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PMG Chapter 757

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 757: Three Madmen!

“During a battle, I use fire but people can easily shrug it go off. It has the required strength to burn people to death, but I can’t control it efficiently enough. It is because the way my fire burns isn’t the right way.” thought Lin Feng while putting his hand on the snow. Some flames appeared that looked like they had their own life. They penetrated into the snow and then he started using the strength of his soul. Those flames started turning into a body. However, he didn’t release it like he used to do in the past.

“My black lotus is extremely strong but I must look beyond condensing fire, I must make it merge with my soul. From head to foot, I am able to control it with my soul.” thought Lin Feng, he slowly started to understand the different ways he could control fire. With that he was starting to understand what he needed to focus on. Fire and swords were the same, they had their own life. In order to control them, Lin Feng had to understand them. 

A terrifying sun Qi penetrated into the snow. A fire slowly started appearing in the air, the the snowy mountain was surrounded by Lin Feng's fire.

“Burn!” said Lin Feng. However, the fire didn’t burn in a brutal and violent way, it was emitting some crackling sounds as water started flowing down the mountain. That was the result of the melting snow, it had turned into small streams which were flowing down faster and faster. Those streams slowly turned into one river. 

Lin Feng’s sun Qi kept twinkling and then he smiled. The mysterious cultivation of intent was enchanting. Understanding it and being able to use wasn’t the same thing, the difference was really subtle. At that moment, Lin Feng could clearly feel that the strength of his fire had become stronger. It was burning with even more vigor. 

“Jian Feng Zi, did you see that? I'll let you to teach Lin Feng, but to show grat.i.tude, you can offer Mister Xue and me a cup of tea.” said the fire cultivator in a relaxed way. With such talent and power of understanding… Just like the snow cultivator had killed Lin Feng and had helped him break through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer, the other cultivator could also help him. 

Lin Feng understood things easily relying on his own natural abilities. He could easily become stronger with little effort. For example, the fire cultivator had done nothing but tell him that the source of fire intent was the way it burnt. 

Lin Feng came back from the foot of the mountain, the river had turned back into ice again. Lin Feng clearly knew that when the fire cultivator had told him to make the facade melt, he was presenting him with a metaphor. He just wanted him to understand fire intent and study it, he didn’t need to continue making the mountain melt.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and walked towards the three Zun cultivators. he then bowed in front of Jian Feng Zi. He looked at the fire cultivator and said, “Mister, when I didn’t understand the source of fire intent, I could still use fire determination. There isn’t only one sort of intent, right?” 

“Of course, I just wanted to tell you that the source of fire intent was the way it burnt. There are different ways to understand intent which gives birth to different sorts of intent. In the past, you were able to use fire intent without understanding its source because you have incredible natural abilities. You are a real genius, you know how to use your brain.” said the fire cultivator. Lin Feng nodded, he knew how talented he was. Everything had a cause, the source of sword intent was murderous intentions. The source of fire intent was the way it ignited and burnt. In the past, he could turn his sword into a killer sword because he understood killer intent. After that, he had observed the sun rise and set and then understood the morning sun intent, the radiant sun intent and the evening sun intent. All of those sorts of intent belonged to sword intent, and they all required a deep understanding. 

Understanding the source of things could help Lin Feng increase his strength. For example, he didn’t need to add intent to his attacks, he only had to add fire to his attacks to make it stronger than it used to be. 

The sword cultivator glanced at Lin Feng, his eyes were sharp and twinkling. Lin Feng obviously noticed him.

“Mister, is there anything I can do for you?” asked Lin Feng. 

“Come with me.” said the sword cultivator while standing up. Lin Feng suddenly sensed a pain in his arm, the sword cultivator had grabbed his arm. 

“Feng Zi, you’re a bit impudent.” said the two other cultivators while obstructing his way. They were looking at Feng Zi with a smile, yet holding back a little. 

“What? You want to fight?! Neither of you can compete with me!” said the sword cultivator, his eyes twinkled as a terrifying sword light emerged out of his eyes. It seemed like the atmosphere was going to be lacerated.

“One of us alone cannot defeat you, but together we can!” said the snow cultivator smiling, he could understand what Feng Zi meant. He had never underestimated the sword cultivator’s Qi, Jian Feng Zi only liked swords. People who attacked him were insane. 

“Indeed, Jian Feng Zi, if you want to teach Lin Feng, there are two conditions. The first is to show me and Mister Xue some respect by offering us a cup of tea. The second one is to offer him a sword skill which we both think is worthy. Finally, you must wait until I am done teaching him. Only then you can have him.” said the fire cultivator to Jiang Feng Zi. He had the opportunity to teach Lin Feng so he wanted to benefit from it. 

“Ehh….” Lin Feng was astonished… He had always dreamt of seeing Zun cultivators, it was an incredible opportunity. However, he had never thought they would fight to teach him things, and on top of that would fight to give him some incredible skills. At the beginning, the snow cultivator had threatened the fire cultivator and now they were both threatening the incredibly strong sword cultivator. 

Lin Feng was smiling wryly, he was really lucky. He had used his full strength to attack the hunter and had been brought to the snow cultivator. Now, the snow cultivator had introduced him to his friend and they were both introducing him to another friend of theirs.

“No problem for the second condition, the first one I cannot fulfill.” said the sword cultivator coldly. 

“Ok, come then!” said the fire cultivator impolitely.

The sword cultivator’s eyes twinkled and in a flash a terrifying sword energy rose up in the air like meteorites. 

“Condense!” shouted the snow cultivator and the atmosphere froze. The ice immediately surrounded the sword cultivator’s body and the fire cultivator moved at the same time.

Lin Feng was being dragged by the sword cultivator. Lin Feng was freezing after the snow cultivator spoke. His heart was pounding, they were all Zun cultivators with monstrous intent. With one thought, the Earth and sky could freeze.

“Boom!” The sword Qi broke the ice Qi as a terrifying fireball shot out towards the sword cultivator. The sword cultivator moved back but the fireball had already reached Lin Feng’s body. 

“Jian Feng Zi, you want to escape from us. You must really despise us.” said the fire cultivator with a smile on his  face. Lin Feng was speechless. They were all crazy! 

The sword cultivator looked at them coldly, remained silent for a few seconds, then he said, “Alright, I accept.” 

“Hehe, that’s the spirit. Deal!” said the fire cultivator, both he and the snow cultivator were smiling. Immediately after, they moved back down to the snow. The sword cultivator then prepared some tea.

The sword cultivator remained silent. For Lin Feng, he had surprisingly accepted to make some tea for the other two. They were both smiling looking satisfied, they had regained face.

The hunter was on a mountain in the distance and could see everything. He couldn’t help but smile wryly when he saw his teacher and two uncles act that way.

“It seems like I chose the right teachers for him, they all like him.” whispered the hunter. Immediately after, he left hoping that Lin Feng would continue to be lucky. 

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