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PMG Chapter 810

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 810: Undisclosed information

Jun Mo Xi and his friends possessed precious treasures, if they were killed then everyone would obtain even more treasures!

Jade Heaven and the East Sea Dragon Palace hated each other, but they both gained to benefit from this brief cooperation.

A dozen people looked at Jun Mo Xi and his friends, their eyes were twinkling with cold lights. Jun Mo Xi released some Qi while staring back at the crowd.

“Die!” Terrifying rays of sword Qi appeared. Jun Mo Xi and his friends gathered and released their own terrifying Qi.

“Roar!” Huang Fu Long became furious with his dragon axe streaking across the sky. A dragon appeared and it was filled with terrifying dragon Qi. 

“Let me fight.” Yun Fei Yang rang his ancient bell as it then flew over towards their opponents, emitting unceasing buzzing sounds in the atmosphere.

Yu Tian Ji released his indestructible stars, a star disc appeared in his hand as the moon and stars fused together. 

“Die!” A terrifying deadly Qi condensed, Yu Tian Ji’s hand was dazzling as starlight shot out at the opponents. The opponents separated to the sides in order to avoid the attack. The group of opponents had adopted a chaotic fighting formation, not fighting together anymore. Lin Feng’s friends possessed terrifying items, if the opponents acted recklessly they would probably die. 

“Huang Feng, your people from Jade Heaven have precious treasures as well. Since I know that, there's no need to hide them anymore, let's get serious.” Because both sides hated each other, they weren’t fighting with their full strength. Who would want to show their full strength in front of their enemies? Ao Jiao stared back at Huang Feng with a radiant smile, he wanted to see what extraordinary item he had previously found.

“Don’t tell Jade Heaven what to do! You guys from the East Sea Dragon Palace have been staring at us the whole time so prepare yourselves.” Huang Feng smiled coldly.

“Together, okay?” Ao Jiao said while smiling indifferently.

“Okay.” said Huang Feng nodding. A dragon scale appeared in Ao Jiao’s hand, it was golden and twinkling with an incredible Qi. 

In Huang Feng’s other hand appeared a dazzling golden crown with an incredible imperial Qi. 

“This is the Jade Heaven’s golden crown of the legends…” Ao Jiao said while looking at Huang Feng’s crown.

“Enough.” said Huang Feng while placing the crown on his head. In a flash, his body was bathing in an incredible imperial Qi which diffused a magnificent golden light all around him. 

“I think we can immobilize them while you attack.” Huang Feng recognized how strong that crown was, he pulled a long face. The East Sea Dragon Palace wanted it for themselves.

“Fine.” said Ao Jiao with a resplendent smile, “You immobilize them while I kill them, one after the other.”

“Alright.” Huang Feng agreed nodding. Immediately after, Ao Jiao’s scale appeared in the air and a terrifying strength started rolling in waves in the atmosphere. It seemed like time stopped and Jun Mo Xi’s body became stiff. That invisible strength seemed to place a lot of pressure on them, especially on Huang Fu Long. Ao Jiao specifically targeted Huang Fu Long’s because he wanted his dragon axe. 

“Die!” shouted Huang Feng furiously. He then released a terrifying imperial Qi which enveloped his body. The crown on his head became dazzling, as a sudden all-conquering sword launched at Huang Fu Long. 

“Be careful!” shouted Jun Mo Xi. The sword could annihilate anything and couldn't be dodged.

“Do you dare!” shouted a voice as dark clouds appeared, they were filled with a terrifying demon Qi which caused people to shiver and shake. A terrifying sword Qi streaked across the sky. That pure sword Qi could lacerate the Earth and the sky, it was absolute.

Huang Feng’s heart was pounding. He could sense that terrifying sword Qi emerging from behind Huang Fu Long.

“Die!” shouted Huang Feng furiously. There was a terrifying imperial Qi merged in with his sword Qi, it had almost reached Huang Fu Long at this point.

“Huang Fu Long, move to the side!” shouted someone in the distance. Huang Fu Long dodged away as a terrifying sword Qi pa.s.sed next to him.

Huang Feng was frantic, what a terrifying sword Qi. It seemed like his body was going to be chopped into pieces. He quickly tried to dodge.

Huang Feng felt paralyzed. His crown changed into an imperial golden shield.

“Boom boom!”

An infinite amount of strength crashed onto Huang Feng’s shield and he was blown away, blood splashing out of his mouth.

“Kacha!” A cracking sound spread in the air as his shield was broken. Huang Feng crashed into the ground next to the big door. That ground was already falling apart, so it completely broke after Huang Feng crashed into it. 

“It broke!” Jade Heaven’s people were stupefied. 

Ao Jiao was speechless as he stared at Lin Feng, what a terrifying guy!

“Cough cough.” Huang Feng tried to stand up again. His silhouette flickered as he threw himself through the door.

“Eh?” Ao Jiao was astonished. “He wants to steal the treasures!”

Everybody started running towards the room, already forgetting about the fight. Their only purpose was to get the great emperor’s treasures. 

“The Jade Emperor’s Palace…” Lin Feng raised his head and saw those huge golden letters. 

After Paramita’s bridge, Lin Feng noticed many vast halls with magnificent golden walls. However, many of them were firmly closed. He believe they weren’t strong enough to open them before but now Lin Feng was thinking otherwise.

“The palace is broken everywhere.” said Lin Feng while looking at the broken golden door. One just has to be strong enough to break through the rubble. Lin Feng began revolving his demon strength in his body. 

Lin Feng turned his head around and glanced at Huang Fu Long who was bleeding. He then said, "It's a good thing that I have thick skin. Lin Feng, let’s hurry on ahead.” 

The palace was vast, there were sculptures and paintings of dragons and phoenixes found on walls and pillars around them.

“Boom boom boom!” Terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the air as the East Sea Dragon Palace attacked the doors. However, they remained closed. 

“He already knew where to go?” shouted Ao Jiao furiously. 

“He has the map so that’s why he knew where to go in the palace.” n.o.body would have thought that Huang Feng would betray them.

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