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Chapter 857

Chapter 857: Incredible Spirit

“The page turned and the power of the meteorite can strengthen me through my spirit… Can other things affect it as well? ”

Lin Feng seemed to realize something.

As he thought about it, he sat down cross-legged and put the meteorite away. He pulled out the demon seal stone and set it in front of him.

My spirit can absorb the explosive power of the meteorite, can it do the same with the demon seal stone?

Lin Feng put his hand on the demon seal stone and shook it, trying to absorb its energies.

He examined his book spirit in his head, lights started twinkling on the empty page. There was a strange strength which slowly penetrated his spirit.

“As I thought, it’s possible.” Lin Feng was now extremely happy. That also meant that the new page could absorb all sorts of strengths and energies from precious treasures.

What a terrifying power.

A gigantic word “seal” appeared in the dark emptiness. It was twinkling as it was slowly carved with great energies flowing through it. It contained a terrifying oppressive power capable of sealing demons’ energies.

The word looked very distinct as it appeared in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng could sense the power of the word and he was trying to better understand it. If he used that power, he wouldn’t need to use the demon seal stone anymore.

Lin Feng calmly inspected and studied his spirit for a long time and then opened his eyes. He shook his hand in a random direction and a terrifying sealing strength emerged. Lin Feng smiled resplendently. As expected, his spirit had recorded how the stone worked and enabled Lin Feng to use that power without the stone.

That book had, once again, pleasantly surprised Lin Feng. How mysterious! Lin Feng never knew what the book had offer to him, but each time it was incredible.

“Can I put the strength and energies of the Jade Emperor’s palace in the book as well…?” thought Lin Feng. He immediately tried but this time, nothing happened.

Lin Feng looked at the heart. There were many strong cultivators inside, but there were also many incredible treasures.

Back when he was in the palace, he had seen many closed doors. Incredible treasures were certainly behind them but he couldn’t open them.

What annoyed Lin Feng the most was that there were strong cultivators inside the palace so he couldn’t go inside. Many of them were a lot stronger than him.

But Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush, those people were his cattle, he just had to wait until he was strong enough and then he could deal with them.

“If I could learn a skill to control other people’s bodies using my G.o.dly awareness, that would be incredible. I would be able to make them my slaves, so there wouldn’t be a need to kill them.” thought Lin Feng. There were strong cultivators inside the palace and killing them would be a waste.

Lin Feng then threw the heart on the ground and it started shaking unceasingly.

The people in the palace were shouting furiously because Lin Feng was making everything shake again.

“Lin Feng. ”

“I will definitely kill you, Lin Feng.” those people were all shouting furiously. They were prisoners that couldn’t escape. Even as they found treasures they couldn’t use them unless they escaped the palace.

However, Lin Feng, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, wasn’t giving them any chance to do so. They couldn’t even practice cultivation peacefully because each time Lin Feng threw the heart, it made the whole palace shake and it was disturbing them in their practice.

This way, they would all stay weaker. H

owever, they had no solution.


Seven days pa.s.sed and some people gather to enjoy some tea and food at the top of a snowy mountain. There were four people with unfathomable and mysterious Qi.

Those four were the leaders of the snowy peaks.

“Brothers, Tian Xuan is starting to recruit more disciples in Tian Chi. They are becoming stronger and insufferably arrogant, especially Lin Feng. You saw it, right after breaking through to the Tian Qi layer, he not only acted with arrogance but also violence. In front of me, he even dared to cripple Zi Yun Qing’s cultivation. I’m sure he will continue to act in an even more insane way in the future if he becomes stronger.” Tian Shu Zi was attempting to convince the three others leaders.

Everyday they would gather and drink tea together, enjoying some food while chatting. They liked to rest and talk about cultivation. Sometimes, they would talk about their disciples.

This time, they had been invited by Tian Shu Zi to come over and talk about Lin Feng.

“Let’s not talk about him anymore, let’s play some chess.” the three others smiled and ignored Tian Shu Zi’s words. They didn’t feel like getting involved, they didn’t want tensions to escalate.

Someone was approaching in the distance, slowly. That person then stopped in front of the leader of Yao Guang and shouted, “Master. ”

“What’s going on?” asked the leader of Yao Guang.

That person remained silent and talked to the Yao Guang leader via their consciousness. After the mental conversation the leader stood up and smiled, “Brothers, sorry but I have to go. I will be back later. ”

Then, he left with the person who just came.

It seemed like something strange was happening. The other leaders were also called by some people and left saying that they would be back soon.

Tian Shu Zi was the only one left, and he was feeling annoyed but he had to remain patient. The leader of Yao Guang went back to Yao Guang and approached one of the snow eagles.

“Why did you come here?” asked the leader of Yao Guang.

“Sir, my master asked me to bring you something.” said the snow eagle while handing over a ring to the leader of Yao Guang.

The leader of Yao Guang was surprised and curious. He put his consciousness inside the ring and was pleasantly surprised. He looked back at the snow eagle sharp lights in his eyes.

“Sir, my master sent me. He told me that if we were all strong, then the entire empire would become stronger.” said the snow eagle. The leader thought about it and then became gentle, even warm.

“Please tell him how grateful I am, I appreciate his gesture and I accept it too. I can understand what he means, Tian Chi is becoming stronger each day it seems.” said the leader of Yao Guang while smiling.

“Alright, I will tell him.” said the snow eagle while bowing before leaving.

When the snow eagle left, the Yao Guang leader remained standing there with his eyes twinkling. Tian Xuan had a new genius… not only was he strong, he also cared about the future.

The same thing happened on the other peaks, except Tian Shu!

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