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PMG Chapter 759

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 759: Stronger Again

“You only have a few days left Lin Feng will go to the mysterious world. For the few days left, you can choose a teacher.” said the snow cultivator. A few days were left before going to the mysterious world, many strong cultivators were getting ready to leave.

The mysterious world was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. Lin Feng would probably have incredible opportunities there. Incredible cultivators from the region would meet there. They had all been getting prepared for such a long time. Even in Tian Chi, extremely strong cultivators were getting ready to go. Those from the Tian Xuan Peak but also the others from the six other main peaks of Tian Chi. The geniuses selected by Tian Chi were all getting ready.

Of course, in the outside world n.o.body knew that Tian Chi had seven peaks. Only those from Tian Chi could know about it. 

“It will soon be time to leave.” thought Lin Feng, his eyes were twinkling with sharp lights. In the mysterious world, there would be Duan Wu Dao, Duan Wu Ya, people from Dragon Mountain, from Jade Heaven, from Shen Gong and so on. 

Lin Feng remained silent for a while and then looked at the Zun cultivators, “I want to practice alone during these last days.” 

They were surprised when they heard Lin Feng. Another cultivator would have never left them until the very end, however, Lin Feng wanted to practice cultivation alone. It seemed like he possessed high self-confidence when it came to cultivation. 

“Alright.” said the snow cultivator while nodding, “You can practice alone, we won’t disturb you. When the right time comes, we will call you.” 

Then, the snow cultivator and the two others left together while glancing at each other. They stopped watching Lin Feng while he was practicing.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and penetrated into his own world. 

There were some memories in his head, there was a gigantic desert. There was a gigantic, celestial sword that crashed on the ground and slightly penetrated into it. There were some fissures and cracks, in the air there were millions of sword lights and a terrifying sword Qi. 

There was only one sword, nothing else. 

Lin Feng had already become so much stronger in terms of sword cultivation, however, in that world he couldn’t help but be continuously amazed. That sword had its own life. It was calmly lying there and could make the world and the sky change. Such a terrifying sword didn’t need to be created or released, it was just there and Lin Feng could observe and a.n.a.lyze it. 

Unconsciously, Lin Feng released some terrifying sword Qi which became stronger and stronger. 

Lin Feng was extremely focused while observing that sword, it seemed like he had forgotten everything around him. He didn’t know what was happening outside anymore. He was only focusing on that sword.

Gradually, Lin Feng started having hallucinations, his entire body gradually started turning into a sword which could destroy the earth. 

Lin Feng wasn’t a human being anymore, he was a sword. He was calmly standing there while releasing some terrifying sword Qi.

A few days pa.s.sed as the snow and fire cultivators were playing chess. Jian Feng Zi was aside and his eyes were closed, as if the others’ chess game had nothing to do with him. 

“Mister, Xue, is it time to go to the mysterious world? It would be good for Lin Feng to improve his cultivation level even more.”

“Eee eeee…” At that moment some whistling sounds spread in the air, just like those of a sword. Those who were playing chess were surprised as they looked down at the valley. There was a very strong sword Qi rising up in the air. 

The sword cultivator opened his eyes and slowly stood up before gazing into the distance.

“Brother, after all those years I have never seen Jian Feng Zi care about anything.” said the fire cultivator looking pensive. He then continued playing chess. 

“If I were incompetent, Feng Zi wouldn’t be so obsessed by strength.” said the snow cultivator while shaking his head. He looked a bit saddened.

The sword cultivator was the youngest of them, he had joined their group after a while. Even though he was the youngest one, he was also the strongest because he had a very strong willpower, intent, and incredible natural abilities. 

“Brother, no need to feel guilty. We all understand that you are acting in the interest of Tian Xuan. You are not weaker than Feng Zi, back when our teacher was there, Tian Xuan was the strongest of the seven peaks. After he left to travel in the continent, no news came back, so Tian Xuan started fading a little…. However, now we have been able to attract some geniuses and we even came across Lin Feng. It was the first time you came and introduced him to me, I didn’t care because I thought he wasn’t the one we were looking for. But now…” said the fire cultivator. He then continued, “But now, Lin Feng could become a deep vein in Tian Xuan, he could become important here. Feng Zi probably thinks the same way as me. Back then, his best disciple became a part of Tian Xuan and he is extremely happy.” 

“No…..” said the snow cultivator. The fire cultivator was surprised and asked, “You don’t agree with me?”

The snow cultivator was staring at the fire cultivator and replied, “I hope that Lin Feng can become a high ranking official in the empire of Tian Chi, I hope that he can become the only spokesperson of the snowy mountain of Tian Chi.

The fire cultivator shivered when he heard him. He wanted Lin Feng to become a spokesperson…! 

If Lin Feng became a spokesperson, that would be incredible. But it was easier said than done. 

The sword cultivator didn’t listen to their discussion, he just watched Lin Feng in the valley.

At that moment Lin Feng was surrounded by a terrifying sword Qi and intent. He was borrowing some strength from the Earth too.

“Some more fire!” said the sword cultivator. Then Lin Feng started shaking, he had the impression that he was going to suffocate in his world with so many swords. 

Destroy everything, nothing can block you, swords are holy. They can slaughter everything.” said the sword cultivator. Words which resonated in Lin Feng’s heart, swords could annihilate everything. At that moment, Lin Feng had nothing in his way to prevent him from becoming stronger. He could lacerate the sky! 

“Break!” The sword cultivator shouted extremely loudly, resonating in Lin Feng’s brain. 

“Break break break!” That word was resonating in Lin Feng’s brain and heart like a drumbeat. A terrifying sword energy dashed to the skies, and his sword intent level seemed like it was going to explode.

“Sword intent level six!” The Zun cultivator was blankly staring at Lin Feng. The two others’ silhouettes flickered and they arrived next to Feng Zi. They were all staring at Lin Feng. 

“His sword intent level increased…” The two Zun cultivators were stupefied. Lin Feng had just practiced a few days, had wanted to practice alone because he was filled with self-confidence. And now he had managed to do it, his sword intent was now level six! He had made progress. His strength was terrifying. 

“With that, Lin Feng will surprise many people in the mysterious world.” thought the three Zun cultivators, they were getting even more impatient to see Lin Feng in the mysterious world. They were all impatient to see how Lin Feng would be in the future.

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