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PMG Chapter 744

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 744: A Sword in the Middle of Heroes

Lin Feng knew that he had to remain discreet. He had also kept in mind what Mister Xiao had told him. Lin Feng started smiling resplendently again. 

However, his smile had disappeared again. He was still influenced by the evil swords. He was still relying on that stone plate to constrict the power of the evil sword. Even with the stone plate, it was impossible to remain absolutely unaffected by it. With his ice-cold Qi, people found it difficult to make friends with him. 

On the day he had started turning into a demon, he had suffered a lot. From that moment on, two paths had appeared in front of him. The first path was to submit himself to darkness and evil, to turn into a demon. He could become a real killer and become monstrously strong and powerful. Everybody would fear him. 

The second path was to start a new life, it would be a new beginning, just like a newborn. 

Lin Feng wasn’t thinking about those things now though, the old man had said only the last eight people would be able to go to the mysterious world. The ninth and the tenth one would be eliminated. Tian Chi Xue was also in the middle of the crowd. That round was going to be a collective ma.s.sacre for some people, a great deal of them would be eliminated. The most annoying thing was what had just happened between Tian Chi Xue and Lin Feng wasn’t over, many people were looking at Lin Feng with certain intentions. 

Tang You You moved towards Lin Feng. With her thousand dream shadows, she had managed to move on to the second round as well. 

“Everybody, I don’t know who that person is but he dared attack Tian Chi Xue. I suggest that we eliminate him first, we don’t want him on the top of the mountain. What do you all think?” said someone while pointing at Lin Feng. He hadn’t immediately attacked Lin Feng because he didn’t want to be attacked by surprise by the others. 

“We should take him out too, he’s extremely impolite.” said someone else while pointing at Huang Fu Long.

The crowd nodded, those two people had to be eliminated first. 

But who would do it?

The crowd was staring at them, they wanted to attack but n.o.body did. They were scared of being defeated by Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long, or they were scared of being attacked by others while attacking those two. 

“I will take care of him first but you must promise to attack me only afterwards.” said the someone at the top of the Xuan Qi layer who had gotten angry with Lin Feng a moment before. His eyebrows were white like snow.

“Okay, no problem. We swear in front of the G.o.ddess, that we will not attack you before you move back to your initial position. If anyone dares violate that rule, we will deal with them altogether.” said someone else. 

“Indeed, we all agree. If anyone dares attack you by surprise, we will deal with that shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d.” said someone else while nodding. Tian Chi Xue was there so they had to show how virtuous they were. They wouldn’t dare tarnish their own reputation, that cultivator of the eighth Xuan Qi layer could deal with Lin Feng without worrying of a surprise attack.

“Alright, I will deal with him. n.o.body can attack me.” said someone else while pointing at Huang Fu Long who wasn’t far from Lin Feng. Both of them had to be eliminated.

“No problem, same goes for him.” said the crowd in unison. They all nodded. Then that person turned his head and looked at Huang Fu Long coldly.

“I'm going first.” said that person coldly. He threw himself at Huang Fu Long and released a terrifying ice energy. 

“Come.” shouted Huang Fu Long fearlessly. He was welcoming the enemy. He raised his right hand and a terrifying vortex appeared in it. A terrifying savage Qi appeared in his hand and rose up in the air. 

“Get lost!” 


Huang Fu Long shouted furiously as his fist collided and emitted some rumbling sounds. His savage energy bombarded the atmosphere. The enemy’s ice punch was frozen and his own ice energy moved backwards. Then that person turned into an ice statue and flew away in the horizon. He crashed at the foot of the Tian Chi mountain. That person had been eliminated. 

Huang Fu Long was standing in the air and staring at them in an extremely aggressive way. 

“Remember me, my name is Da Hai Chong. I am the man who will get married with Tian Chi Xue.” shouted Huang Fu Long extremely loudly. Immediately after, he moved back to his initial position in a free and unrestrained way. 

“What a terrifying physical strength…” thought the crowd while staring at Huang Fu Long. He wasn’t an easy opponent to defeat… 

The crowd then looked at Lin Feng and then at the young man with snowy-white eyebrows. He had decided to fight against Lin Feng first.

“I will get to defeat him now then.” said the one with the snowy-white eyebrows. He released a terrifying ice energy which surrounded Lin Feng’s body. In the Tian Chi Empire, it kept snowing throughout the year. Therefore, people who practiced snow and ice cultivation were the most numerous. Those who were extremely strong usually understood snow intent just like that young man. Besides, his agility techniques were also based on snow intent, he could move like falling snowflakes.

He jumped forwards and threw himself at Lin Feng. He then turned into an illusion, his silhouette seemed to be everywhere in the air, just like the snowflakes. n.o.body knew which of those illusions was the real one. 

“Eyesore.” said Lin Feng. The crowd saw Lin Feng move, his entire body turned into a sword and streaked across the sky like a meteor. He was moving at an incredible speed. The snowflakes stopped and a frightening explosion sounded in the air. They were astonished. 

They only saw the face of the young man with the snowy-white eyebrows covered with blood which had started gushing. His snow agility techniques had been completely useless. Lin Feng had found the real one, attacked his face and made him fly away in the distance.

Another one had been eliminated. The crowd was astonished. Huang Fu Long and Lin Feng were both difficult to fight against. A moment before, Lin Feng had displayed a terrifying speed thanks to his wind intent. And then his extremely sharp sword intent had enabled him to defeat the opponent very easily. 

Lin Feng understood three kinds of intent: wind intent, fire intent, and sword intnet. He was much stronger than a majority of people thanks to his understanding of them. 

People were glancing at each other with long faces. The two people they wanted to eliminate immediately at the beginning were quite strong. The worst thing was that they had lost face in front of Tian Chi Xue. 

“Let me try.” said someone. The crowd turned around and saw someone wearing a sable chang pao, they had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. He was looking at Lin Feng in a sharp way. 

“Alright.” shouted some people in unison. That person had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer so he would probably be able to eliminate Lin Feng. 

Some people didn't attack because they weren’t angry with Lin Feng or Huang Fu Long, they were just watching. For them, the fact that some people were getting eliminated was a great thing.

The young man took off his sable chang pao and let it fall down in the air. A terrifying sharp Qi appeared around his body. His entire body turned into a sword, an extremely dazzling sword.

“He is a sword cultivator, that's sword intent.” The crowd was surprised and looked excited. They also looked worried though. Some people wanted Lin Feng to get eliminated. However, they were also worried because that cultivator of the ninth Xuan Qi layer, who understood sword intent, could also be dangerous to them later. 

“We are both sword cultivators but our cultivation level is completely different. I will give you a chance, you can get lost now and give up.” said the young man while jumping forwards. He looked proud and aggressive, the others couldn’t deal with Lin Feng but he could. Besides, Tian Chi Xue would like him if he won.

“You are also a sword cultivator.” said Lin Feng with sharp sword lights in his eyes. They were dazzling. 

“I am a sword cultivator, indeed.” said that person while jumping forwards and releasing some terrifying sharp sword Qi. It seemed like there were hundreds of swords in the sky all moving towards Lin Feng, ready to lacerate him. However, Lin Feng was standing in the middle of those energy looking free and unrestrained.

“Your sword is polluted, it’s not pure. Calling yourself a strong sword cultivator is a humiliation for sword cultivators.” said Lin Feng coldly. He then released his sword intent. The ice and the sky were filled with a monumental quant.i.ty of sword energy at that moment. 

Rumbling sounds kept spreading in the air. Lin Feng’s entire body was diffusing a sword light and he was condensing some pure Qi which turned into sword energy and surrounded his body. 

“Crrrrr….. Crrrr…..” The sword energies lacerated the atmosphere. Lin Feng had turned into a sword and streaked across the sky. Lin Feng was a sword and his sword was Lin Feng. His sword intent fused together with his body, it was an extremely pure sword, unadulterated. 

Lin Feng appeared at the top of the mountain after the sword light streaked across the sky. His opponent was still standing in the same place but blood was dripping and instantly freezing.

He hadn’t even had the opportunity to unsheathe a sword, could he be called a sword cultivator?

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