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PMG Chapter 864

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 864: Gloomy Young Master

In a palace of the former imperial city of Xue Yue, there was a young man riding a ferocious beast. His Qi was particularly dark.

"What can they do? He's just a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, nothing more… we can just go and capture him without taking any effort. Why join hands when you can capture his parents and make an alliance with another country…?" said a young man coldly. He seemed angry. He had already broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer and was about to break through to the Tian Qi layer, but the environment there wasn't good enough for his cultivation, which annoyed him.

"Jie Jie, your Son is not an ordinary young man. Many people are looking for him… His parents are in our hands, if he comes back, we'll threaten him with them."

That depressing voice came from a coffin. Apart from that coffin, there was another coffin filled with extremely thick gloomy Qi.

"So what? Even if he's strong, he has only broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. Back then, he finished first at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, Xue Sha and the dead tree were just pieces of trash." said the young man despisingly. "I think that we should kill them both and then capture his wife and show him. Then we can put her on the main gate, isn't that the same? "

"I understand, you are bored… When we were in Yangzhou City, we captured a maid and she's really fresh… if you want to have some fun." said a voice coming from another coffin.

"Alright, where is she?" asked the young master seemingly excited. He was in a small and boring country. It was not as exciting as being in his own country, the Black Feather Empire. There was also no access to the cultivation facilities of the Tian Sha Sect… he didn't understand why the sect wasn't capturing Lin Feng.

"Ok, we'll get her ready for you, hehehehe." said a voice coming from another coffin. The coffin then rose up in the air and left the palace. In the courtyard was a beautiful woman, she looked pure and innocent. It was the young woman whom Lin Feng had saved in the past, Yi Xue. Afterwards, she had spent some time with Lin Feng's mother, Yue Meng He.

"Not bad." thought the young evil master when he saw her. His eyes were twinkling with excitement. That girl looked so pure. She was probably a virgin, perfect for the young master.

He walked towards Yi Xue and tried to put his fingers on her lips but she avoided him. She was looking at that gloomy young man in an ice-cold way.


At that moment, an evil voice could be heard as a silhouette crawled out of the coffin. He held a broken jade in his hand.

"Gloomy Master, Lin Feng came back. It won't be long until he comes here." said the young master. He had been waiting for Lin Feng for too long. Finally, it was time.

"Eh?" the gloomy young man looked at Yi Xue in an evil way and said, "I'm still in the mood to play with you though."

He then grabbed Yi Xue and brought her to the main gate.

Many people had gathered at the gate… this was normal everyday. Many people looked at the two people on the gate.

Two geniuses from Xue Yue… and their son… They were so unlucky. Xue Yue had been invaded by two powerful countries and some strong cultivators of the Tian Qi layer had appeared. Xue Yue couldn't do anything… Lin Feng had only one solution, to turn into a demon again.

The two people hanging on the gate were Lin Feng's parents, his father Lin Hai and his mother Yue Meng He.

They were both injured and their cultivations crippled. Their Qi was extremely weak. They looked so old and tired already. Their lips and skin were extremely dry, their hair was messy, they were barely breathing. They looked like they were about to die.

Many local people from Xue Yue felt incredibly sad each time they saw them.

"Meng He, I have been useless my entire life." said Lin Hai feeling extremely guilty. Yue Meng He had chosen him and they had never enjoyed a happy life.

"What are you talking about? We have a wonderful son and two beautiful daughters-in-law. I just want them to live on. I just hope that Lin Feng never comes." said Yue Meng He. Because her mouth was so dry, it was difficult to talk.

"Your son has come back. He's in Yangzhou City and will probably be heading this way now." someone said. It was a young man at the top of the gate. He looked evil, and next to him was a beautiful girl.

They knew that there were many strong cultivators there. Both of them already comprised two of the four geniuses of Xue Yue and they were defeated by these people. Therefore, if Lin Feng came to fight and didn't turn into a demon again, he would die for sure… and if he turned into a demon, he would never recover again.

"Your son is such a piece of trash, that girl is so fresh and your son has never f.u.c.ked her. Good for me." said the gloomy master in an absolutely and disgusting way. He then put his hand on Yi Xue's mouth while she was trying to shout.

"You animal! Let her off!" shouted Lin Hai furiously.

"Why would I? She's rejecting me, the gloomy master! How could I let her off?" said Jie Jie while smiling. He shook his hand and a coffin appeared in front of him.

"You've probably never been f.u.c.ked in a coffin, I will show you what it feels like." said Jie Jie while grabbing Yi Xue and stuffing her into the coffin. He then sat down on her. He looked monstrously evil.

After making love with her, he would absorb her feminine Qi, what a pleasure that would be!

"You dirty animal" shouted Lin Hai and Yue Meng He. Shouting was useless though. The coffin was slowly closing itself while the gloomy master was about to start raping her. One could almost see him already.

In the distance, the crowd didn't dare say anything but the scene was really disgusting and tragic.

Lin Hai was speechless and devastated.

"Boom!" at that moment, the coffin broke open and Yi Xue's was propelled out. The master then appeared with blood on his mouth and he was looking at Yi Xue coldly.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" said Yi Xue while spitting out some blood. "You humiliated me, a master. You don't deserve to receive my attention."

"Good, very good." the master's voice was becoming colder and colder. "Now I will kill you and then I will suck your Qi. This doesn't seem to be a bad idea either."

"Bzzz… bzzz…" at that moment, a strong wind started to blow. The gloomy master was surprised when he gazed into the distance.

"What a powerful b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi." thought the gloomy master. He then shouted, "Who are you! "

At the same time, people rose up in the air and released a powerful Qi, those people were from Lie Yun and Tian Feng.

The Tian Sha Sect had invaded Xue Yue and the people who had joined in later were following their orders.

All in all, they had the same goal: kill Lin Feng.

"Master!" shouted Yi Xue. The silhouette in the distance was getting nearer, it was Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng." at that moment, the crowd in the former imperial city was astonished. It was Lin Feng.

"Oh!" Lin Feng and Yue Meng He sighed… Even though they were grateful, they were sad. Lin Feng couldn't rival with those people!

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