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Chapter 846

Chapter 846: The Snow Zun Cultivator’s Decision


But Lin Feng didn’t think that handing over his treasures was the best thing to do. However, in another group, n.o.body would have asked him what he wanted. They would have immediately attacked him and stolen the treasures from him.


The eyes of the old man bathing in starlight were twinkling. He then nodded. Tian Shu Zi was proposing to ask everybody’s opinion, the leader of Tian Chi couldn’t decide on his own. He had to protect Tian Chi and the people from the seven snowy peaks made up a democracy.


“Tian Shu Zi, you want to let everybody decide which is something I agree with, but you must first apologize for everything that you did before.” said the old man slowly.


Tian Shu Zi nodded, he didn’t care. He walked forwards and bowed in front of the three Zun cultivators and Lin Feng while saying, “My three brothers, I made a mistake and I want to apologize. Lin Feng, we don’t want to steal your treasures but for Tian Chi, we have to see what everybody thinks. I hope you can understand. ”


“Hmph. If you were thinking of Tian Chi, you wouldn’t have asked for everybody’s opinion.” said the fire Zun cultivator mockingly. Tian Shu Zi originally wanted the treasures for himself. It was only after failing that he asked for everybody’s opinion.


“No matter what you think, I am dedicated to Tian Chi.” said Tian Shu Zi calmly as if he didn’t care. He then looked in the air and said, “Brother, let’s make a final decision. ”


The old man nodded and said, “Okay, the seven peaks can decide and their decision will represent Tian Chi’s final opinion.”


The old man then shook his hand and in a flash, seven stars appeared in the sky representing the seven snowy peaks.


“If you think we should keep Lin Feng’s treasures then leave the stars be. If you don’t agree, destroy the star.” said the old man slowly.


A breath later, a star disappeared. It represented Tian Xuan, of course they didn’t agree.


Tian Shu Zi shook his hand, not only did Tian Shu’s star not disappear but on top of that, it became even more dazzling. They wanted to take Lin Feng’s treasures away.


The snow Zun cultivator jumped up in the air and released a terrifying strength. Suddenly, apart from Tian Shu’s star, all the other stars disappeared.


“Eh?” the crowd was surprised by the old snow Zun cultivator.


“What is the meaning of all of this?” said Tian Shu Zi, before adding, “You are not respecting everybody’s opinion? ”


“I just don’t want Tian Chi to make an irreparable mistake which will affect us for thousands of years.” said the snow Zun cultivator. Then he looked back at the star Zun cultivator and said, “Brother, I have a few questions.”


“Go ahead.” said the old man while nodding.


“If Yu Tian Ji were Lin Feng, would we solve the situation this way?” asked the snow Zun cultivator.


“I’ve seen Tian Ji grow up and he’s an incredible genius. Besides, I know his temperament better than anyone else. Everything he does is for Tian Chi and someday he will become a pillar to our state, to the extent that he will become a leader. You understand, right? ”


“Thank you for your reply. If Tian Ji was Lin Feng, Tian Shu Zi wouldn’t act that way. He wouldn’t have asked everyone to decide for him. He

only acts that way because it’s Lin Feng but that’s not true, it’s just a lame excuse.” said the snow Zun cultivator. At that moment, he didn’t look scared of anything and didn’t care about giving Tian Shu Zi face or not.


“You are humiliating me.” said Tian Shu Zi.


“Am I wrong? If it were Yu Tian Ji, would you act the same way? Tell me.” said the snow Zun cultivator looking at Tian Shu Zi in a suspicious way, releasing some ice energy.


“Lin Feng… how do you dare p.r.o.nounce Lin Feng and Zu Tian Ji in the same sentence?” said Tian Shu Zi whose face looked gloomier and gloomier. He didn’t want the leader of Tian Chi to lose face. Zu Tian Ji was one of his disciples… he might reign over Tian Chi in the future.


“What you just said proves everything. You’re saying that Yu Tian Ji and Lin Feng are incomparable. First, Lin Feng is one of my disciples. Yu Tian Ji belongs to Tian Ji, that’s why you wouldn’t dare to make him lose face. Second, Lin Feng is supported by n.o.body but us three old men and you don’t care about us, unlike Yu Tian Ji’s master. You are playing with power but what you’re saying is not the truth, you’re not doing all of this for Tian Chi. If you were, you would treat Lin Feng and Yu Tian Ji in the exact same way because that is how we act in Tian Chi.” said the snow Zun cultivator, leaving Tian Shu Zi speechless. The snow Zun cultivator had found his weak point. In his eyes, Lin Feng and Yu Tian Ji were not equal.


Tian Shu Zi opened his mouth to talk but the snow Zun cultivator interrupted him and said, “You don’t need to talk again, Tian Shu Zi, you are the leader of Tian Shu but you are not educating your disciples in the right way. They already don’t care about Tian Chi. You don’t deserve to be a leader in Tian Chi.” said the snow Zun cultivator. Then he looked at the star Zun cultivator and said slowly, “Brother, everything we do has to be for Tian Chi for the empire to become stronger… and if we want Tian Chi to become stronger, we can’t rely on old men like us. We will have to rely on the strong and powerful young people, that is what we’ve always believed in Tian Chi. It is because of this philosophy that Tian Chi has become so powerful already. ”


“Brother, that’s why I’m saying that if we got the treasures now and became gloriously powerful, but that would only be temporary. Not to mention our natural abilities have limits, we are old. In a hundred years, even in a thousand, who can guarantee that the treasures won’t disappear? Who can guarantee that Tian Chi will be as glorious as before? Young people are different, they have natural abilities and potential. But they need things to support them. We have such incredible young cultivators and we are lucky to have them, I’m proud of them even. Isn’t this already great for Tian Chi? It’s a precious gift. We, old men, should be proud. Later those young cultivators will become stronger and they will reign over Tian Chi. If they become extremely powerful, Tian Chi will become extremely powerful.” said the snow Zun cultivator in a calm, dignified and solemn way. The crowd was filled with ardor and vitality, especially the young people.


“Today, if you take Lin Feng’s treasures, what does that say about Tian Chi’s future? You will be destroying our spirit and vitality, our hope. You will make our young cultivators feel like leaving. Our unity will be damaged, just like the unity in Tian Shu has been damaged. They are selfish and sly and they only think about themselves. For them, being a member of Tian Chi is just like playing a game of chess.” said the snow cultivator slowly, insisting on every word. Tian Shu Zi looked devastated.


The snow Zun cultivator continued, “I destroyed all of the stars because I don’t want Lin Feng and the other young disciples to see the devastating consequences such an event could have on our nation. I hope that, in their hearts, those six stars will keep shining. I will teach Tian Xuan’s disciples of our principles, honor and integrity, I will teach them how to be proud Tian Chi citizens. ”


“That’s enough” shouted Tian Shu Zi furiously. “You are praising yourself to make everybody forget that you just violated our rule of law, right!? ”


“I had good reasons to do that.” said the snow Zun cultivator, his eyes were twinkling. From his hand appeared a star, that star was extremely dazzling. It was a meteorite.


When the snow Zun cultivator took out that meteorite, Tian Shu Zi narrowed his eyes. The other Zun cultivators were astonished as well. The old star Zun cultivator in the sky was even surprised.


Jian Feng Zi narrowed his eyes as well but he seemed to understood. Both of them smiled.


“It seems like there isn’t only one crazy old man in Tian Xuan!” said the fire Zun cultivator while laughing. His snow brother was crazy too!

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