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PMG Chapter 731

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 731: The Ferocious Wild Beasts in the Mountain Chain!

A demon was wandering around the depths of a mountain chain. That demon was releasing some terrifying evil and killer energies. On his shoulders was a little white fox. Her small claws were scratching the demon’s face.

The demon, now and then, released some even more terrifying ice-cold and killer energies, he looked ferocious and cruel. His killer Qi was particularly thick and dense. However, each time he looked at Xue Ling Long and her beautiful eyes, the Qi got weaker and he looked less cold. His own determination burned stronger.

Lin Feng had turned into a demon for Meng Qing and could control himself for Meng Qing. For Meng Qing, he could control the evil swords and not turn into their slave.

Behind Lin Feng was a silhouette slowly following him. It had been three days since Tang You You started following Lin Feng. She had seen him in all sorts of states, sometimes she could sense that the evil Qi was getting weaker and sometimes she could sense that it was becoming stronger. Xue Ling Long was probably someone very important to Lin Feng, she could glance once at him and it sufficed to make the evil energies weaken significantly.

Tang You You had many reasons to think that Lin Feng would have entirely turned into a demon if he hadn’t Xue Ling Long on his side, then he would have had no way of coming back to his senses. 

“In such a battle, your determination becomes much stronger as the evil determination becomes weaker. Finally, one day, you win over the evil determination.” thought Tang You You. She firmly believed that Lin Feng could succeed.

Even though Lin Feng remained silent and looked ice-cold, it was clear to Tang You You that Lin Feng was carrying out an inner-battle against the evil determination. He had gone to the mountain chain alone because he wanted to fight against the evil determination alone and didn’t want to harm other people. 

In front of them was a huge mountain at the bottom of which there was a cave. Some b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi was emerging out of the cave. It was probably a cave inhabited by ferocious wild beasts.

However, Lin Feng didn’t see the cave in the same way. Without stopping, he walked towards that cave.

Lin Feng got closer to the entrance and the cave became clearer. Outside of the cave, surprisingly, there were several people guarding the entrance. Tang You You was stupefied, surprisingly there were people. 

Those people weren’t emitting a b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi, or maybe that it was some Tian level Qi. Otherwise, they had to be real people. 

Those people saw Lin Feng and Tang You You come, they were surprised but they started smiling in an evil way. 

Lin Feng glanced at them indifferently and walked in another direction. However, those people didn’t intend to let him leave so easily. Their silhouettes flickered and they appeared in front of him, blocking the way. 

Lin Feng frowned and released a terrifying killer energy, it was ice cold and evil. Those people suddenly looked scared and started shaking. 

“What a terrifying and thick evil energy…” thought those people. Lin Feng didn’t seem to be the right person to attack. 

“Huh?” somebody groaned coldly and those people stopped moving. 

“Kidnap them.” said an evil voice slowly. It came from inside the cave. That voice sounded like that of a demon. Those people didn’t dare move back, instead they moved towards Lin Feng and Tang You You.

 “Huh?” Tang You You frowned when she saw those people. One voice had sufficed to make them suddenly look evil. How scary. Who was living in that cave?

An ice-cold Qi emerged out of those people’s bodies while they slowly walked towards Lin Feng, the expression in their eyes looked cold. 

Lin Feng slowly put his hand on his back and a terrifying evil energy started emerging out of his body and rolling in the atmosphere. A terrifying and brutal sword Qi emerged in the atmosphere. It seemed like he was about to unsheathe a terrifying sword.

“Lin Feng, don’t.” said Tang You You. “You cannot use it again, otherwise, you will kill me and Xue Ling Long.” 

“As expected, when Lin Feng heard Tang You You, he didn’t try to take out his evil sword. It seemed like a distant voice was calling him inside his head. 

He looked at Meng Qing and looked touched. Then, he lowered his hand again but his ice-cold Qi didn’t disperse. He was staring at those people. 

“Die.” said Lin Feng while releasing a terrifying killer energy. A gigantic black hand attacked those people and they were all enveloped by it. 

“Boom boom!” Some cracking sounds spread in the air, the evil hand crashed on those people’s bodies and one of them died.

However, the three others continued moving towards him, as if they hadn’t seen anything. Besides, their heads were turning into claws and moving towards Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng’s evil Qi kept rolling in the air and turned into a cross, the Yaksha demon used that cross. It then penetrated into someone’s body and made him fly away, very far away in the distance. 

The other two attacked Lin Feng but he didn’t move at all, he kept releasing a terrifying evil energy which surrounded the two people. And then Lin Feng’s hands both crashed on their heads. Both of them were crushed and collapsed, lifeless. 

In a flash, four people had died in Lin Feng’s hands and none of them remained.

Tang You You was calmly looking at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was terrifying now. He could kill people in one strike. Those four people weren’t weak, they had all broken through to the seventh and eighth Xuan Qi layer. But in front of Lin Feng, they were like insects, he could crush them with a single swat. 

Besides, Tang You You was even more surprised by how those people reacted to death and to Lin Feng's strength. They hadn’t been afraid at all, they continued moving forwards to kill him even though they had known that they were going to die. 

She kept staring at the entrance of the cave. 

Lin Feng’s eyes looked ice-cold staring at the cave, his cold eyes were twinkling. 

“Useless human beings, they’re all trash.” said a b.e.s.t.i.a.l voice inside the cave. At the same time, some wind started blowing and it contained some b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. 

“It’s a ferocious wild beast…” Tang You You was stupefied. There was a beast in the cave, and that beast had been controlling the people who Lin Feng had just killed. Besides, that beast could talk which meant that it was a Tian level beast.

The b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi was becoming more intense and emanating out of the cave. A vortex appeared and turned into a whistling hurricane outside of the cave. Some dust was rising in the air. 

“Tian level beast, such a strong Qi.” thought Tang You You stupefied. There was a Tian level beast in the cave. 

A strong wind was blowing and turning into a vortex. A black silhouette then came out of the cave, in a flash, the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi dashed to the skies, beasts in a periphery of fifty kilometers could probably sense it, and were probably running away. 

“A few useless human beings died, two more have come, no problem, they will become my new slaves, it’s not bad either.” The b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi was becoming more and more intense. The vortex became weaker and under the b.e.s.t.i.a.l QI appeared a silhouette, it was a beast. 

That beast was extremely thing and it looked like an illusion, however, its hands were on its waist as if that beast had been trying to look like a human. 

However, Lin Feng and Tang You You’s reaction wasn’t what the beast had expected. Both of them remained immobile which made the beast groan coldly. Evil lights twinkled in the eyes of the beast, it then slowly turned around and saw two uninvited human beings.

However, when the beast saw Lin Feng, it was stupefied and started shaking! 

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