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PMG Chapter 772

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 772: Getting Into The Mysterious World

The crowd was awestruck staring at the majestic Palace. It looked vast and domineering, the walls of the palace had five colors. 

“Surprisingly, there’s a palace, could it be the emperor’s residence?” thought the crowd while continuing to stare. There were eight trigrams on the facade of the palace as if something had been restricting the energies it contained.

Dazzling lights emerged out of the palace and blinded people’s eyes. 

“Ahhhhhh!” A horrible shriek spread in the air, someone who wanted to get close to the palace got stabbed by the lights and died. He then turned into a dry corpse on the ground. There was no blood at all as if the fluid of the corpse had been sucked out in a flash.

“Gulp gulp gulp!” the crowd panicked. People were so scared that they moved back. Those who wanted to foolishly rush into the palace a moment before all suddenly stopped.

The lights diffused by the palace could kill people.

“Until the tunnel completely opens, n.o.body can get close to it!” someone shouted furiously. Those cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were still releasing their energy, putting pressure on the palace.

“Boom!” At that moment, a silhouette Rose up in the air and released a monstrous Qi. 

“A Zun cultivator!” pupils shrank, surprisingly, from the palace had appeared a Zun cultivator. 

“Boom boom boom!” Qi continued spreading in the air as silhouettes appeared on all the corners of the eight trigrams. Those people were so strong that their Qi appeared unfathomable. 

“Zun cultivators…” 

“Mister!” shouted the crowd in unison. Those people were respected Zun cultivators. 

Zun cultivators from some of the great influential groups had appeared. There was more than a dozen different sorts of powerful Qi in the atmosphere. 

Those Zun cultivators’ energies contained some abstruse significance energy.

“Arrrghhh!” The Zun cultivators were releasing abstruse energy as snowflakes fell from freezing skies, while the sun shined fierce. It seemed like something was boiling as those terrifying threads of abstruse energy fell onto the palace. The palace shook violently, incredible lights containing death energy attacked the Zun cultivators.

“Now! Open it!” shouted a few people in unison. Suddenly, a terrifying sword light rose up in the air and it suddenly seemed like there was nothing but swords in the air.

“Boom!” That sword light lacerated the atmosphere and crashed onto the palace. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as those deadly lights pushed back the sword light, and on the palace, a gigantic golden door appeared.

“Lacerate!” shouted the sword Zun cultivator furiously. A sword light illuminated the atmosphere, lacerating everything on its way and crashed onto the golden door of the palace. 

“Quickly, we don’t have much time.” someone said. They used more powerful energies now, the eight trigrams seemed like they contained a gravitational force. It was almost as if those strong cultivators hadn’t been fighting against the palace but against a person. 

“Break!” One person turned into a sword of light and, dazzling lights invaded the entire atmosphere. The door of the palace broke and the sword Zun cultivator appeared in the air again. His Qi was floating around him as he stared at the door with a smile on his face. 

“Go in quickly! We don’t have much time so we must rush!” the sword cultivator shouted to the crowd. 

“Let’s go!” Lin Feng ran towards that door too. The Zun and Tian cultivators were using all their strength to put the palace under pressure, they were helping keep the door of the palace open. So, they had no time to waste. 

Jun Mo Xi closely followed Lin Feng as they all ran for the door. 

“p.i.s.s off!” someone shouted while releasing their intent at the crowd, slowing everybody down. His Qi was too strong. 

“Tian Qi layer.” Many people were blocked by this smiling madman. Then, he moved into the hole after them. 

The cultivators continued moving forwards looking like they wanted to laugh, they were watching a dead man. 

If that cultivator of the Tian Qi layer entered the mysterious world, wouldn’t he die? 

The person thought that he was extremely lucky because those cultivators of the Zun and Tian Qi layers were holding the door open for everybody, but he was ignoring the rule! People of Tian Qi layer and above couldn’t enter the mysterious world.

As he pa.s.sed through the door, a dazzling light appeared containing abstruse energy. He raised his head and immediately disappeared. 

“Moron.” Since ancient times, that palace had contained a terrifying death energy, especially the door. those who had broken through to the Tian Qi layer and above who tried to enter the palace died in less than a second. 

However, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer could enter the mysterious world. Entering it felt the same as entering an empty world.. 

Lin Feng was moving extremely quickly using wind intent. It only took a moment before he arrived next to the door. He turned his head around, looked at Jun Mo Xi and the others and said, “Let’s go in.” 

Lin Feng then jumped into the hole. 

The dazzling lights appeared and in a flash, he arrived in another world, a world of darkness. 

“Boom boom, boom boom boom…” Lin Feng had the impression that he could hear someone's heartbeat. With his cultivation level, moving through darkness wasn’t difficult. However, he couldn’t see anything because of how dark everything was. He didn’t know where he was. He only knew that around him were many people. They were probably like him, lost and unsure whether to to move. 

The change was too sudden! A moment before, there had been dazzling lights everywhere and now they were in this pitch-black world. Everybody was fighting to enter the mysterious world first and after entering, there was only darkness. The crowd couldn’t help but remain absolutely silent, it was an eerie silence.. n.o.body knew if there were friends or enemies next to them. 

“Lin Feng.” it seemed to be Tang You You’s voice. 

“Boom!” A terrifying deadly energy spread in the air and shot at the voice at full speed. 

Tang You You sensed that terrifying punch, but she couldn’t react fast enough. 

“Boom!” That terrifying punch landed on a body and a person smiled coldly. Someone just talked, did that person want to die? 

Suddenly, that person stopped smiling because a pair of hands grabbed his head.

“You want to die!” said another cold voice. A cracking sound spread in the air, the sound of bones being crushed. In that world of darkness, there was only coldness. 

Actually, the person who was punched wasn’t Tang You You, but a young man!

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