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PMG Chapter 891

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 891 – Seventh Tian Qi layer

One sword strike, one death. Lin Feng slaughtered two cultivators of the third Tian Qi layer and his speed was astonishing.

The Shen Gong's people looked astonished as well as humiliated. Two more of their people had died. Even though they were only of the third Tian Qi layer, their level was still higher than Lin Feng's.

"Shen Gong's cultivators are c.r.a.ppy. With some more time, I could kill you all like worthless dogs." said Lin Feng while pointing at Shen Gong's people. "Someday, when I reach the clouds, I'll come to your territory and annihilate you."


The crowd sighed, how brave. Saying that he would go and destroy Shen Gong was extremely audacious.

Xi Jue Tian's expression changed drastically. For Shen Gong, Lin Feng had to die!

"Unfortunately, you will never reach the clouds." There was murder in Xi Jue Tian's eyes. He didn't want to recruit Lin Feng anymore, he wanted to cripple his cultivation. He wanted to see Lin Feng on the ground, unable to stand up ever again.

"You're not the one who can decide if I will reach the clouds or not, I killed cultivators of the third Tian Qi layer, you can even send cultivators of the fourth Tian Qi layer to fight me. You guys can all come at once, I will still kill every single one of you." Lin Feng was pointing at two cultivators of the fourth Tian Qi layer in an arrogant way. Those cultivators of the Tian Qi layer found it difficult to remain calm.


Energies rolled through the sky. An old man with white eyebrows, released some energies towards Lin Feng. His eyebrows resembled swords and he himself looked like a sword, wanting to kill Lin Feng.

"Good, if Mister Bai gets involved, Lin Feng is doomed." Shen Gong's people seemed to relax. Mister Bai was old but very talented. His level wasn't high but he understood swords very well. He had broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer and possessed level six sword intent. His cultivation level was higher than Lin Feng's but Lin Feng could already use level seven sword intent.

Lin Feng remained motionless in the sky, he had a cold smile in the corner of his mouth.

"Little boy, you're going to die now!" said Mister Bai. In the blink of an eye, sword energy appeared around Mister Bai's fingertip shot out towards Lin Feng.

As Mister Bai was getting closer to Lin Feng, a demonic sealing strength appeared. Lin Feng smiled at the old man as a gigantic piece of stone appeared above his hand.

"Boom!" When Mister Bai's fingers touched the gigantic piece of stone, his bones broke and he gave a horrible shriek.

"Don't engage in close combat!" said someone from behind him. An extremely loud sound followed as the stone ruthlessly crashed onto the old man's body.

"Boom!" A terrifying energy rolled in the air towards Lin Feng. Another cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer attacked Lin Feng. Lin Feng stretched out his hand which was holding the gigantic piece of stone to deal with that cultivator. At the same time, he used his other hand to attack the old man. This time, a subtle sound spread in the air, as if a needle had pierced through the old man's chest. However, that sound was masked by the sounds of the stone attacking the other cultivator.

"You are already old so I won't kill you." said Lin Feng, sending the old man flying.

The stone came back into Lin Feng's hands and someone in front of him shouted, "What an arrogant little boy! You dared to use precious items!"

"Arrogant? He is three levels stronger than me, why wouldn't I use precious items? What should I say about a group of Shen Gong's people coming to attack me? You are such weak cowards." Lin Feng shouted back.

"Invisible Hand of Destruction!" shouted that person furiously. With a flash, a gigantic hand appeared and flew through the air.

Lin Feng used his stone as ma.s.sive waves of energy rolled in the air and crashed onto that terrifying hand. Everything disappeared instantly.

"A demon seal stone, what a surprising treasure."

"Go and capture him." Xi Jue Tian's long sleeves fluttered in the wind. He didn't care about Shen Gong's honor anymore, he just wanted to capture Lin Feng.

"Die." said Lin Feng coldly. The seven snow eagles released a terrifying amount of b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi.

Lin Feng's hands moved and he released his Tian level beasts from his animal tower. Clouds of b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi rolled in the air.

People on the ground were shaking. What a terrifying amount b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. All those beasts were Tian level beasts.


Lin Feng used his demon seal stone to push the cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer in front of the bear. The bear roared and crushed the cultivator easily. How fierce. The Tian level cultivator was crushed alive.

West Shen Gong had a dozen cultivators of the Tian Qi layer and Lin Feng had a dozen Tian level beasts. Their battle made the ground and sky shake, the atmosphere seemed like it was breaking apart, and terrifying energies were rolling.

A golden hand appeared in front of Lin Feng and contained enough to strength to crush Lin Feng easily.

Lin Feng stared at his opponent. The person with that golden hand was a cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer. Even though Lin Feng had many ways to kill his opponents, he wasn't able to handle such powerful cultivators.

Demonic sealing strength emerged from the demon seal stone, the "seal" character was flashing.

"Boom boom boom!" The hand crashed onto the stone. Lin Feng's hand felt numb, it seemed the stone alone wasn't enough to block the attack. Lin Feng was propelled backwards. As expected, Lin Feng couldn't fight high-leveled cultivators.

"You should just surrender. Did you really think that because you killed a few people, you were able to win?" said that cultivator. His long sleeves fluttered in the wind as he jumped forwards and attacked Lin Feng again.


Lin Feng groaned and used his stone again. At the same time, a golden bell appeared in front of his eyebrows and shot towards his opponent.

"G.o.dly awareness attack." the cultivator with the golden hands was quite surprised. Lin Feng's cultivation was impressive. Not only had he broken through to the first Tian Qi layer, but he could use the G.o.dly awareness attack already.

You're about to bring about your own destruction." said the golden hand cultivator. He attacked the stone again. At the same time, a G.o.dly awareness golden sword appeared.

However, the golden hand cultivator looked at Lin Feng and saw that he was smiling in a b.e.s.t.i.a.l kind of way, so he pulled back his awareness.

Almost at the same time, the golden hand cultivator turned around and saw a sword sneaking behind him.

"Try and dare!" the golden hand cultivator released an incredible amount of Qi and launched a hand attack. A golden light appeared between his eyebrows and drowned into his skin between his eyebrows. He was shaking, he wanted to kick-out Lin Feng's awareness but it was already too late. That G.o.dly awareness was extremely dangerous.

The G.o.dly awareness sword was recalled but Lin Feng was running towards him now. Lin Feng's sword suddenly crashed between his eyebrows crushing him violently.

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