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PMG Chapter 795

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 795: Who Dares Attack?

A sandstorm suddenly appeared in the desert containing some blood Qi. Even those who were far away could see it and were intrigued.

“What a monstrous attack, great.” thought Lin Feng speechless. Huang Fu Long wasn’t very smart, he found the treasure but made a big scene of unveiling it, alerting everyone in the surroundings. Lin Feng raised his head to the sky and saw many people coming towards them.

There was someone around whom a gloomy Qi floated, he was wearing a galliant robe. He was shocked to see Lin Feng when he arrived.

Lin Feng was stupefied as well. Lin Feng suddenly looked furious and released some deadly Qi which rolled in waves. 

“What a coincidence, I wouldn’t have thought that after turning into a demon, you would recover back to normal. It's no wonder I always considered you to be an incredible cultivator.” Duan Wu Ya said to Lin Feng while smiling indifferently. That was the same smile he always wore, warm and friendly. The only thing that had changed from before was his cold and gloomy Qi. 

“What a coincidence indeed!” said Lin Feng while releasing deadly energy. His sword Qi was whistling louder and louder. Lin Feng wanted to kill Duan Wu Ya the most.

Duan Wu Ya’s plot had been way too cruel.

“Lin Feng, don’t hate me like that. Without me, you would have never become what you are now. I saw you rise progressively. Even though many died, at least you’ve become strong. I also got what I wanted. We can continue to work together to conquer the Gan Region.” said Duan Wu Ya, ignoring Lin Feng’s deadly energy. His smile was absolutely radiant.

“I only have one thought when it comes to you.” said Lin Feng while slowly walking forwards and releasing sword Qi which dashed to the skies, “die!” 

His sword Qi was rolling in waves in the atmosphere.

“Lin Feng, be careful. Just like you, he obtained some items belonging to one of the four greatest Zun cultivators of the mysterious world.” said Yu Tian Ji to Lin Feng as a warning. He didn't realize that Lin Feng would hate that guy so much. 

“You are monstrously powerful now, seeing you with this strength is definitely surprising.” whispered Duan Wu Ya when he sensed the sword Qi. A terrifying gloomy sword Qi emerged and the gloomy gourd appeared in his hand. Duan Wu Ya punched the air and a terrifying gloomy Qi emerged out of the gourd which dashed out towards Lin Feng. The sword Qi was being corroded by it.

Lin Feng was surprised by its strength, what a corrosive Qi! Duan Wu Ya had obtained one of the Zun cultivators’ treasures as well.

His blood sword appeared and its strength dashed to the skies. Sword Qi started floating around the atmosphere. In a flash, a shield of sword Qi appeared in front of Lin Feng and collided with the gloomy Qi, rumbling sounds could be heard all around. The sword Qi was corroded once again.

“I’m coming.” Two golden lights appeared in the air, two resplendent golden wings appeared on Jun Mo Xi. His entire body broke through the gloomy Qi, his silhouette flickered and he threw himself at Duan Wu Ya’s head. 

“You also have a precious treasure.” Duan Wu Ya quickly realized. The golden lights could destroy the gloomy Qi. But Duan Wu Ya’s gloomy Qi continued to head towards Lin Feng and the others.

“Bzzzz……” the ancient bell resonated. A gigantic bell shot out at Duan Wu Ya. In a flash, Duan Wu Ya’s body became stiff and his gloomy Qi was restricted.

“Die!” A million swords were roaring furiously at Duan Wu Ya. It seemed like the terrifying sword lights were going to swallow Duan Wu Ya in one gulp.

Duan Wu Ya’s heart was pounding. Lin Feng’s sword attack was terrifying. Without his gourd, he would die in a flash.

“Go.” He put his hand on his gourd and more gloomy Qi appeared from a hole, enveloping the sword Qi and swallowing it. Duan Wu Ya saw that Lin Feng was still attacking, so he made his gourd spit out even more gloomy Qi.

Lin Feng’s sword was dancing around in the air. Nine heavy shields made of swords appeared and blocked the gloomy Qi.

“Lin Feng, we’ll meet again.” Lin Feng only saw Duan Wu Ya sitting on his gigantic gourd, flying as fast as he could.

A golden light flickered, Jun Mo Xi came back next to Lin Feng. He was also staring at Duan Wu Ya in the distance when he said, “That gourd is terrifying, it seems even more powerful than my golden robe. It’s difficult to attack him and protect yourself from him.”

“You found two treasures in the first palace, and he only found one. Its power is unprecedented, so that must be why.” said Yu Tian Ji who didn’t know that Lin Feng and the others had actually found three treasures.

Lin Feng and the others were relieved. The Zun cultivators’ treasures were monstrously powerful, they could enable a cultivator to conquer the Gan Region with ease.

“He is as insidious as he was in the past.” thought Lin Feng whose facial expression looked as cold as before. Duan Wu Ya ran away after seeing that the circ.u.mstances were not favorable for him. He was as treacherous and insidious as before.

Several other strong cultivators arrived. They looked extremely greedy each time they saw the blood pool. There had to be some precious treasures inside that pool. The strength contained in that blood was terrifying. 

“If I manage to get inside, I’ll find some amazing treasures.” many of them thought. Even if the blood from the pool wasn't compatible with their own, they would still become stronger. They wanted to acquire the strength of that blood pool..

Those who thought that there couldn’t be anything in the desert were coming back as well.

Lin Feng looked at the blood pool. Huang Fu Long was already inside it, sensing the blood. It reminded Lin Feng of the past, when he absorbed the strength of the purple snake’s blood. However, the blood pool in front of his eyes now was much more powerful than that of the purple snake's.

“Back then, the blood pool was in a cave and had been there for a thousand years. So, it became less powerful. However, it seems like this one had been sealed by the Zun cultivator, which was seemingly broken by Huang Fu Long. On top of that, the Zun cultivator’s strength was probably matchless so the strength of the pool hadn’t evaporated. ” thought Lin Feng. If back then, he had been as strong as he was now, he wouldn't have needed to rely on his snake spirit to swallow it. Instead, he could swallow it directly and reap the benefits more directly.

Lin Feng also wanted to bathe in that blood pool. Of course, that was a bit complicated because he couldn’t bother Huang Fu Long, that would be like attacking his spirit.

More and more strong cultivators were gathering. They all looked greedier than the next. They didn't attack when their numbers were few, especially because Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang’s treasures were extremely powerful. Besides, Lin Feng had just proved how strong he was. However, they could win with sheer numbers..

Someone looking at the crowd said, “Everybody, that blood pool contains a monstrous strength. If we manage to bathe in it, we’ll become a lot stronger. We should attack together to kill those people so we can share the pool.”

“Crrr..” That person had barely finished talking before a gigantic blood-red light shot him down. Lin Feng was already furious because Duan Wu Ya had escaped. He had no patience left, so he released his terrifying blood sword and attacked with the speed of lightning.

That person’s pupils shrank, he released some fist attacks. But it only delayed the inevitable, Lin Feng’s sword was extremely powerful and had pierced him. A few seconds ago, he was dreaming of bathing in the blood pool and now he was dead.

“If anyone dares attack, I’ll kill them!” shouted Lin Feng furiously.

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