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Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Serious Consequences


“Lin Feng!”


“It’s really Lin Feng!” 


Lin Feng had finished first at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and became famous in Shen Gong, especially in Shen Gong North.


Just as there are tensions between the seven snowy mountains in Tian Chi, there are tensions between the different groups in Shen Gong, more precisely between Shen Gong North, Shen Gong South, Shen Gong West and Shen Gong East. Lin Feng was supposed to go to the mysterious world representing Shen Gong North.


After what happened in Xue Yue, Lin Feng had turned into a demon and crazily attacked them. In the end they had given up and abandoned Lin Feng. On top of that, they had given Lin Feng’s free spot to someone else for the mysterious world. After all, he had turned into a demon, what could they do? He was in a murderous frenzy.


However, Lin Feng now appeared again, his eyes were twinkling just like those of a deity. Even though he looked cold, he hadn’t turned into a demon. Surprisingly, he was now representing the Tian Chi Empire. 


Bei Ming and Lei Mang pulled a long face. Since Lin Feng hadn’t turned into a demon shouldn’t he represent Shen Gong in the mysterious world. How could he be representing the Tian Chi Empire? 


Apart from Bei Ming, a few others were also staring at Lin Feng. Those people were those who had partic.i.p.ated to the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and had chosen to join Shen Gong. They had thought that Lin Feng was deep and mysterious, especially when they had found out the things going on between Yue Tian Ming and him. Yue Tian Ming obviously knew what had happened in Xue Yue, his grandfather Yue Qing Shan had almost died in Xue Yue.


“Lin Feng.” 


Bei Ming came out from the group representing Shen Gong, “Lin Feng, we were extremely grieved when we heard about what happened to you in Xue Yue. We just had the feeling that those loved by the G.o.ds always died young… We even sent some strong cultivators to save you. We all hoped that you would recover but now it seems that we were too worried. You managed to stay safe, I would like to thank you and allow you to go to the mysterious world as the leader of the Shen Gong group.” 


The crowd looked back at Lin Feng, they didn’t know what social status the young man had, but Bei Ming attached so much importance to him. Bei Ming was ready to make him become their leader! 


The people from the Tian Chi Empire also looked at Lin Feng and realized that the young man who had suddenly appeared in the Tian Xuan group was famous. The group on the dragon-scaled horses knew him, and the people from Shen Gong.


“It seems like he isn’t absolutely unknown, he is already famous amongst several different groups of influence.” No wonder Lin Feng was so strong, he was already famous in other places.


But Lin Feng had already joined Tian Chi, could he join Shen Gong again? Joining Tian Chi was easy, there were no requirements. They even did their best to help geniuses become stronger. However, if Lin Feng joined Shen Gong he would violate the only rule of Tian Chi, which was to betray them.


They were all staring at Lin Feng to see what he would reply.


Lin Feng glanced at Bei Ming, Bei Ming looked indifferent as if he hadn’t noticed that Lin Feng was with Tian Chi. He was just proposing him to become the leader of the Shen Gong group as if it were absolutely normal. 


“Mister, thank you for your generosity. But because of some issues, I

decided to represent the Tian Chi Empire and to become one of their citizens. I will not betray my empire, so I hope that you can understand.” Lin Feng seemed final with this, nodding to Bei Ming respectfully. If the Xue Yue incident hadn’t occurred, Lin Feng would have fought for Shen Gong. Unfortunately, nothing could be changed anymore.


“How audacious!” shouted Lei Mang furiously while releasing some thunder. He glared, “Lin Feng, Shen Gong raised you, we even saved your life. And now you’re saying that you’re a citizen of the Tian Chi Empire, don’t you think that’s a great offense? You really despise us, don’t you!” 


“If Shen Gong hadn’t appeared the other day, I would have represented Shen Gong.” Lin Feng sounded neither furious nor resentful.


“Lin Feng, if there is anything that makes you unsatisfied with Shen Gong, we can talk about it. We will do our best to make you happy so that you come back to Shen Gong.” Bei Ming wouldn’t give up. 


“Some things cannot be changed.” Lin Feng said shaking his head. “On the other day in Xue Yue, people from Shen Gong came and I understood that you were, all in all, only interested in yourself and your own success. You don’t care about me, you don’t care about my relatives and friends. I can even say that you just looked at them getting attacked and killed without doing a thing. Therefore, I will never do anything for Shen Gong.”


“They were confused! I had given them the order to do anything to protect you, I hadn’t thought that they would only protect you and forget about your friends and family members. I made a mistake, my orders weren’t clear enough. If you come back to Shen Gong, I will offer you great skills and techniques, you will become monstrously strong.” said Bei Ming. Now Lin Feng felt even more angry, was he trying to tempt Lin Feng with skills and techniques again? Could Lin Feng forget about his friends and family members because of some skills and techniques? Bei Ming’s words proved that they only cared about their own success. 


“I won’t change my mind. There’s no need to talk anymore.” said Lin Feng indifferently, giving Bei Ming no face. Of course, Lin Feng wasn’t going to join Shen Gong, and now he was humiliating Shen Gong.


“Hehe, Bei Ming, you did your best and tried to plan everything. You helped lots of cultivators during the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, but even the champion of the compet.i.tion isn’t willing to join Shen Gong.” the Dragon King was mocking him. His words hurt like daggers. they made Bei Ming feel even worse. He glanced back, “Dragon King, don’t think that I have forgotten about those who plotted against us since the beginning.”


The people from Tian Chi were still staring at Lin Feng, he was the champion of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu? That was why so many groups of influence wanted to have him… Shen Gong even wanted him to become a leader. 


“Dragon King, I know that you’ve been plotting against us this entire time, the Dragon Palace is sly and evil.” Bei Ming continued. The dragon king only smiled coldly, without knitting his brows, and said, “Plotting? Duan Wu Ya is an incredible genius, even though he didn’t partic.i.p.ate at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, he isn’t any weaker than his brother Duan Wu Dao. He accepted to join the east Sea Dragon Palace and collaborate with us, he accepted to help us achieve incredible things. How could the East Sea Dragon Palace refuse such an offer? You should instead think about what happened with Lin Feng and how deal with that problem, what a humiliation.” 


“Did I ask you for advice?” Bei Ming asked coldly. He looked back, “Lin Feng, are you sure that you won’t change your mind?” 


Lin Feng just nodded indifferently without even glancing at Bei Ming. 


“You want to die!” shouted Lei Mang furiously. He jumped forwards and released terrifying thunder energy which drummed across the sky. It seemed like the entire atmosphere was becoming the center of a thunderstorm. However, at that moment, a person in white appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was a beast with two wings which issued a hurricane that collided with the thunders.


“Lei Mang, stop immediately!” Bei Ming was furious. Lei Mang reluctantly recalled his thunders. The snow eagle had defended Lin Feng.


“Be very careful.” said Bei Ming to Lin Feng, but Lin Feng looked determined and stubborn. It seemed like he had antic.i.p.ated everything, he showed no surprise on his face. The past couldn’t be changed and he had to bear the consequences, everything held serious consequences.


“Pfewww….” The people from Shen Gong sighed. Back then, at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, Xue Wu Chang had attached a lot of importance to Lin Feng. He had seen him become stronger, step by step, until he became the champion of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. He had always been aware of Lin Feng’s monstrous and terrifying natural abilities, of course he had hoped that Lin Feng would join Shen Gong. However, Shen Gong failed to make friends with Lin Feng.


“That’s life, things are impermanent. Shen Gong is very sad to lose you.” Xue Wu Chang was furious at Lei Mang. He had sent him to protect Lin Feng and his friends, but because of a small mistake, the guards had the opposite effect. Shen Gong will regret that in the future. 

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