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PMG Chapter 797

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 797: Group Fight

The crowd's facial expressions were hideous. Huang Fu Long bathed in the blood pool and obtained that dragon axe. His attack made the entire world tremble, n.o.body could resist him anymore. He had a real dragon which could crush people into smoke.

“Let’s go.” someone had a bad feeling. Almost everybody gave up. Trying to steal the treasure was hopeless, maybe they could find the fourth palace before Lin Feng's group.

Very quickly, silhouettes started flickering away. Lin Feng's group was too strong, even acting together was helpless.

“Hehe.” Huang Fu Long laughed proudly. He could easily kill geniuses with his axe, not bad!

Some geniuses from Tian Chi hadn’t left, namely Tian Chi Xue. Huang Fu Long glanced at her but unlike before, he looked at her in a detached way. He held no signs of love or pa.s.sion in his eyes anymore, maybe Lin Feng was right, Tian Chi Xue wasn’t worth his time. She was arrogant and despised him… His feelings had always been unilateral. Trying to win her heart was useless, so he held no feelings for her anymore.

Tian Chi Xue's feelings were further mixed when she saw this.

“It seems like you don’t need me anymore, I’m off.” said Yu Tian Ji indifferently. He jumped forwards, his silhouette flickered and left.

Three palaces had been found now so he could use his power of the stars to find the fourth palace. He wanted to find some treasure himself as well.

Even though he lost against Lin Feng and handed the t.i.tle of leader to Lin Feng, he wouldn’t admit defeat that easily. He wanted to defeat Lin Feng next time and become the leader again. Tian Xuan started to rise but Tian Ji peak hadn’t collapsed yet, they were still the best of the seven snowy peaks.

“Bathing in that pool can strengthen your muscles and blood vessels, hey!” said Huang Fu Long to Yu Tian Ji. Yu Tian Ji was a proud man.

“I don’t need stronger muscles and blood vessels.” said Yu Tian Ji indifferently before disappearing in the horizon. 

Lin Feng was still bathing in the pool when a few silhouettes approached from the distance One of them was wearing a gray robe, Duan Wu Ya..

There were others with him. One of them was Di Ling from the East Sea Dragon Palace, another was a domineering looking young man wearing a purple robe. He had an extremely high status within the East Dragon Sea Palace, he was Ao Jiao, the son of one of the four Dragon Kings. He was the leader of the group representing the East Sea Dragon Palace in the mysterious world. 

Apart from Di Ling and Ao Jiao, there were two others. One of them was Duan Wu Ya’s brother, the crown prince of Xue Yue, Duan Wu Dao.

Next to Duan Wu Dao was someone wearing a crown, they looked like a king. He was a member of the Jade Heaven imperial family, Huang Feng. Duan Wu Dao became a member of the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan, so they helped him become stronger. Even though Duan Wu Dao wasn’t as strong as other members from the clan, the strong cultivators of the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan decided to make him stay with Huang Feng and become an a.s.sistant.

“Are you sure about what you said earlier?” Huang Feng asked Duan Wu Ya. He looked like a domineering member of a monarchy, as if he had was the king of the world.

“If I were trying to fool you, would I fool my brother as well?” asked Duan Wu Ya while smiling indifferently. Duan Wu Dao remained silent, brother? Was he joking? He had already fooled him too many times to count.

Huang Feng declined to comment. If what Duan Wu Ya was right, he would definitely give it a try. Huang Feng hadn’t found any palaces yet. All four palaces contained Zun cultivators’ graves and held incredible treasures, if he could obtain those treasures he would become even stronger.

“Look, we arrived.” said Duan Wu Ya pointing to the distance. Huang Feng and the others raised their heads and looked off to the distance. As expected, sand was floating around in the sky and the blood Qi was quite thick. Duan Wu Ya hadn’t fooled them.

“Let’s go.” The five of them accelerated but were surprised to find almost n.o.body there. There were only four people protecting the deep blood pool in the middle of the desert. The atmosphere was filled with an incredible blood Qi.

“A dragon axe, an ancient bell and a golden robe.” Their pupils shrank looking at their treasures. Now they really believed Duan Wu Ya. Their eyes started twinkling with excitement after seeing those items and the energies released by them.

“I want the golden robe.” said Huang Feng referring to Jun Mo Xi’s robe. That golden robe perfectly matched his social status.

“I want the axe.” said Ao Jiao, staring at Huang Fu Long’s dragon axe. He immediately fell in love with that axe, deities probably created that axe just for him.

“Everybody, all of them are extremely strong, their strength coupled with those precious weapons are extremely dangerous. I know that all of you are extremely strong but you have to be careful. I am too weak to join the battle, so you all can have the weapons you like.” said Duan Wu Ya, smiling.

His friends nodded, they were not in the mood to listen to Duan Wu Ya. All they wanted were those precious weapons..

Duan Wu Dao looked deep into Duan Wu Ya's eyes for his intentions. But Duan Wu Ya retreated with incredible speeds, he wanted nothing to do with the coming battle.

Lin Feng finished bathing in the pool a while ago. He saw the group approaching and recognized Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling but not the other two. One of them was wearing a purple robe and looked extraordinary while the other one looked like a member of a monarchy. Those were probably the leaders from the Jade Heaven and East Sea Dragon Palace groups. 

“He really has no moral values.” thought Lin Feng, watching Duan Wu Ya leave. Lin Feng became expressionless. Duan Wu Ya was too sly, he brought those people to fight for him. 

Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao looked over at Lin Feng and released a strong battle energy. Back at the Great Compet.i.tion, Lin Feng had defeated both of them. They still remembered and wanted to get their revenge.

“Give us your items.” said Huang Feng indifferently, glancing at Lin Feng and his friends, leaving no room for arguing.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Jade Heaven Imperial Clan and East Sea Dragon Palace!”

Back during the Xue Yue battle, Jade Heaven and East Sea Dragon Palace acted to ma.s.sacre Lin Feng's loved ones. Lin Feng would never forgive them.

Lin Feng had his four friends with him: Jun Mo Xi, Yun Fei Yang, Huang Fu Long and Tang You You. Tang You You was bathing in the blood pool now so she couldn’t fight.

It was four on four so Lin Feng wasn’t scared, apart from him, Jun Mo Xi and the others held incredible items.

“If you want them, come and take them from us.” said Lin Feng emotionlessly.

“I want that robe.” Huang Feng said again while jumping forwards. He looked absolutely majestic, throwing himself at Jun Mo Xi.

“The axe is mine.” said Ao Jiao looking brutal. He also threw himself at Huang Fu Long.

Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao looked at Lin Feng with with a burning battle energy.

“He’s mine.” said Di Ling, throwing himself at Lin Feng.

“Humph!” groaned Duan Wu Dao, throwing himself at Lin Feng as well.

“Kill them if you can!” said Lin Feng coldly. He jumped forwards as well. Sword Qi dashed to the skies, his level six sword intent invaded the atmosphere.

“Level six intent…” Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling were astonished. They wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng would already be so strong. It seemed like the battle wasn’t going to be as easy as they thought.

“Do I need to fight?” said Yun Fei Yang. n.o.body wanted to fight him.

“No need, you should wait on the sideline for an opportunity to kill them.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Surrounded by an infinite amount of sword Qi, Lin Feng wanted to fight Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao alone!

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