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PMG Chapter 735

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 735: Controlling The Evil Sword

Lin Feng was also astonished when he saw the old man, as astonished as the Zun level cultivator. Lin Feng didn’t know that something or someone was protecting his soul. He was wondering who that protector was. 

Meng Qing and Tang You You were just as astonished. Immediately after, hope invaded their hearts again. Lin Feng hadn’t died, he was still alive. Surprisingly, a strong cultivator was protecting Lin Feng’s soul. 

The old man moved forwards and appeared in front of the Zun level cultivator, a terrifying oppressing energy crashed on the Zun cultivator’s body making his soul shake. Surprisingly, he felt absent-minded. It seemed like he couldn’t release Qi anymore, it seemed like that illusion was making him suffocate and was going to kill him.

“Get lost!” shouted the old man, his voice was terrifying. The Zun cultivator was suddenly projected backwards a thousand meters. He couldn’t breathe anymore, he could only stare at the illusion. 

How terrifying… It was a Zun cultivator as well but at that level, one layer could make a huge difference. Besides, Lin Feng’s protector was stronger than the man in blue of one cultivator layer. The man in blue couldn’t even see how strong the protector was. That illusion’s soul was making him suffocate, it seemed like Lin Feng’s protector could destroy his soul.

“Mister.” said the Zun cultivator in blue clothes. He then slightly bowed and said, “Mister, I didn’t know that you and him were related. I didn’t mean to offend you. I will take my things and leave immediately.”

The illusion frowned and released some more oppressive energy which strangled the man in blue. He then said, “I told you to get lost!” 

The Zun cultivator in blue was astonished and gulped down. It seemed like he was swallowing a stone while gulping down. 

Lin Feng was weak, he could kill him and steal the evil sword as well as Xue Ling Long. However, at the last moment, that old man appeared. His opponent still had his stone tablet and he couldn’t do anything to prevent him keeping it. The weak were the preys of the strong. 

“Mister, I am leaving.” said the Zun cultivator in the blue chang pao. He turned around, jumped and left without hesitation. He didn’t want to offend his opponent even more.

While leaving, he grabbed the cat by the tail. The cat felt endlessly humiliated, he was a Tian level beast and was incredibly strong, but his master was being so cruel to him and was treating him like an object. 

Very quickly the Zun cultivator in blue clothes disappeared into the distance. Meng Qing and Tang You You were endlessly relieved. They had thought that Lin Feng was about to die. They had been terrified. 

The old man slowly turned around. While looking at that silhouette, Lin Feng was unable to calm down. 

At that moment, Lin Feng couldn’t imagine what that extremely strong cultivator was doing in front of him. Lin Feng was extremely far from such a cultivation level. 

In the past, that old man had left but Lin Feng had always known that the cultivator was incredibly strong. Lin Feng had never thought that he was this strong… Besides, he had never imagined that the cultivator would have left a protection in his body. In case of danger, he was protected. That protection was only the soul of the person and could scare away cultivators of the Zun Qi layer.

He had just said “get lost” and the enemy of the Zun Qi layer had been scared to death. 

“Mister Xiao.” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine that an old doctor, who had saved his life, would be able to scare a Zun cultivator to death with two words. Lin Feng was astonished. 

Xue Ling Long moved back onto Lin Feng’s shoulders. Tang You You arrived behind Lin Feng. She was astonished. Lin Feng knew such strong cultivators, besides, it seemed Lin Feng didn’t even know that he was protected. 

Mister Xiao nodded and sighed, “Lin Feng, you’re brave, very brave.” 

Lin Feng smiled wryly, he wasn’t that brave. The demon had made him done that, he hadn’t acted recklessly voluntarily. The evil sword had been controlling him. 

“You’re lucky he tried to gain an advantage only to end worse off. Besides, the stone plate can help you control that sword. I helped you get that stone plate, in the future you will be able to use the evil sword but not for a very long time each time. You will need to wait to become stronger to be able to control it by yourself. Maybe you will be lucky in the future.” said Mister Xiao. Lin Feng smiled wryly, he was indeed very lucky. Of course, lucky or not, if Mister Xiao hadn’t appeared Lin Feng would have died.

Mister Xiao put his hand on Lin Feng’s body and the stone plate moved out, almost as if it wanted to move away. 

However, when the stone plate moved out the evil Qi appeared again. Lin Feng’s eyes became evil again and the evil sword was starting to control him again.

Where are you going?” shouted Mister Xiao. A terrifying soul strength moved towards the stone plate and caught it in the air. The stone plate started shaking insanely as a fire appeared in the air, the stone plate was on fire.

“Destroy!” shouted Mister Xiao. A subtle sound spread in the air and it seemed like the entire region had been destroyed. The stone plate stopped moving and became calm again. It was releasing some seal Qi. 

“Lin Feng, you must put blood on it to possess it.” said Mister Xiao in an extremely loud voice which made Lin Feng clear-headed again. He then cut his finger and let a drop of blood drip onto the stone plate. Immediately after, his soul appeared and a dazzling light emerged out of the stone plate. Lin Feng could clearly sense that his soul and the stone plate were connected.

“As expected, it is an incredible treasure.” Lin Feng was realizing how incredible the stone plate was. Some memories appeared in his head with instructions on how to use the stone plate. That stone plate was like the evil sword, it had its own memories and its own life. 

Mister Xiao didn’t need to tell him anything anymore, Lin Feng immediately raised his hand and his strength grabbed the stone plate. He then shouted extremely loudly, “Seal me!” 

“Boom boom boom!” The stone plate started shaking violently and released some strength which was going to seal the evilness in his body.

An illusion appeared out of the stone plate and penetrated into his body. It was sealing the evil sword. In a flash, Lin Feng’s evil energies and evil intent dissipated. He gradually started looking normal again. 

“Pfewwww….” Lin Feng breathed deeply as if he had come back to life. At that moment, there were two treasures in his body but they had different functions. If other strong cultivators knew about them they would definitely try to kill Lin Feng to steal them.

“Alright. I don’t have too much time. Take care of yourself and remember one thing, strength is the key to everything. External things which have their own life and their own intent, sometimes want to be independent.” warned Mister Xiao. He then added, “I helped you, remember to take care of Xiao Ya.” 

“Mister Xiao!” shouted Lin Feng while glancing at Meng Qing. Mister Xiao already knew what Lin Feng wanted to ask, “Your wife can become a human being again, I won’t tell you how because you are too weak. If I tell you, you will try to do things which you are incapable of doing and that may kill you. If you want to save her, become stronger and come to the Holy City in the middle of the continent. I am a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer and I can help you. So come and look for me when you are stronger. However, don’t bring Xiao Ya with you to the Holy City.” Then Mister Xiao’s soul gradually disappeared and vanished.

Lin Feng was still looking at the same place, he couldn’t realize what was happening. Xiao Ya’s grandfather, Xiao Wu Tian, was a doctor, yet he was monstrously strong and had put a protection in Lin Feng’s body. If he had been traveling with Xiao Ya, how dangerous would it have been! Maybe Xiao Ya’s body was also protected. 

“I am not telling you how to do it because you are too weak!” Lin Feng clenched his fists, he was still too weak! Well, he was weak in comparison with the strongest cultivators of the world, of course. He couldn’t even protect himself in front of those cultivators. He couldn’t really protect his friends or family members either. He needed to become even stronger and then he would be able to help Meng Qing turn into a human being again!

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