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Chapter 830

Chapter 830: The Silhouette down the Mountain!


“The legends were right, there is a demon seal tablet in the valley.” thought Lin Feng while looking at it. It could oppress incredible evil energies. There seemed to be ghosts crying here, as if their souls were filled with infinite rage. Lin Feng frowned, those ghostly sounds unbearable. 


In the antiquity, the demon seal tablet was a gigantic stone. At some point, it broke into several pieces. Lin Feng had only obtained a small piece previously.


“Death and life, souls, everything turns into void eventually. Nothing can change this in this world.”


A voice rang inside Lin Feng’s head. It was a pleasant voice and Lin Feng suddenly felt very comfortable. Then the atmosphere became calm again. The ghosts stopped crying and the temperature in the valley seemed to become a little bit warmer.


At that moment, Lin Feng frowned and looked around. Where did that voice come from?


Lin Feng stared at the demon seal stone. Qi kept rolling in waves out from it. Was there someone inside the stone?


“Who?” shouted Lin Feng. His voice spread to everywhere in the valley. 


In the legends, n.o.body could live in the valley. But now someone was speaking to Lin Feng. 


“How many years has it been… I would have never thought that anyone would come to the Death Valley again. How many people have died here…?” said the voice again. Lin Feng frowned as he stared at the mountain. That wasn’t a hallucination, the voice really came from the stone. 


“Where are you? Please tell me.” asked Lin Feng while looking at the mountain. 


“Boom boom boom!” Rumbling sounds spread in the air, startling Lin Feng. The ground was cracking as the stone moved. It moved! It was moving rather slowly as the ground continued shaking. The stone was rising higher into the air.


Lin Feng ran over to the demon sword, but it was also shaking and emitting buzzing sounds.


Lin Feng lowered his head and looked at the foot of the mountain. An incredibly oppressive pressure was spreading in the air. Lin Feng suddenly felt like suffocating. His Buddha and his Demonic energies couldn’t withstand the pressure anymore. The demon seal mountain’s strength was too great. 


Dazzling lights were flashing in the air as the terrifying pressure rose. A golden and gentle light appeared, it was a Buddha’s light. Lin Feng was astonished, could it be that the legends were false and that the one controlling that gigantic stone wasn’t a demon, but a Buddha? 


Lin Feng walked towards the stone and looked down into the fissure in the ground. There was a silhouette sitting cross-legged. They looked incredible, majestic and was surrounded by a dazzling light. Even though there were oppressive energies everywhere, they seemed undisturbed. They looked pure as if their heart hadn’t the slightest iota of hatred, standing aloof from worldly affairs.


Buddha! It was a Buddha! 


Lin Feng was shaking from head to foot. In the Death Valley of all places, where there was an omnipresent death Qi, there wasn’t a demon but a Buddha, an omniscient Buddha! 


However, the Buddha’s skills seemed to be oppressed by the demon seal mountain. 


That Buddha had probably been there for thousands of years and yet still looked healthy. Wasn’t eternal life a demonic art?


Lin Feng had studied the strength of the Heruka and could use real Buddha Qi, but that

wasn’t enough to withstand the Death Valley. Comparatively, that Buddha had probably mastered all the Buddha skills, even if they were oppressed right now.


“Sir, why is the demon seal stone sealing your powers?” Lin Feng asked, confused. 


“The demon seal plate is a demon stone, it uses an incredibly oppressive power. When a Buddha owns it, it can seal a demon’s powers, when a demon uses it, it can seal a Buddha’s powers.” explained the Buddha in a gentle voice.


Indeed, if Buddhas used the stone, they could seal demon’s powers and vice-versa. It was an incredible weapon so this actually made sense. 


“Sir, how long have you been here?” asked Lin Feng. 


His interlocutor shook his head and said slowly, “As a Buddha, you can practice cultivation anywhere. You have to pay attention to the place you practice though. I came here because I can witness the many horrors and suffering of the valley. I can progress everyday by processing this scene.” 


“I cannot see his cultivation level.” thought Lin Feng while trying to sense his interlocutor’s cultivation level. The Buddha’s voice sounded like mantras and it seemed to influence Lin Feng’s emotions. Lin Feng felt a little inferior.


“Sir, I can help you break the demon seal stone so you can leave.” Lin Feng offered to help the saint. 


“That stone contains an incredible demoniac force, the word carved into it bares its soul. With that sword, you may be able to succeed, but I doubt it.” the interlocutor calmly explained, obviously referring to the demon sword.


At that moment, the sword was calm and silent. Even though it had a strong temper, it seemed to be oppressed inside the Death Valley.


Lin Feng grabbed the sword and it shrunk to match his size. It was actually letting Lin Feng control it now without putting up a fight.


Lin Feng jumped up in the air and arrived next to the word “seal”. 


“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying demon Qi invaded the atmosphere and exploded like thunder. Lin Feng rotated the strength of the Heruka and sword Qi launched out as well.


Lin Feng slowly raised both of his hands and attacked the word “seal”. The sword Qi crashed onto the word, but the sword Qi was quickly oppressed and the word “seal” started twinkling. Its oppressive power was becoming increasingly heavy.


There were terrifying black clouds above Lin Feng’s head as if a storm was about to start. The Qi from the demon sword dashed to the skies as Lin Feng attempted to use even more strength.


“Boom boom boom!” Black clouds rolled in waves. The earth and the sky were roaring. However, a sound spread in the air. Although the sword was still there, it didn’t look as majestic as a few seconds before. So much so that its Qi seemed to disappear.


That incredible sword Qi disappeared without a trace, as if it never appeared in the first place!

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