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Chapter 775

Chapter 775: Crossing s.p.a.ce

“If that’s a sacrificial altar, are we supposed to use it to get to the tomb of the emperor?” somebody was curious. A lot of people frowned, there were more than a thousand people here and the altar could only send a hundred at most.


The altar probably existed for millions of years, what if there was a problem with the time-s.p.a.ce? They could get lost and die.


Some were harboring unfathomable motives, who wished to cross s.p.a.ce with enemies?

“It seems like we have to go to the emperor’s tomb and that’s the only solution we have.” Yu Tian Ji was indifferent.


“Since everybody is scared, the people of Tian Chi will give it a try first.” Yu Tian Ji said smiling. He stepped forwards and entered the sacrificial altar. Yu Tian Ji was considered a strong cultivator, someone others followed. When he entered the altar, others followed him.

“No…” Many people had doubts when they saw Yu Tian Ji’s enigmatic smile. Someone couldn’t help but say, “Since our ancestors have already been to the emperor’s tomb, nothing can happen. If they arrive first they will get the treasures before us!

“Indeed, why should people from Tian Chi go first?” others chimed in.

“If I don’t volunteer you all have doubts, but if I go in you also have doubts. What do you want me to do? I am asking everybody, who is willing to go in first? Tian Chi doesn’t necessarily have to be the first group to enter!” Yu Tian Ji was upset.


“Let them go in first. First or last, does it matter!?” someone tall from the East Sea Dragon Palace wearing a dragon robe and looking quite strong decided.


Ao Jiao was the strongest young cultivator from the East Sea Dragon Palace, he was the leader of his group. Even Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling were his a.s.sistants. After all, Ao Jiao had always been a member of the East Sea Dragon Palace. Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling were strong but were new so the East Sea Dragon Palace didn’t completely trust them.

“You go first.” someone wearing white clothes said, carrying a sword. His facial expression looked as sharp as a sword.


They were from the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, the young man who spoke before was Kong Jiu Ye.


Everybody remained silent, letting the Tian Chi Sect enter first, shouldn’t cause them harm.

Yu Tian Ji saw that everybody remained silent and smiled. He released his pure Qi which floated around his body and started flowing into the mysterious vein-like marks. s.p.a.ce and time began undulating and everything became bright.

“Oh no… I have the feeling that I’m going to get swallowed by s.p.a.ce and time too.”  The altar was diffusing a light which enveloped everybody.

Lin Feng stared at Yu Tian Ji, he only saw him smiling in a mysterious way. Without further hesitation, Lin Feng said to Tang You You, “let’s go in.”

Jun Mo Xi and the others followed suit.

“Bzzzzz……” The crowd’s thoughts were chaotic, they were terrified. It was as if their world was crashing around them.


A terrifying hurricane emerged. People were scared to death, they were crossing s.p.a.ce and time and buzzing sounds were resonating in their head. The deadly energies around them kept flowing which reminding them of ritual sacrifices. Could people die if they touched it?

“Ahhhhh!!!!” Immediately after, a terrifying sound spread in the air as a black hole appeared, swallowing somebody.

Hearts were pounding when they saw that, was that person going to die?

“Ahhhhh….. Ahh……&hel

lip;..” Now, many started producing horrible and bloodcurdling shrieks. The atmosphere kept undulating and changing, rumbling sounds kept piercing through their eardrums, every horrible shriek made everyone else shake even more intensely. It meant that someone else was swallowed by the black hole.

The crowd was going insane, all those extremely strong cultivators were being swallowed except for the Tian Chi people who were in the light diffused by the altar, like a bubble. There was no exception, no matter how strong they were, they couldn’t resist.

Lin Feng thought about how powerful s.p.a.ce and time were above the altar. That place was supposed to be the emperor’s tomb, but that emperor, how strong was he? What was his cultivation level?

Lin Feng didn’t know the answers to those questions.

Everyone except for those who were in the light were swallowed, rumbling sounds spread in the air in front of them, the atmosphere was changing as the lights disappeared. Suddenly, they were falling from the sky.

“Boom boom boom!” They had no time to react as gravity crashed them into the ground, creating a deep crater.

Lin Feng was no exception, he had also been terrified, his heart pounding rapidly. The buzzing sounds in his head were unceasing. He had no time to react, falling on the ground head first.

Lin Feng’s corporeal body was extremely solid, so he took his head out of the ground and looked at the others.

“f.u.c.king sacrificial altar!” cursed Huang Fu Long, crawling up and scratching his head.

“How strong is that guy…” Thought Lin Feng while glancing back at Huang Fu Long who seemed to have no injuries. The others were all more or less injured.

From the five of them, Tang You You was the most wounded, with bruises and wounds everywhere. She was the weakest of all of them.

“Those who had been swallowed by the black hole probably didn’t die, it is more likely that those who are in the altar can cross s.p.a.ce together while the others must have been thrown around in various places randomly.” said Jun Mo Xi while looking at the new place. It was a vast area, it appeared dreary and contained an ancient death Qi.

The other groups from Tian Chi were there as well, nothing too critical had happened to them either.

“We all stood on the altar and traveled through s.p.a.ce together. Now that we have the advantage of staying together, we can easily hunt and kill others.” Yu Tian Ji’s face was filled with murder, but he looked absolutely calm and confident.

“But I guess some people’s heart is filled with evil intentions and are not willing to do so.” a member of the Tian Shu group accused Lin Feng and his friends.

“Right, some people suddenly decided to become citizens of Tian Chi, how can we be sure that they are not evil?” someone else chimed in.

“We have to put these tensions aside, don’t forget about our initial goal. We represent Tian Chi, we are not seven different groups, we have to stay united.” said Yu Tian Ji.

“I have no objection but I am afraid that the people who became members of Tian Chi at the very last minute could cause us trouble.” someone else said mockingly.

Lin Feng glared at the people from the Tian Shu group, “Rabid dogs like to bite other people.” Lin Feng hadn’t settled accounts for what happened back in the tunnel. Surprisingly, he hadn’t even mentioned it, and yet someone was taking the initiative to provoke him.

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