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PMG Chapter 747

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 747: Lin Feng In Fury

Lin Feng moved aside and protected Tang You You. An evil black light then started illuminating the atmosphere again. 

“Crrr crrrr crr….” However, the black evil energy couldn’t destroy the needles which penetrated into Lin Feng’s body, but they got stuck in there and couldn’t go any further. 

“How are you?” asked Lin Feng to Tang You You. 

Tang You You took out some bottles of alcohol and drank some. In a flash, her pale face turned red again. “Don’t worry about me, I give up.”

Lin Feng jumped in the air, carrying Tang You You and put her aside next to Huang Fu Long. He asked, “Da Hai Chong, help me protect her for a second.”

“Alright.” said Huang Fu Long while nodding. His eyes were twinkling, he looked tough and fierce.

“If there’s a problem, you can give up and go down.” said Lin Feng. Immediately after, he abruptly turned around and threw himself at Qian Ye Zhen. Lin Feng’s eyes looked extremely sharp. 

Qian Ye Zhen could sense that his needles couldn’t penetrate Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng’s defense was frightening. 

“Break, die!” Qian Ye Zhen’s eyes were twinkling with cold lights. Qian Ye Zhen then moved his ten fingers which diffused silver lights, like needles. They moved straight towards Lin Feng while emitting whistling sounds. 

“Destroy.” Lin Feng released a gigantic black hand attack which launched towards Qian Ye Zhen, it was emitting some terrifying whistling sounds as well. That gigantic hand didn’t stop the needles, they crossed through it and continued moving towards Lin Feng… Could those needles cross through anything?

Lin Feng was moving forwards, as before, he was fearless. His gigantic black hand descended from the sky and rumbling sounds spread in the air as if a demon had been falling down to the earth. The atmosphere was filled with evil energy. 

A terrifying strength landed on the needles and made them weaken, they even disappeared.

“Let’s attack too, let’s eliminate those two first.” shouted someone furiously. Many people were taking advantage of the chaotic situation to go and attack Tang You You. She was injured so she was easy prey.

Huang Fu Long shouted furiously and released a terrifying and violent Qi, opening the way in front of him. A terrifying hand attack then projected forwards, snowflakes and sand were mixing together. In a flash, all those who were attacking Tang You You by surprise were projected away and flew off in the horizon. 

“Endless Openings!” shouted Qian Ye Zhen furiously. An endless quant.i.ty of needles appeared on his body. There was a myriad of needles still floating in the air too. They were coming from every side and moving straight towards Lin Feng. The endless openings attack was terrifying. If those needles reached Lin Feng, he would die! 

“Evil Shadow!” shouted Lin Feng while joining his hands. Many shadows appeared, they looked like demons as they then turned into a mult.i.tude of silhouettes moving in all directions. Some sharp sounds spread in the air as needles crashed into the demons. Lin Feng moved his hands and a terrifying evil strength emerged, it seemed as solid as a mountain. Those needles were sent flying away. Even though the endless openings attack was supposed to make the needles penetrate into everything, when facing a terrifying strength such as Lin Feng, they couldn’t move forwards.

“Back!” shouted Qian Ye Zhen furiously. The needles came back to life and emitted buzzing sounds in the air, but then they continued moving back towards Lin Feng. 

“Wind agility technique.” said Lin Feng with the voice of a demon. Lin Feng jumped forwards and oppressed the needles in front of him. 

Qian Ye Zhen’s face became desperate as he shouted furiously, “Heart Injection!” 

He had released a terrifying needle light which was aimed straight at Lin Feng’s heart. At that moment, they were a few centimeters away from his heart.

“Destroying Demon!” said Lin Feng darkly. A terrifying and gigantic demon light then illuminated the atmosphere, his entire body turned into an authentic demon. It seemed like he could annihilate everything and n.o.body could stop him. 

“Ding ding dong dong!” Some metallic sounds spread in the air and penetrated into the body of the evil demon. However, they were stuck in the superficial part of the skin and didn’t move further. 

The evil demon’s hand moved towards Qian Ye Zhen’s throat. Qian Ye Zhen finally looked scared. How was that possible?. He had never lost to anyone before, each time he fought, people died. Even people who were stronger than him usually couldn’t escape from his endless openings attack. He could even cut the rain with those needles. If they penetrated into somebody’s body, they could cripple people’s blood systems.

He had attacked Tang You You before and her blood system had been touched which had made her unable to continue battling. 

However, Lin Feng’s defense was incredible. The endless openings attack couldn’t affect him, even if the needles pierced through his skin. Lin Feng was scary!

Qian Ye Zhen retreated backwards when he saw Lin Feng’s hands filled with evil energy move towards him. However, Lin Feng’s demon’s hands were getting closer and closer, they really looked like a demon’s hands as they were moving towards his throat. Suddenly, Qian Ye Zhen turned around and tried to escape.

“Crrrr crrrr crrrrr….” The sound of his needles resonated behind him, making him start shaking violently… He was the one who had released those needles a moment before, but now they were penetrating into his body. 

Blood was splashing out of his mouth. He turned his head and saw Lin Feng’s ice-cold pupils, finally, he was understanding what it was like to be afraid to die. 

He understood what it was like to make a mistake, he had surprisingly made a big mistake! 

The crowd at the foot of the mountain was astonished. Qian Ye Zhen’s needles were terrifying, they had thought that Lin Feng was going to die in a tragic way. However, even a strong cultivator like Qian Ye Zhen seemed powerless in front of Lin Feng. With one attack, Lin Feng had grabbed his throat. Qian Ye Zhen was shaking, if Lin Feng released some physical strength, he would be able to crush his throat. 

“Let…. Me… Go….” said Qian Ye Zhen. He was speaking with great difficulty. Lin Feng had even lifted him by the throat, Qian Ye Zhen was hanging in the air and suffocating. 

He grabbed Lin Feng’s hands with his hands trying to make him let loose of him. He was terrified. He didn’t look cruel like before, he had the feeling that death was running towards him as if he had offended a demon.

“Oh no… He defeated Qian Ye Zhen…” thought the others who were fighting against Tang You You and Huang Fu Long. Their the situation looked bad! 

Lin Feng started spinning abruptly and threw Qian Ye Zhen’s body, which streaked through the sky like a meteorite and violently crashed against another person’s body. They died on the spot from the violence of the crash. Loud rumbling sounds were spreading in the air. Lin Feng hadn’t actually thrown him, he was still holding his body. 

“What a cruel guy, he went mental.” thought the crowd with great surprise. Qian Ye Zhen’s circulatory system was destroyed. His heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys were bleeding as well as his seven apertures. 

“I beg you… Save me…” said Qian Ye Zhen, whose eyes were bleeding. He raised his hands towards Lin Feng and was begging him to save his life. 

Lin Feng glanced at him, save him? He had tried to kill him with his needles. His prey had become his predator. Was begging useful? Could Lin Feng have mercy on him?

“Boom boom boom!” Another collision sound spread in the air. Qian Ye Zhen just sensed that his internal viscera were being crushed, he didn’t look like a human being anymore. He looked like a bunch of crushed meat, and the one against whom he had crashed also looked like he was agonizing. 

“Escape! Quickly!” said the others while running away. They stopped fighting against Tang You You and Huang Fu Long. n.o.body could get their revenge on Lin Feng. He was terrifying. 

“No need to leave.” said Lin Feng coldly. He then shouted furiously, “Die!” 

A terrifying sword light emerged in the atmosphere, Qian Ye Zhen who was still in Lin Feng’s hand was immediately lacerated. Those who were around also got cut by the sword light. Cultivators of the seventh and eighth Xuan Qi layer couldn’t withstand a single attack. They couldn't resist Lin Feng’s terrifying sword intent. If Lin Feng attacked them, they would die in a flash. 

“Boom boom boom!” The sword Qi and the evil hands kept moving around. His body turned into an illusion, he was using his nine days wind Qi Tian level agility technique. The crowd had the sensation that a demon was flying around them like a hurricane, those who had been attacking Tang You You and Huang Fu Long were all dead, it was a ma.s.sacre. 

The crowd at the foot of the mountain was shaking, Lin Feng was scary. 

The strong cultivators of Tian Chi had noticed Lin Feng, they needed to purify his body from the demon. Then they would help him become much stronger, he would probably become terrifyingly strong. 

Lin Feng could use such a variety of skills and techniques at such a high level. Using them appropriately, he would become a huge threat to others. n.o.body would be able to stop him!

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