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PMG Chapter 737

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 737: Mother Master

Some wild beasts were running in the Black Wind Mountain. Every beast stayed in its own territory, the law of the jungle reigned. Going into the depths of the mountain chain would lead them to their death.

In the depths of the mountain chain, there was a place covered with snow throughout the year. If human beings trespa.s.sed they would have been knee deep in the snow.

However, that snow mantle didn’t show any footprint. It looked perfectly pure.

Human beings and beasts didn’t go there. 

Not far from the snowy territory, a beast, more precisely a bull was slowly walking. That beast was half-human half-beast.

That bull had been raised for hundreds of years. At that moment, half of the bull looked like a human being. One more step and the bull would become a human being. 

That bull looked at the snowy territory and walked next to some snow. He didn’t penetrate into the snowy territory, one step on the snow and he would penetrate into the deepest territory of the Black Wind Mountain Chain. He didn’t dare do so, he was just looking at the snow. He was looking at that snow in a respectful way but also with fear. No human being or beast who had ever entered had come back alive. The bull’s grandfather had told him that. In other words, his grandfather had told taught him that the snowy territory was the forbidden territory of the Black Wind Mountain Chain. 

The bull had wanted to go there so many times but each he remember what his grandfather had told him, he had managed to control himself and hadn’t stepped into that territory. 

The bull was calmly looking at that place, he was absorbing the best b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi of the region. He was sometimes gazing into the distance and trying to see what there was in the snowy region. He wanted to know what was lurking there… 

The bull could see hundreds of kilometers away but there was only snow. At that moment he was looking at the deepest place of the territory. 

Then he saw a gigantic hole, it seemed that there was a beast there. However, it was snowing and the silhouette of the beast seemed to melt each time it snowed. The snow around that hole was whiter than the rest of the region. 

That gigantic hole was surrounded by ice-sculptures representing beasts… They were all made of snow. Those sculptures were gigantic. Some of them looked like gigantic pandas, while others looked like rocs… They were all gigantic. Even from very far, they looked astonishing. 

It seemed like a sound was emerging out of that hole, a subtle sound. After that, the snowflakes suddenly stopped falling down and were immobile, strangely suspended in the air.

The snow on the ground started moving, in other words, the snow sculptures started moving. Then some rumbling sounds spread in the air. A terrifying Qi started coagulating all around the air. Actually, it wasn’t a hole, it was a gigantic ferocious wild beast, a real one. At that moment, a ferocious wild beast had moved.

That gigantic beast was almost twenty meters long and about five or six meters high. Its fur was whiter than snow. Its eyes were dazzling. It was a beautiful beast. If it had been smaller, it would looked extremely cute and everybody would have loved it. 

“Boom boom boom!” Some sounds spread in the air and the snow sculptures moved too. They weren’t statues, they were real wild beasts! They were all gigantic wild beasts! 


“Boom boom!” Those statues all started walking. They looked proud and gigantic. They then shouted respectfully, “Mother Master!” 

Even though they were beasts, they could speak like human beings.

In the middle, the gigantic snowy-white beast was extremely beautiful. It glanced around and looked at a roc and said, “Big Roc, how long did I sleep?” 

“Mother Master, you’ve slept for ten years.” said the big roc while moving its wings in order to make the snow go away. It was being very respectful to the Mother Master. In the world of beasts, there were very strict hierarchical rules. The weakest beasts were the slaves of the stronger ones. Weaker beasts always got humiliated or killed. 

“Ten years… Such a long time.” whispered the gigantic beast. The beast realized that the territory was entirely covered by snow. Suddenly, a terrifying oppressive energy spread in the air which made those beasts suffocate. Snow stopped falling. The bull who wasn’t far away saw that and was stunned.

Immediately after, the bull lowered his head and continued walking, faster this time. He finally understood what his grandfather had told him. 

That gigantic snow beast suddenly frowned as a terrifying b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi had made all those beasts suffocate, they kept quiet out of fear. 

“Where is the miss?” said the gigantic snow beast coldly. Those beasts all started shaking. 

“Big Roc, speak!” 

The Big Roc had the feeling he was going to collapse. He raised his head and saw two terrifying eyes, he had the feeling he couldn’t breathe anymore. 

“Mother Master, the Miss didn’t listen to us. It’s been a few years already, she left alone. She left for the human territory a long time ago.” said the Big Roc while shaking violently. The Mother Master wasn’t as warm and gentle as the Miss, she was strict and aggressive, n.o.body could make her angry. 

When the gigantic snow best heard the big roc, she looked furious. She glanced at the beasts and said, “I hope for your sake that nothing happened to her or you’re all doomed.” 

The fur of the gigantic snow beast moved and the snowflakes in the air turned into mirrors. 

“Ling Long, you don’t know how vast the world is.” said the snow beast in a solemn way. Immediately after, a holy light appeared around her, she stretched a toe and touched a mirror. The holy light was snowy-white, in the mirror appeared many silhouettes and forms.

In one of the mirrors, a gorgeous woman appeared, she looked like a celestial being. If Lin Feng had been there, he would have been astonished. That girl was Meng Qing. 

That silhouette was moving extremely quickly, one breathe was like a day in those mirrors. In the blink of an eye, a few years had pa.s.sed in the mirrors. Ten years were pa.s.sing in mere seconds. When the snow beast saw that Meng Qing had been attacked by some other animal and had turned into a beast again, an explosion sound spread in the air and the mirror broke apart. The snow beast looked glum. 

The other beasts had the feeling they were being strangled, they couldn’t gulp down anymore. They were shaking insanely, they were doomed…. 

The Mother Beast turned around and looked at those beasts in an ice-cold way. 

The gigantic snow beast gradually turned into a human being. She was a stunning middle-aged woman. She had a snowy-white chang pao but her eyes looked as ice-cold as before. 

Her chang pao flickered and a snow tower appeared on the ground. That tower immediately grew taller and turned into a gigantic snow cage, it had a big gate too. 

“Go inside.” said the beautiful woman slowly. Those wild beasts were shaking violently while staring at the snow tower, they were terrified.

“Do I have to send you an invitation letter?!” threatened the woman coldly. A terrifyingly oppressive Qi was still squeezing those beasts. They all groaned, they turned into human beings and slowly walked into the snow tower. Once they were all in, the huge gate closed itself. 

“I hope for you that the Miss is fine, otherwise you will never come out.” said the gorgeous middle-aged woman rolling up her sleeves. Then the snow cage became small again and turned into a little speck of white gra.s.s. It then moved onto the body of the woman and looked like her hair.

She then rose up in the air and looked around. She started moving towards some place in Xue Yue. Each of her steps were gigantic and she could travel across huge distances that way. 

The bull didn’t dare raise his head, until the monstrous b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi weakened. Only then did he look at the silhouette in the distance. Now he looked really terrified.

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