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PMG Chapter 879

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 879: Ling Long's holy celestial Qi

The ice was hurting Lin Feng's internal organs and his entire body was enveloped in a layer of ice. Even though he wasn't showing it, Lin Feng knew that his body was close to failing. It was just like in the past when Meng Qing used to suffer from her ice.

Lin Feng wanted to curl up on the path and sleep but he couldn't give up. He raised his head, looked at the middle-aged woman, then continued walking. Each of his steps took more of his vitality away.

Meng Qing was crying and emitting sounds as if she was trying to talk to Lin Feng. Even though Lin Feng couldn't understand, he could guess that she was telling him to give up.

"Since I put you on that road, it means that you can reach the other end. if you give up, it will prove that you are a loser and I will never let you see Ling Long again. Even if I don't kill you." the middle-aged woman's voice drifted into Lin Feng's ears.

She looked a little bit more friendly only when she looked at Meng Qing. She was extremely unfriendly to Lin Feng and even looked emotionless when she looked at him.

"I can reach the other side…" whispered Lin Feng. He was wondering if it was true or not. He didn't know how but the middle-aged woman was right, giving up would mean that he was powerless and then he would never see Meng Qing ever again.

Lin Feng walked slower. Not only did he need strength but he needed determination and perseverance as well.

His hands seemed frozen, he could barely move them at this point. Lin Feng condensed pure Qi and condensed the strength of the Heruka in his feet.

Even then his veins were all freezing and his blood was flowing slower.

Lin Feng seemed like he was dying. Perseverance, his brain was still functioning, his feet were still moving..

The middle-aged woman's facial expression changed for a second but quickly became normal again. That human being really loved Ling Long, otherwise, he wouldn't risk his life like this. His willpower was incredible.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng was just an ordinary human being and was a weak cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer. Ling Long was a queen and possessed an aristocratic blood. She had kept Ling Long in Black Wind Mountain her entire life to protect her.

Besides, n.o.body knew about the snow fox legends in the Xue Yu region. outside of the Xue Yu region things were different. Last time during the Xue Yue war, some people had actually recognized Xue Ling Long but didn't know that she was a queen, that's all… in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it was another story, they perfectly knew the story of that aristocratic family. Very far away, there was a snow palace where many people like Ling Long existed, would they be nice to her? Maybe if they learnt that Xue Ling Long was there, a war would start.

Therefore, Ling Long deserved someone better than Lin Feng because he couldn't protect her. Unfortunately, Ling Long had spoilt her virginity and given it to him. She hadn't cherished her purity and her celestial Qi, otherwise she wouldn't have turned into a beast again on that day in Xue Yue.


Ling Long started running towards Ling Long and the middle-aged woman shook her head and sighed.

Was love real? Making Ling Long risk her life for him, giving her purity to him… Lin Feng was ready to die for her, unfortunately, he was only a human being. It would have been so nice if he was an emperor's son.

She didn't understand Lin Feng and Meng Qing's love.

From the first day, both had had a very deep connection and they had always stuck together. Lin Feng taught her how to ride a horse, she listened to his stories. For him, she was ready to kill.

Each time she suffered from the ice Qi, Lin Feng would use his sun Qi to alleviate her pains.

Maybe only Meng Qing and Lin Feng knew that kind of deep love.

Meng Qing could do anything for Lin Feng as long as they were together. Lin Feng was the same, he even turned into a demon for her and as a demon, he could still recognize her.

Finally, Lin Feng stopped as both his legs were frozen. His energy and intent were frozen too. It seemed like his eyes were going to stay frozen shut.

Xue Ling Long was crying and shaking. She was trying to run towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled, he didn't want to close his eyes but everything was frozen.

Determination and strength were limited.

Lin Feng's eyes closed themselves but his awareness was still there. It was if he had died. Time stopped.

But it was at this moment that his consciousness could sense a certain light in his body. Some of his Qi hadn't frozen.

"What's that?" thought Lin Feng stupefied. Was it his Qi? He had never sensed that kind of Qi. It didn't take long for Lin Feng to understand that Meng Qing had given it to him.

Back on that day, when he made love with Meng Qing, he felt that she had given him some of her own Qi. He had even found it strange. However, after that, he hadn't sensed that Qi again. Lin Feng a.s.sumed that it had dispersed in his body.

"What kind of Qi is that?" thought Lin Feng. While all the other kinds of Qi in his body had frozen, this Qi was still there. It proved that that Qi was extraordinary.

Lin Feng tried to control that Qi and make it flow but he couldn't.

He tried to make his intent communicate with that Qi and it seemed like it could work, but making that Qi come out seemed impossible. Lin Feng wasn't giving up though, he would try to use everything he could.

He tried many times and finally, he managed to some of the Qi flow. Lin Feng was ecstatic, his Qi which had been frozen until then was slowly flowing again.

Ling Long didn't know what kind of Qi that was… but it was actually the holy celestial Qi which had been transmitted to snow fox monarchs!

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