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Chapter 763

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 763: For The Empire!


Lin Feng looked at that young man in purple. Those who were from the Tian Ji group were at the very front and seemed very arrogant. 


Yu Tian Ji looked particularly arrogant and proud, more than the others. It seemed that the cultivators of the Tian Ji group respected him a lot. He was also a sort of leader in their group, just like Ling Xie in Tian Shu. Besides, he seemed to be even more respected than Ling Xie.


“Tian Ji…” Some people were glaring at the people from Tian Ji, but others were looking at them respectfully and maybe enviously. They wished they could be part of the Tian Ji group. They wished they could be arrogant and proud, rather than being a member of Tian Xuan and being humiliated by others. Bai Li Xi was one of those thinking that way. 


“Those from the Tian Xuan group are not bad this time but Tian Xuan is still too weak. If you are not resigned to give up, we will get very angry and crush you.” said Yu Tian Ji indifferently. He sounded way too pompous. Maybe he would climb up in the hierarchy in Tian Chi later, so he was practicing acting like a great leader. 


But Yu Tian Ji’s tone of speech annoyed Lin Feng. Most people were looking at Yu Tian Ji as if he had been a real leader, so they were convinced that his words were holy and undeniable. However, Lin Feng didn’t see anyone as a leader. Everyone was equal before him. The students of Tian Chi were all equal, even if Tian Ji was a strong group, it didn’t give them the right to humiliate others. 


“Students who belong to the Tian Ji group have the same status as anyone else. Surprisingly, some people still think that it’s normal to consider themselves as leaders, how servile! And yet some people are willing to accept such idiocies…” said Lin Feng indifferently. Lin Feng was making fun of the servility of some people, how audacious… Did he think that he was so terrific because he had defeated someone who belonged to the Tian Shu group? 


Yu Tian Ji frowned, he was staring back at Lin Feng as if he had been trying to see through him. 


“Huh?” Lin Feng frowned and he also stared at Yu Tian Ji aggressively. The lights twinkling in Lin Feng’s eyes were so dazzling that Yu Tian Ji had to close his eyes.


“Hmph.” Lin Feng groaned coldly when he stared at Yu Tian Ji. Yu Tian Ji was trying to use a special skill to see through Lin Feng, see his special techniques and skills. However, that required a stronger soul than Lin Feng. But, it was almost impossible for anyone at the same level as Lin Feng to compete with him. Lin Feng just had to glare at Yu Tian Ji in an aggressive way to make him stop. 


Yu Tian Ji quickly opened his eyes again and continued staring at Lin Feng. 


“You broke it, this is the first time that someone at the same level as me managed to break my special clairvoyance skill. I only managed to see that his sword intent was level four, it stopped increasing after. He might possess a level five sword intent… I can’t see clearly. That guy is really strong. It seems like he should be considered as the leader of the Tian Xuan group. He is much stronger than Tian Chi Xue. This time, we will go to the mysterious world together…” thought Yu Tian Ji, staring at Lin Feng. After groaning again, Yu Tian Ji turned back to the crowd and said, “We’re going to the mysterious world, so let’s spare no effort!”


Yu Tian Ji didn’t add anything more. He was considering the fact that Lin Feng was so m

uch stronger than Tian Chi Xue. He was probably able to compete with all the strongest cultivators from the other snowy mountains. 


But the crowd was thinking something else, Yu Tian Ji had suddenly changed the topic while looking at Lin Feng. Was he simply going to let Lin Feng off without doing anything?


Only Lin Feng had a definite idea of what that meant. Yu Tian Ji’s glance had given him a clue, he wasn’t going to let him off. He probably wanted to surprise attack him some other time. However, it wasn’t possible at the Snow Palace. Some small tensions were aloud, but fighting fiercely in front of the elders wasn’t suggested. 


The hunter was calmly observing the scene. Tian Chi was divided into seven mountains and they had never prevented the geniuses from confronting each other. Only by going through such frictions could they become adults. That was precisely how geniuses stood out and became respected. 


Tian Chi wasn’t the only one with this mindset, the greatest sects and clans were all like this. There were always tensions between people in the cultivation world. Places entirely dedicated to cultivation had to be at the center of fights and tensions.


“This time, Tian Xuan will not get bullied so easily…” thought the hunter feeling relieved. They would remain proud and protect their dignity. Tian Chi Xue, Huang Fu Long, Han Qiu Yu were all very strong. They didn’t fear anyone else. Besides, there was someone who could resist the so-called leaders from the other groups. Just like Yu Tian Ji had guessed, Lin Feng was their unofficial leader.




The sound of a solemn and majestic bell spread in the air. Someone slowly came out of the Snow Palace wearing a purple chang pao. That was a senior cultivator of the Tian Ji group. He had extremely long white hair, his beard was long and went down to the chest. He looked like a celestial being, majestic and domineering. 


“Is everyone here?” asked the person indifferently. He hadn’t spoken loudly but his voice had clearly penetrated into people’s thoughts. 


Those who had brought the different groups to the Snow Palace all bowed and said, “They are all here.” 


“Alright.” said The old man, glancing around at the crowd. He was looking over the fifty-six young people, and nodded with satisfaction.


“Tian Chi doesn’t prevent you from fighting against each other because battles and tensions help you maintain your ardor and keep you hot-blooded. You become stronger in your heart when you argue. Tian Chi is divided into seven groups so it is normal that tensions appear. No matter how you fight, there will be no consequences. But I have to remind you, this time you’re going to the mysterious world and Tian Chi will not be the only group to send people there… There will be other people from the region of Gan Yu. There will be some terrifying geniuses there and none of them will be weaker than you. Therefore, I hope that you will not fight against each other in the mysterious world. You must forget about the small tensions existing between you.” said the old man slowly. 


“Am I clear?”


“Understood.” said everyone nodding. 


The old man nodded and put his right hand on his chest. Then he slightly bowed and said in a solemn way, “Everything for the Tian Chi Empire!” 


The crowd did the same. Everybody put their right hand on their heart, bowed and said, “Everything for the Tian Chi Empire!” 


“Everything for the Tian Chi Empire!” 




The calm and solemn sound of a bell resonated in the air again. That bell was ringing to remind people that they were missionaries of Tian Chi, everything was for the Tian Chi Empire. No matter how serious the inner-tensions were, people had to remember that their ultimate goal was to make the empire stronger. They were a big family, the empire supported them and they supported the empire, that was why the Tian Chi Empire was such a strong empire.


The solemn and relieving sound of the bell resonated in Lin Feng’s head. He also raised his right hand and put it on his chest while saying, “Everything for the Tian Chi Empire!” 


The excitement of being a missionary was improving his determination and willpower even further. He felt like he belonged to a cohesive group. The sense of belonging to a group was influencing everybody in a positive way. That sense of belonging was penetrating deeply into their souls. Everybody felt like they were brothers and sisters, they had to maintain the cohesion to remain strong, strong together! 


The old man with the white beard glanced at Lin Feng and smiled. He had noticed that Lin Feng was different from the others, but at that moment, Lin Feng was accepting to become a part of that big family. He was letting that cohesive force influence his heart. He had accepted Tian Chi and partic.i.p.ated with mindset of improving the empire. That way the Tian Chi Empire would engulf more and more geniuses!

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