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PMG Chapter 845

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 845: Tian Chi Determination

Lin Feng looked at the three Zun cultivators and felt a warmness in his heart. What a pleasant feeling.

It had probably been a very long time since the three Zun cultivators of Tian Xuan had fought together. Back then, they had taught him many things and now, for him again, they were joining hands to the extent that they had even injured the Tian Shu Zun cultivator and wanted to keep Tian Shu's disciples with them in Tian Xuan.

"Jian Feng Zi, Mister Fire, you've been silent for so many years… but your temper is just as bad as ever!" At that moment, a few silhouettes appeared in the sky. The crowd felt like they were hallucinating. There were four silhouettes possessing incredible strength, especially the one in the middle who was wearing a green robe, it was a middle aged man. The old men on his left and right had a vast and incredible Qi as well. Their Qi was unfathomable and mysterious so they must all be cultivators of the Zun Qi layer.

The leader in the green robe was the leader of Tian Shu. He looked majestic and domineering. Behind him was a young man, his Qi was extremely powerful but not as much as that of the three others. At first glance, one could see that he was an incredible cultivator as well.

"Greetings." The crowd from Tian Shu bowed in front of those people in a very respectful way. Those four represented the core of Tian Shu. There was Tian Shu Zi, the leader, and his son Zi Yun Qing. In the future, Zi Yun Qing might become the leader of Tian Shu. He was incredibly talented and very young, he had already broken through the Tian Qi layer a year before. At that moment, he was now at the third Tian Qi layer. According to rumors, when he was at the top of the second Tian Qi layer, he was already able to fight against cultivators of the third Tian Qi layer.

"Brother Fire, it's been years and you still have a bad temper. We made a mistake but it was to preserve Tian Chi. We never intended to do anything bad. My brothers, don't be angry, let's stay together in peace." said Tian Shu Zi gently as if he had been talking about a trivial matter. He looked calm and relaxed.

"For Tian Chi? Tian Shu disciples came to surround our palace for Tian Chi? For Tian Chi, you wanted to take my disciple Lin Feng back to Tian Shu?" said the fire Zun cultivator, his voice was so loud that it pierced everyone's eardrums.

Tian Shu Zi was making things way simpler than it actually was. They wanted to take Lin Feng back to Tian Shu and steal his treasures… saying that it was for Tian Chi was really shameless.

"That was an unnecessary mistake, indeed. We can discuss the matter. Tian Shu and Tian Xuan both belong to Tian Chi so we must strive for peace. You also offended Tian Shu but I never offended Lin Feng. I will just bring him back to Tian Shu, if you still can't find comfort with that you can come as well." said Tian Shu Zi slowly. He sounded extremely confident and was convinced that he was going to take Lin Feng back to Tian Shu.

"I was expecting a better explanation but it seems like you're not taking me seriously. No problem, let's fight!" said Jian Feng Zi. His terrifying sword appeared again as the atmosphere was invaded by an infinite quant.i.ty of sword energy. "There's no need to fight. I didn't come to create tensions between Tian Xuan and Tian Shu, even less to fight. I told you, everything I do is for Tian Chi and for Tian Chi to become more powerful. I want our brothers from Tian Ji to come." said Tian Shu Zi indifferently.

Now everybody was whispering. Tian Shu Zi wanted the leader of Tian Ji to come. The Tian Ji Snowy Peak was the main peak where the leaders of Tian Chi were.

What did Tian Shu Zi want to do?

Suddenly, a starlight appeared in the sky which was growing bigger and shining brighter. It contained a silhouette of a majestic old man. While he was gradually appearing, it seemed like his silhouette possessed a peculiar color as if he was absorbing the power of the stars.

"His mind left his body! "

The crowd was astonished. That wasn't a body, that was his mind. It might be that the Zun cultivator's body was millions of kilometers away.

"Brother! "

The few Zun cultivators bowed in front of the old man. The crowd was astonished having now understood who the old man was. He was the leader of Tian Ji and the leader of the entire empire of Tian Chi.

The leader of Tian Chi nodded at the few small leaders and said, "I am aware of the situation. Tian Shu Zi, what is your goal? Explain it clearly. "

"Brother, we are all members of Tian Chi. I am also convinced that in the mysterious world, the emperor appeared and it was said that a disciple called Lin Feng, who recently joined Tian Chi, obtained the Jade Emperor's heart. Every influential group will want to attack us because of it. Lin Feng asked everybody to leave him alone to fight against some strong cultivators who are still surprisingly missing. So I guessed that Lin Feng must have obtained some of the emperor's greatest treasures." said Tian Shu Zi slowly. Finally, he was saying the truth, that his goal was to take Lin Feng's treasures.

"Brother, since I was able to guess it, don't you think that the other influential groups of the region will also guess that. n.o.body knows exactly what Lin Feng obtained. It is also said that Lin Feng killed Duan Wu Ya, chasing him all the way to the East Sea Dragon Palace. Now, he has to bear the responsibility for his actions. However, he is only a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer and cannot protect his treasures. If other people know about it, they're going to kill him." continued Tian Shu Zi. Tian Xuan's Zun cultivator's face was becoming colder and colder. They could understand what Tian Shu Zi meant, he wanted to take Lin Feng's treasures.

"Lin Feng cannot protect the treasures so his life is in danger." Tian Shu Zi was speaking louder and louder as he continued, "Therefore, Lin Feng's only choice is to give his treasures to Tian Chi."

"That is not how we do things in Tian Chi." said the fire Zun cultivator angrily. With his temperament, if someone tried to steal his treasures, Lin Feng would probably abandon Tian Chi.

"We might not do things that way, but we have to be realistic. The Jade Emperor's treasures will attract everyone's attention. Lin Feng will be chased to the ends of the Earth by strong cultivators and we from Tian Chi, will have to protect him."

"Besides, Lin Feng is a weak cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. He obtained the emperor's treasures but can't use them properly, they're basically of no use to him. It's a pity, really. If we, the strong cultivators of the empire use them, then we can benefit from them at their fullest. We could become the strongest empire in the region. Therefore, Lin Feng needs to understand and support Tian Chi's position. We are not treating him unfairly, we are just helping him." said Tian Shu Zi extremely loudly. If Zun cultivators obtained Lin Feng's treasures, they would become monstrously powerful.

"That's why you sent people from Tian Shu to capture Lin Feng?" asked the snow Zun cultivator. Many people were nodding around them. They also thought that Lin Feng was, after all, only a Xuan level cultivator. Besides, they were all Tian Chi's people so he had to understand and hand over his treasures, for Tian Chi.

"No matter what I did, everything I planned was for Tian Chi. Now, I asked you to come with hopes that everybody will make the right decision. If four of the seven snowy peaks don't agree with me, then it will represent the decision of the entire empire. I am convinced that my three Zun level brothers of Tian Xuan will not go against the decision of the entire empire." said Tian Shu Zi slowly. Lin Feng now looked gloomy. A moment before, he had seen everybody's greedy faces. His fate was in everybody's hands, and his odds weren't looking great.

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