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PMG Chapter 701: Getting Prepared for Revenge

Edited: Odd Man Out

Chapter 701: Getting Prepared for Revenge

Yue Meng He, Lin Hai, Meng Qing, Xin Ye and Xiao Ya were all waiting the the Lovesickness Forest. They were all talking and sounding excited, everybody looked happy. Meng Qing didn’t look cold like when she had first met Lin Feng. She was smiling looking carefree.

They were trying to pick a date for the wedding.

Lin Feng was famous in Xue Yue and he was going to get married with an incredibly beautiful woman. Everybody was extremely happy. Lin Hai and Yue Meng He had the feeling that they were young again. 

In the past, they were sad and bitter as if they were aging. But now they were both happy everyday together. 

“What about half a month?” suggested Yue Meng He. 

“No.” said Meng Qing shaking her head. Yue Meng He was surprised, “Why not? What do you suggest Meng Qing?"

“It's unlucky to have it on the the day of the sun.” said Meng Qing. Yue Meng He smiled and said, “Meng Qing, we are cultivators so we don’t believe in luck. You and Xin Ye will both belong to Lin Feng, why couldn’t it happen on the day of the sun?”

When Meng Qing was surprised when she heard Yue Meng He. She shook her head again and said, “It is Xin Ye’s wedding, not mine. I am not going to partic.i.p.ate!” 

“Meng Qing…!” said Duan Xin Ye while holding Meng Qing’s hand. She smiled in a pure and innocent way and said, “You knew Lin Feng before me… You were supposed to be his main wife… How could I get married to Lin Feng before you, and in front of your own eyes? Everybody agrees… We will get married with him at the same time.”

“But… It's not the way you normally would do it…” said Meng Qing, looking at Xin Ye. Her heart was beating faster. She had never thought about getting married before. 

“Who needs to do it like everyone else?” said Lin Hai, shaking his head. He frowned and said, “In our world, there is only one principle, strength! Lin Feng is the champion of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and the ruler of Xue Yue, n.o.body can offend him and n.o.body will dare criticize him.”

Lin Hai had experience and knew what the cultivation world was like. Lin Feng could get married with two incredibly beautiful women and n.o.body would say a thing. People simply considered him as the most dazzling young cultivator of Xue Yu. 

Meng Qing looked at them, they were all looking at her. She knew that they all liked her so she felt warm in her heart.

“Does Lin Feng know about this too?” asked Meng Qing. Actually, she desired to become Lin Feng’s wife more than anything in the world. 

“Meng Qing, you know Lin Feng..! In the past, he didn’t want me because he only wanted to be with you, but then he couldn’t refuse me anymore…” said Duan Xin Ye, holding Meng Qing’s hand even more firmly. She was still smiling in a pure and unadulterated way. Indeed, Lin Feng couldn’t refuse Duan Xin Ye. 

“Heehee… Alright, Meng Qing, say yes! Many beautiful women like Lin Feng outside. If you refuse, it will be too late!” said Xiao Ya giggling. Meng Qing and Duan Xin Ye both glared at Xiao Ya. 

Xiao Ya covered her mouth and ran away giggling, she had offended the girls. She added, “Don’t worry about me, just call me if you need help.” 

Lin Feng didn’t know when the wedding was going to happen. His parents were taking care of it. At that moment, he was in the territory which formerly belonged to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, but now was the Yun Hai Sect. 

Relying on a perfect magic formation, the Qi of the Earth and the sky was extremely dense there. The Yun Hai Sect was expanding very quickly, especially since Lin Feng had been conferred the t.i.tle of Ruler of Xue Yue. Many people were coming because they wanted to join the sect that Lin Feng ruled…

According to the rumors, Lin Feng’s strength was already terrifying. In the entire country of Xue Yu, few people could fight against him. Duan Wu Dao couldn’t even compete with him anymore. Soon, Lin Feng would break through to the Tian Qi layer, so everybody was enthusiastic about joining his sect.

However, becoming a member of the Yun Hai Sect wasn’t easy. One had to show that they were strong or had natural abilities. They also had to go through a test and show that they would be loyal. If it wasn't for this the flood of people would all be accepted.

People of the Yun Hai Sect were now strong cultivators, they were proud to be members of that sect. 

This time, Lin Feng was standing at the top of a tower in the middle of a cultivation field at the Yun Hai Sect. Behind him was Ren Qing Kuang, Lei Qing Tian and some other former officers. Now, they had all broken through to the Xuan Qi layer and were standing behind Lin Feng, they had a feeling that there was a lot of pressure. They had never thought that Lin Feng would become so strong. 

There were many people on the cultivation field, they were all dazzling cultivators. They were looking back at Lin Feng, he was so young and so strong. He was their officer and he was standing at the top of that tower, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Lin Feng was a miracle. 

“They all progressed, not bad.” said Lin Feng looking at that group of people. Now, the Yun Hai Sect was very strong. There wasn’t such pressure to improve.

“What about the troops you chose?” asked Lin Feng. 

“In one year, thirty will break through to the Xuan Qi layer. In two years, a hundred will break through to the Xuan Qi layer.” replied Ren Qing Kuang. 

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Too slow, in one month I want all of them to break through to the Xuan Qi layer. You also have to break through to the next cultivation layer. Only then can the Yun Hai Sect be ready for any trouble.” 

“Three months is already too difficult…” said Ren Qing Kuan, shaking his head. It was impossible to become so strong in such a short time. 

“Mister Huo and Mister Chi will make some pills to help all of you.” 

“We cannot get so many pills in such a short time though… We need so many ingredients.” said Ren Qing Kuan surprised. Had Lin Feng prepared everything already? 

“Very quickly, we will have everything ready. Now, prepare some troops because we’re going into battle.” said Lin Feng, sounding like he had prepared everything. 

“Battle?” Ren Qing Kuang was surprised. What did Lin Feng want to do? 

“Indeed, we’re going to attack the Wan Shou Sect and the Yu Clan. We will obtain some herbs, specks of gra.s.s and other goods which we could keep or exchange. Then the Wan Shou Sect and the Yu Clan will become ours.” said Lin Feng. Ren Qing Kuang and the others started shaking when they heard that…. The Wan Shou Sect, the Yu Clan… theirs? 

It seemed like Lin Feng was going to entirely transform Xue Yue.

“How many people?” asked Ren Qing Kuang. 

“Everybody, the most dazzling cultivators will then also have the opportunity to become stronger.” said Lin Feng calmly. He wanted to do something incredible before his wedding anyway. In the past the Wan Shou Sect and the Yu Clan had always wanted to kill him, they had schemed against him before the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. He survived only because Xiao Ya and her grandfather had saved him. Lin Feng was ready to get his revenge now. 

The Wan Shou Sect and the Yu Clan were going to be his stepping-stones to make the Yun Hai Sect rise in the country. 

“Alright. Let’s go.” agreed Ren Qing Kuang. He then left to execute the orders. 

“Uncle Feng, Lei Feng, go and help Mister Chi and Mister Huo.” said Lin Feng to Feng Yu Han and Lei Qing Tian. 

The two of them then nodded and their silhouettes flickered. 

Lin Feng gazed into the distance, in the direction of the Wan Shou Sect and the Yu Clan. His eyes looked as sharp as swords.

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