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Chapter 837

Chapter 837: Back to Tian Chi


Back at Death Valley, a great war was taking place. The cultivators from the influential groups of Gan Yu had gone there together and had brought their beasts to fight. The ground and sky were shaking, to the extent that it seemed that the valley was going to collapse.


Those ferocious beasts which possessed death Qi were attacking the cultivators ruthlessly. Hundreds of influential groups were joining hands in the Death Valley. However, the result was still tragic, a myriad of disciples had died there, either killed by ferocious beasts or corroded by death Qi.


If the war was worth it, then Death Valley wouldn’t be a forbidden area ever again. This time, the strong cultivators of Gan Yu had planned everything.


However, an internal war occured. The cultivators wanted to take control over Death Valley but all in all, they were still greedy and wildly ambitious. They had found some incredible holy marks and the demon seal stone which was broken by the three lives demon.


That stone could oppress the demon’s powers when it was whole. Even in pieces, they still contained an incredible power.


While the cultivators were battling, there were more and more clouds in the air, the entire region was changing.


A terrifying oppressive force fell down, it was so powerful that even Zun cultivators would have crawled on the ground.


The entire crowd stopped fighting at the same time and raised their heads towards the sky.


“What a terrifying energy.” Everybody suddenly looked scared by the vortexes in the sky. What was going on?


“Boom!” A terrifying energy fell down from the sky and at that moment blood splashed violently out of many people’s mouths. Zun cultivators fell down to the ground and were shaking violently.


They could barely breathe. Had the demon come back?


Finally, in one of the vortexes, a face appeared. It looked domineering and majestic like an emperor.


“What a terrifying cultivator.” People kept shaking but that face didn’t care. It just glanced at the pieces of broken stone on the ground.


That face then glanced at the crowd for a few seconds, but those people didn’t dare to meet his gaze.


The terrifying vortex emitted loud rumbling sounds as clouds rolled in waves. The face then disappeared, along with the vortex. Eventually everything went back to normal but the crowd remained motionless for a long time, unable to recover.


A moment before, that silhouette in the sky was an emperor. He had sensed the stone, which had oppressed the Three Lives Demon’s powers, had been broken so he had come to check it out for himself.


An emperor… They had seen a real emperor… everybody was perfectly aware that the vortex was an emperor’s power. The emperor wasn’t in Gan Yu so he had imprisoned the demon there. He knew that people in Gan Yu were really weak so he thought that it would be a safe location.


He hadn’t thought that a thousand years later, Lin Feng would come to the valley and disturb the peace and tranquility of the region. Relying on the Jade Emperor’s palace, he had reached the depths of the Death Valley and had studied the first part of the three lives skill. The demon had then borrowed Lin Feng’s body to break the word on the stone and free the demon.


After the demon left, there was no news as to where he went. His powers had been oppressed for a thousand years and his Qi was still too weak. It would take some time to start causing trouble again.





At that moment, Lin Feng was in a cave in the mountains. He was sitting cross-legged and demoniac lights were twinkling around his body.


There was a cortex inside Lin Feng’s brain which had turned into a gigantic, furious ocean, causing Lin Feng’s entire body to change. His Qi had now already reached the very peak of the Xuan Qi layer.


His demon Qi was spilling out of the cave as his brain was a.s.saulted by a powerful storm. His body was in fusion with the sky. However, his mind and his awareness couldn’t become one, his awareness couldn’t turn into genuine G.o.dly awareness.


“Boom” the demon lights and the pure Qi dispersed and went back into Lin Feng’s body. The cave became calm again but Lin Feng still hadn’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer. It seemed like there was something preventing him from doing so. But Lin Feng knew that he was about to level up.


Only by achieving perfect fusion with the sky, setting his heart at absolute peace, having a pure and unpolluted awareness, and practicing mindfulness. Only then would he be able to level up. He couldn’t let anything distract him right now, he had to practice mindful consciousness. His mind and heart had to be in perfect symbiosis in order to break through to the Tian Qi layer.


Meng Qing, Xin Ye, his parents etc. kept appearing in his brain. It was because of these thoughts that he couldn’t break through to the Tian Qi layer.


Lin Feng stood up and took a deep breath. Then he left the cave and gazed into the distance.


“Tian Chi.” whispered Lin Feng. He should have gone to Tian Chi but he had too many treasures. Now he was too scared to go back, afraid to lose all of his treasures.


After all, he was a lot weaker than Zun cultivators. If they wanted to take his treasures, then the situation would be very dangerous.


“Tian Chi, I hope that you won’t disappoint me.” thought Lin Feng. He could only go to Tian Chi because he had nowhere else to go. Otherwise, the people from the East Sea Dragon Palace would eventually find and kill him.


His silhouette flickered as he moved towards Tian Chi.


Back in Tian Chi, there was snow everywhere and it was very cold.


Back then, the seven snow eagles returned to Tian Chi and all the people on their backs had obtained precious treasures, especially Jun Mo Xi and his friends. The Zun cultivators of Tian Chi knew that Lin Feng had obtained the Jade Emperor’s Palace because his friends told them so.


After everyone had gone back to Tian Chi, the news quickly spread. The disappearance of all those strong cultivators from the mysterious world and of those who had been waiting outside. Besides, a few corpses had been found as well.


Some people had seen Lin Feng kill Duan Wu Ya as well. Then he had killed some people from the East Sea Dragon Palace and was chased them.


n.o.body knew what happened in the East Sea Dragon Palace, but they knew Lin Feng was in danger.


To sum up, people from Tian Chi knew that they were going to draw a lot of people’s attention. For one, their cultivators had obtained many precious treasures, and the other reason was that Lin Feng.


There were only two people who knew how everyone had disappeared, Lin Feng and Duan Wu Ya. However, Duan Wu Ya had been killed by Lin Feng in the East Sea Dragon Palace so Lin Feng was the last one who knew. Lin Feng had too many secrets.

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