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Chapter 802

Chapter 802: The Atmosphere is Collapsing

“Why would the hologram have the shape of a palace?” Lin Feng and the others’ heart was pounding.

“Eh?” At that moment, Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. He was gazing in the distance and noticed a gigantic palace forming, the illusion was in suspension and slowly appearing. It looked majestic, imposing, like an emperor’s palace, containing some Qi of righteousness.

“Is it an illusion?” No one could figure it out. No wonder n.o.body found the emperor’s grave before, they had to have real dragon energy to find it. The palace seemed to be a place sealed away from the mysterious world.

“The great emperor’s grave!” Finally, they found the emperor’s grave, it had to be his palace. They flew all over the mysterious world and now they finally found the great emperor’s grave, probably for the first time in a thousand years.

Lin Feng and his friends weren’t the only ones to notice, there were many others who were observing in the distance. The reflection of the palace was twinkling in their eyes. They felt excited and nervous at the same time, was that the great emperor’s grave?

“Dong!” In a flash, the whole crowd saw a gigantic cloud of foaming Qi condensing into a palace. The atmosphere began shaking, the wind became abrasive and chaotic rays of light shot towards the palace.

At that moment, everybody stopped moving and looked at the same thing. There were even some in the sky who were blown away by the furious wind. No matter where one was, if they neared the palace, they would suddenly be far away again.

“Boom!” Sand splashed all around in the storm. The Earth and the sky were trembling. Lin Feng and his friends were in the middle of that storm. They could sense an immense pressure, so strong they felt suffocated.

“That palace is burying everything…!” whispered Lin Feng. The palace was enveloping everybody, it seemed like they were going to be buried.

“Let”s go.” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and ran towards the palace. The others immediately followed him!

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one, it was everyone’s dream to find the palace. They all flew towards the palace.

Had the great emperor’s grave finally appeared?

Did that vast palace contain the most amazing treasures?

Because Lin Feng and his friends were already so close to the palace, they were the first ones to arrive. They felt oppressed in front of such a huge and impressive palace. The great and respectful emperor had buried himself in this palace-like coffin. Even dead, he remained dignified.

“Let’s go and see if there is an entrance somewhere.” They all began looking around the palace for an entrance.

“Here.” Huang Fu Long pointed at a golden dragon. That golden dragon looked full of vitality, its mouth was large enough for several people to enter.

“Lin Feng, are we going in or not?” asked Huang Fu Long. He seemed hesitant, after all, n.o.body knew if the palace was dangerous or not.

“Let’s see if there aren’t any other entrances.” said Lin Feng, decided not to enter immediately. Very quickly, he narrowed his eyes and found nine dragon statues, all of them had their mouths open.

Lin Feng and the others were perplexed, they couldn’t determine which doors were dangerous, if any.

“What do you think?” Lin Feng asked Yu Tian Ji. Yu Tian Ji could use the power of the stars, so Lin Feng a.s.sumed he could a.n.a.lyze thing better than others.

“Let’s wait! Perhaps others will be able to determine it.” replied Yu Tian Ji. Lin Feng didn’t want to to take the risk carelessly.

More a

nd more were appearing in the area. They obviously realized that the dragon mouths were entrances but they also hesitated, should they enter or not?

“I’ll take the risk, if n.o.body else enters, I will. If I manage to choose correctly I’ll get the treasures!” someone said next to Lin Feng, and entered a dragon’s mouth.

“Ahhh…..” A horrible shriek spread in the air.

Everybody were suddenly relieved that they hadn’t chosen to enter.

“Boom boom boom, katcha!” The atmosphere seemed to be collapsing, the ground was shaking, waves of sands and dust were rolling in the as a gloomy cloud enveloped everything. It seemed like the world was turning upside down.

“Kaaaaa eeeee!” A strident sound spread in the air, piercing through people’s eardrums. A huge crack appeared in the ground.

“How scary. What is going on?” thought everyone with their hearts pounding. After the emperor’s palace appeared, the atmosphere began trembling and everything turned into chaos. A terrifying death Qi had invaded the atmosphere.

“Are we all going to be buried in the mysterious world?” thought Yu Tian Ji, gazing into the distance. Deadly Qi was rising and enveloping the atmosphere.

“Look, what’s that?” someone shouted. Many glittering, translucent, little spears appeared on the horizon. They were dazzling and contained a terrifying Qi.

“Intent and abstruse crystals?” Lin Feng and the others narrowed their eyes. In a flash, Lin Feng jumped into the sky. He shook his hands and dazzling crystals appeared. Intent immediately emerged from the crystals. Lin Feng looked solemn, as expected, they were intent crystals.

“So many intent crystals.” everyone was excited. The wind storm brought intent crystals towards them.

“Boom boom boom!” Terrifying rays of energy invaded the atmosphere. Everybody began flying around to grab the crystals. Even cultivators of the Tian Qi layer would benefit from them.

But what everyone wanted the most were abstruse crystals. If they could grab such crystals and offer them to the respected cultivators of their sects, clans etc. then they would earn instant respect and power.

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