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PMG Chapter 812

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 812: The Demoniac Emperor’s Scriptures

Huang Feng stared back at Lin Feng in a cruel way. He was a young and was so close to receiving the Jade Emperor’s teachings. He could already imagine himself reigning over the region, but now his dreams were collapsing, Lin Feng’s sword would end him.

“The Imperial Jade Skill is in my ring!” Huang Feng spat out these last words as his Qi disappeared and he died.

Duan Wu Ya glanced over at Lin Feng and retreated back. Lin Feng was too strong for Duan Wu Ya.

Lin Feng’s blood sword was absorbing Huang Feng's blood energy, making it stronger. After, Lin Feng put his sword away and looked at the chaotic battlefield. Did that ring really contain the Imperial Jade skill? Lin Feng didn’t trust Huang Feng, he probably set a trap.

“Don’t worry about it, there's no need to rush for it.” Lin Feng said Jun Mo Xi and the others, who seemed to understand what he meant. They all nodded back to him.

Lin Feng walked over to Tang You You and offered her the jade imperial helmet while saying, “This helmet can change shape to become an offensive or a defensive weapon. Everybody else has nice items, so this one should be yours.” 

Tang You You’s beautiful eyes twinkled back at Lin Feng, he looked at her in a gentle way with his dark pupils.

“Okay.” Tang You You said while nodding and smiling. She took the helmet and inspected Huang Feng’s memories, her body flashed as the helmet turned into a golden cape which covered her back. Tang You You looked magnificent, like a princess or even a queen.

“Not bad, you look so pretty.” Lin Feng said, making Tang You You blush and lower her head. She suddenly became quite shy.

“You want to steal my treasures? You’re courting death!” Ao Jiao suddenly became furious. The battle was becoming chaotic again as everyone tried to steal the ring.

“Who wouldn’t go insane for his treasures?” thought Lin Feng, glancing at the battle. Huang Feng’s last words were too tempting. Even though he didn’t scream it, everybody clearly heard him. Imperial jade skills were incredible, n.o.body doubted their worth. Everybody craved for such skills which would prove infinitely useful to them in the future. Especially the cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace and the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan.

Lin Feng remained calm, he still didn’t trust Huang Feng. He looked at the emperor and sighed. After a thousand years, the emperor was still bathing in such a potent imperial Qi. The emperor would never collapse, his imperial strength was so terrifying that it seemed like he was alive.

Lin Feng looked around at the golden walls and at the mysterious scriptures. They looked like the veins of the Earth and contained a terrifying physical strength. Unfortunately, his cultivation level was too low and he couldn’t benefit from their teachings.

He turned around and looked at the back of the emperor. Very suddenly, Lin Feng’s body started shaking violently.

Huang Feng wasn't able to understand the scriptures on the wall so he thought no one would acquire the emperor’s secrets.

Lin Feng slightly moved sideways away from the emperor, the wall seemed to pull him, step by step. It seemed like each of his steps weighed heavily. He had the impression he could barely control himself, there was buzzing sounds ringing in his head. It was now staring blankly at the wall. 

Lin Feng never had such a feeling before.

“Eh?” Tang You You and the others watched Lin Feng wander away shaking, what was happening to him?

They looked at the wall, but just like Huang Feng they understood nothing. They could sense the incredible strength within the scripture, but couldn't gain anything from them.

“Could those be the demoniac emperor’s words?” they suddenly came to a conclusion The demoniac emperor chased the jade emperor to this spot.

But why was Lin Feng reacting that way? They didn’t understand. 

Wait! Wait! 

Their pupils shrank. If they didn’t understand but Lin Feng did, what did it mean? Maybe those carvings contained incredible secrets that only Lin Feng was aloud to read. 

They walked towards Lin Feng and approached the wall. They inspected the wall again, but no matter how they tried they couldn’t understand. They looked at Lin Feng again and noticed he was shaking less violently now.

However, Lin Feng was still blankly staring at the walls, his lips quivering.

“The demoniac emperor! The demoniac emperor!”

“Roar!” Lin Feng clenched his fists, some crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng’s facial expression was indescribable, n.o.body understood what he was feeling. Tang You You and the others had guessed right, those were the demoniac emperor’s scriptures.

After a long time, Lin Feng calmed down again and glanced at those who were fighting. A cold smile appeared on his face. There was a precious treasure in that ring? How ridiculous. Lin Feng was convinced that there was nothing inside.

“Demoniac emperor, you died with a remaining grievance, didn’t you?” sighed Lin Feng. He looked back at the crowd and said, “No need to look for treasures in the ring.”   

They looked surprised, Lin Feng sounded honest and confident. He must have realized something from the scriptures on the walls.

But what had Lin Feng seen?

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and stared at the wall while slowly releasing some deadly Qi.

He raised his hands up and the energies condensed into a black lotus filled with deadly energy. The gloomy fire contained in the black lotus was terrifying as it flickered, seemingly lighting Lin Feng’s hand on fire.

The fire in Lin Feng’s hand was burning faster, his Qi was becoming scarier. It seemed like that fire could consume them all.

What a terrifying strength! They felt like Lin Feng was practicing a skill that he was reading from the scriptures on the walls. Did the demoniac emperor’s scriptures contain a skill?

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