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Chapter 851

Chapter 851: New Page

Zi Yun Qing grabbed the bell and smiled. A moment before, he had seen Lin Feng’s terrifying strength and considered that his strength at the first Tian Qi layer wasn’t enough. He was scared to end up like the others. However, now that he was using the treasure of Tian Shu, Lin Feng was definitely going to lose.

Lin Feng was not happy with Tian Shu Zi as he jumped forwards. He used his agility technique to appear in front of Zi Yun Qing almost instantly. He condensed some terrifying strength in his fist and punched the air in his direction.

Zi Yun Qing smiled as he condensed pure Qi into the magical bell. It resonated loudly and made Lin Feng shake with pain.

“Ding ding dong dong!” The bell resonated in Lin Feng’s brain, giving him hallucinations. He used his broken soul technique and protected his awareness with his ancient bell. However, it seemed like the soundwaves contained an evil strength which a.s.saulted both his intent and oppressed his soul.

Lin Feng ran away and put his hands on his ears. The magic item of Tian Shu was, was as expected, extremely powerful. 

“Use the bell to oppress his soul and stop him in his tracks, listen to my advice!.” said someone to Zi Yun Qing. Surprisingly, it was Tian Shu Zi giving more precious pieces of advice.

Zi Yun Qing started making the item resonate as golden lights appeared and shot at Lin Feng. The sounds were so loud that they hurt people’s eardrums as well. Even though Zi Yun Qing wasn’t attacking them, the soundwaves were still hurting them.


Lin Feng’s brain was shaking as many of his broken souls were dying by the soundwaves. At the same time, his intent was being crushed.

The golden lights around the bell were becoming more intense, the sounds were getting louder and louder. Bright, golden lights were surrounding Lin Feng’s body.

The bell could grab people’s soul and constrict them. Without a soul, a cultivator became an empty sh.e.l.l. If the soul of a cultivator was constricted, the cultivator couldn’t maintain awareness anymore and couldn’t do anything.

Lin Feng released some terrifying fire and an oppressive strength which both cracked around him. Lin Feng then took out his a stone with the word “seal” inscribed on it.

“Go!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The stone targeted the bell and turned into a gigantic stone. The gigantic “seal” seemed like it could contain most of the pressure.

The ancient demon seal stone dated back to the antiquity and its sealing power was vast. Even though Lin Feng only possessed a small piece, it was enough.

A buzzing sound spread in the air as the demon seal stone sealed the bell.

At the same time, Lin Feng raised the Tian Xuan meteorite and it looked like a mountain was falling from the atmosphere.

“You seem to have forgotten that we, Tian Xuan’s people, also have a treasure.” said Lin Feng. He then ran forwards and landed in front of Zi Yun Qing. In a flash, it seemed like the Earth turned dark. At that moment, Lin Feng was holding a gigantic meteorite, the size of a mountain. 

“Die.” Lin Feng threw the the gigantic meteorite at Zi Yun Qing. Rumbling sounds and star lights were twinkling in the atmosphere. At the same time, a terrifying strength oppressed Zi Yun Qing’s body.

The demon seal stone was oppressing the bell, making Zi Yun Qing become desperate. At that moment, he could sense the power of the Tian Xuan item. 

A terrifying Qi emerged out of Zi Yun Qing’s body. His pure Qi flowed with an incredible speed, and he was no longer restraining his cultivation level anym

ore. His strength was back to that of the second Tian Qi layer.

“Bombarding Handprint!” shouted Zi Yun Qing furiously. Both his hands turned into bombarding handprints and attacked the Tian Xuan item. However, while punching the meteorite, Zi Yun Qing was propelled backwards.

Lin Feng smiled coldly as he raised his meteorite again. A terrifyingly oppressive power fell from the sky.

“Boom!” “A terrifying strength crashed onto Zi Yun Qing’s body, making his blood start boiling. 

The crowd was speechless, Zi Yun Qing was using the strength of the second Tian Qi layer but Lin Feng still had the advantage. No wonder the old snow Zun cultivator trusted Lin Feng and had put the future of Tian Xuan in his hands. He had incredible natural abilities.

“Boom boom boom!”

The Tian Xuan meteorite was oppressing Zi Yun Qing whose mouth was now dripping blood. His entire body had been crushed into the ground and many of his bones were broken.

The incense had almost finished burning by now.

“Cling ling ling!” a strange ringing sound suddenly could be heard. The The soul bell had surprisingly broken free from the demon seal stone and appeared above Lin Feng. It suddenly turned into a gigantic golden bell and seven rays of light appeared around Lin Feng. They turned into terrifying rays of physical strength and attacked Lin Feng, again making his soul shake violently. He had lost a few broken souls already!

At that moment, he couldn’t move and couldn’t use his powers anymore.

“How shameless!” shouted Jian Feng Zi furiously. His sword Qi dashed to the skies and he jumped forwards. Obviously, Zi Yun Qing hadn’t done that. Zi Yun Qi was being oppressed by Lin Feng’s energies. Tian Shu Zi could only have done that.

“Wait!” said the snow Zun cultivator while preventing Jian Feng Zi from attacking, surprising the latter. With that, he stopped moving. He knew that the snow Zun cultivator wouldn’t do anything, so Lin Feng was still in danger.

The bell was still ringing and Lin Feng could sense that his soul kept crying.

His nine dragons celestial spirit appeared and was roaring furiously as it dashed to the skies. However, it too was oppressed by the bell and quickly fell back down again. 

The Tian Xuan meteorite turned back into a stone and moved back to Lin Feng. An incredible strength emerged out of it and Lin Feng sensed it, it was a great feeling. The strength of the Earth and the sky was pleasantly radiating from it.

It seemed like that stone was a bridge between him and the universe. Lin Feng could understand the mystical powers of the universe thanks to the stone. Around him, everything became more distinct and he could sense the smallest details: the leaves floating, grains of sand moving, the snowflakes falling, he could also sense vitality. With this sudden understanding, strength started flowing in his body.

It was as if he was one with the Earth and sky, a true fusion. It was similar to his world of darkness. However, it was even more mystical and marvelous than those two feelings! 

“Cling ling ling!” ”

The bell was still ringing in Lin Feng’s brain, his other spirit moved as well, it was his book spirit. The seven rays of light were becoming more dazzling now.

One page of the book spirit started moving, each time the bell rang, that page wanted to turn over even more. It seemed like it was going to turn.

“Cling!” Finally, the bell rang once more and the page started to turn.

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