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PMG Chapter 727

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 727: The Terrifying Lin Feng

Lin Feng's eyes narrowed as he saw all those people escaping. His evil swords rose up in the air and the evil energies kept emitting whistling sounds.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Terrifying pitch-black beams of light descended from the sky. Those black lights could reach people over huge distances. A gigantic crevice appeared in the ground again. 

“Let’s stop him together!” said the man in the dragon robes. That sword was terrifying and its Qi was unavoidable, it was omnipresent.

“Roaaarrrr!” A few terrifying dragons appeared around the cultivator in the dragon robe, they dashed to the skies and their claws all attacked the evil swords.

“Crrrr crrrr….” Way up in the sky the dragons were colliding with the pitch-black lights. Some of those black lights had even disappeared. 

“Aaaahhhhhhh!” A cultivator of the Tian Qi layer was touched by one of those evil lights beams though, and he died suddenly. The jet-black beams of light hadn’t entirely disappeared, there were still some left. 

“Let’s go!” said the cultivator in the dragon robe. He didn’t care about anything else, he just wanted to escape. He started running at full speed again.

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with killer energies. The dark clouds were still rolling in the sky. He turned around and looked at the others, especially at one cultivator from Jade Heaven and at Yu Mo’s teacher, as well as Duan Wu Dao and their allies.

“Oh no.” said the cultivator from the Jade Heaven Imperial Family. In a flash he had arrived next to Duan Wu Dao. He had to bring Duan Wu Dao back with him, no matter what. Duan Wu Dao had to penetrate into the mysterious world of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family, he couldn’t die. With such amazing natural abilities Duan Wu Dao would become one of their best cultivators.

However, Lin Feng was still holding the evil sword and shot out towards Duan Wu Dao. His evil sword was filled with an incredible sword intent. 

“Let’s leave!” shouted the cultivator of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family furiously. He released some terrifying Qi, joined his hands and a gigantic imperial hand Qi appeared.

“Boom!” The black light beam and the hand collided, and then they disappeared together.

The cultivator of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family didn’t stop as he grabbed Duan Wu Dao and continued escaping. Da Shu Kong and Yu Mo’s teacher turned their heads around and attacked Lin Feng at the same time, they were trying to block Lin Feng.

Some pitch-black lights were emerging out of Lin Feng’s eyes again. He was staring at those two people, making their hearts palpitate. It seemed like a demon was strangling them. 

“Idiot!” The two of them were seemingly just realizing that Lin Feng was stronger than them. They surprisingly wanted to help the people from Jade Heaven but had forgotten to care for themselves.

They moved aside in two different directions. They were panicking and hoping that Lin Feng wasn’t going to choose them.

Lin Feng turned around and jumped forwards towards Yu Mo’s teacher, he decided to chase him. Yu Mo’s teacher looked frightened. He was scared, he had never thought that Lin Feng would chase him, he had thought that he would be the one chasing and killing Lin Feng. 

“Boom boom boom!” Yu Mo’s teacher sensed the pitch-black lights approaching him, he was shaking from head to foot. Those black beams of light were descending from the sky. Yu Mo’s teacher cried out in alarm but he couldn’t escape them as they crashed onto his body. 

He had died… Another cultivator of the Tian Qi layer had just died…

All those strong cultivators had incredible natural abilities and possessed the power to destroy Xue Yue in the blink of an eye. They could easily exterminate the cultivators of the Tian Qi layer from Xue Yue, but at that moment, their lives were being threatened.

Lin Feng immediately moved towards Da Shu Kong. Da Shu Kong was still running away but he wasn’t very far. Cultivators of the Tian Qi layer were extremely fast, in the blink of an eye he disappeared. Lin Feng looked at that silhouette coldly, he knew that he couldn’t chase him, he wasn’t fast enough. 

Lin Feng closed his eyes, he made the evil swords fuse together with his heart even further. And then he shouted furiously, “Die!” 

A terrifying roaring sound spread in the air, the dark clouds were rolling. The sword in Lin Feng’s hand turned into a pitch-black beam of light again and shot towards Da Shu Kong in the horizon. The evil sword was filled with vitality and intent, it was extremely fast. 

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!” The terrifying sound of the sword moved far away in the distance. Then the crowd saw the black light swallow the silhouette. The evil sword killed Da Shu Kong, Da Shu Kong had died too!

“Boom boom boom!” The evil clouds were emitting rumbling sounds, the evil sword moved back to Lin Feng and landed in his hand again. Lin Feng was standing in the air and looked like a real death G.o.d.

There was only death in Lin Feng’s eyes, he was a killer. He was filled with infinite murderous intentions and coldness. n.o.body could get close to him without dying. 

“Little Feng……” 

“Lin Feng!!!!” 

Yue Meng He and Lin Hai were astonished and staring at their son. 

Lin Feng turned his head around and looked at them, but in his eyes, there was only coldness and evilness. He wasn’t Lin Feng anymore, he was a demon. He couldn’t recognize them. 

Lin Feng moved his eyelids and looked somewhere else. He landed on the ground and looked at the king of Xue Yue.

The cultivator of the East Sea Dragon Palace wanted Duan Wu Ya to come with him. Duan Wu Ya didn’t care about the king, the king held no value.

When facing danger, he couldn’t abandon him. Lin Feng had become a demon and everybody was terrified, they were suffocating. 

“At the moment when I was about to win against Duan Ren Huang, something else happened… I had been preparing that for such a long time.. But that’s life…” sighed the king of Xue Yue while shaking his head. “I wouldn’t have thought that you would be able to control the evil swords and then turn into a demon. From now on, I wonder how many people will die by your hands.” 

The king slowly closed his eyes, he couldn’t escape and he couldn’t fight against Lin Feng. He couldn’t do anything, so he was hopeless.

Lin Feng’s eyes were still ice-cold. Evil lights were twinkling in his eyes, filled with murder. His sword descended from the sky and killed the king of Xue Yue.

The king of Xue Yue had always been under Duan Ren Huang’s control. He had died, then Duan Wu Dao and Duan Wu Ya had escaped with extremely powerful and influential groups. The elite troops of Xue Yue, the Imperial Snow Dragon Guards had also died. Then Yun Fei Yang had invaded the palace of Xue Yue, it seemed like Xue Yue was lost. From that day on, Xue Yue would belong to Lin Feng. Of course, Lin Feng had turned into a demon and that was a big problem. 

“Lin Feng.” said a voice at that moment. Lin Feng raised his head and saw someone in the sky, it was Lei Mang. 

“You are still alive. If you manage to come back to your normal self, don’t forget about the appointment in Shen Gong. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.” said Lei Mang coldly, looking at Lin Feng’s pitch-black pupils. 

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with murder. He moved forwards and rose up in the air, Lei Mang was astonished. Then Lin Feng raised his evil sword and a terrifying black beam of light shot out towards Lei Mang.

“What are you doing?! How dare you?!” shouted Lei Mang furiously. A terrifying thunder emerged out of Lei Mang’s body and moved towards the evil sword. But Lin Feng had really turned into a demon and couldn’t control anything, there was nothing impossible or forbidden to him. He would dare anything, he just wanted to kill people. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He was covered by evil energies from head to foot. His sword descended from the sky once again, his terrifying evil energies made Lei Mang feel more awake than ever before. Lin Feng had already become a demon and nothing couldn’t prevent him from killing. 

“You’re insane!” shouted Lei Mang, his terrifying thunders kept bombarding the evil sword. He then turned around and tried to escape. Who could fight against an insane demon?

Lin Feng’s sword moved towards Lei Mang again, purple thunders were roaring in the atmosphere and Lei Mang continued flying faster and faster. 

In the distance, two people suddenly appeared riding ferocious wild beasts. There was a boy and girl and they were frightened.

What had happened? How come?

“Lin Feng!”

“Lin Feng!”

Those two people shouted Lin Feng’s name at the same time. They had heard that it was Lin Feng’s wedding day and had rushed over to Xue Yue from Dragon Mountain. It was Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You! However, all they could see was that Lin Feng had turned into a demon!

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