feng, "Do you really want to use your demon sword? You don't care about killing your own people?"

"If you don't die, you'll see." said Lin Feng. Then, he shouted furiously, "Come out."

"Boom boom boom!"

He unsheathed his demon sword. The Earth and the sky seemed to collapse as a terrifying demonic cloud appeared.

Immediately, the Earth and sky seemed to turn upside down. The crowd was crouching on the ground as they were oppressed by the energies in the sky. Shen Gong's people were all shivering, what kind of sword was that? Whatever it was, it was terrifying.

Back then, Lei Mang had told some others about Lin Feng's terrifying demon sword. However, hearing about it and facing it gave two different perspectives. They were all discovering how terrifying that sword really was.

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