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PMG Chapter 689: Tian Level Skills

Edited: Odd Man Out

Chapter 689: Tian Level Skills

The crowd felt a bit overwhelmed after leaving the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer. In so few words, the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer had taught them so many things.

They hadn’t talked a lot but they had learnt a lot about cultivation. They had understood so much more about the Tian Qi layer. They were filled with ardor, they wanted to master intent and break through to the Tian Qi layer. They were eager to understand the abstruse significance, a mysterious dimension of cultivation. But they were extremely far away from becoming Zun cultivators…

Now they had the occasion to enter the Palace of the Emperors. They might find some intent crystals or even greater treasures. That world had existed for thousands of years already. Zun cultivators were the protectors and Tian cultivators were the slaves… n.o.body would believe it if someone said that there was no treasure there.

Even a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer could go insane for such treasures. But for them, Zun cultivation was a pipe dream.

Bei Ming was still in the courtyard watching as the silhouettes came out. He smiled, “You must have learnt many things with him. Now let me ask you, who wants to join Shen Gong? We would be happy to welcome you.”

The crowd was caught off-guard. Apart from Lin Feng the others were all excited, it seemed like they needed a special environment to become stronger.

“I do.” someone said.

“So do I.” said someone else. Apart from Lin Feng and his friends, the others were all willing to join Shen Gong. They had all changed their minds. 

Bei Ming smiled resplendently when he saw them, but as before he was looking at Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi. He had hoped that the two of them would join Shen Gong… But Lin Feng looked calm and serene, not at all enthusiastic.

“Lin Feng, Jun Mo Xi, Tang You You, Yun Fei Yang, Qing Meng Xin… Are you considering joining us?” asked Bei Ming.

“Thank you for showing so much respect but I have another t.i.tle, I am already the patriarch of a sect. How could I join another sphere of influence?” said Lin Feng refusing again. Bei Ming had not realized, Lin Feng was already the patriarch of a sect!

Jun Mo Xi and the others also refused. They were not interested. 

“Alright. I will not try to persuade you since you’re not interested. Now, follow me everyone.” Bei Ming sighed and shook his head. He brought them up into the air again. After traveling for a short bit they arrived in front of a palace which reached the clouds, it was there that Bei Ming brought the crowd back to the ground. 

That palace looked calm and peaceful. It had a gigantic door that they entered and saw an incredible quant.i.ty of shoes.

There were several people silently looking at some ancient books inside.

“Cloud Hand, free fast sword, celestial energy….” Lin Feng looked at the different books and was drooling. There were so many skills… Extremely powerful skills.

“The lowest skills here are Di level skills of higher quality… It is the place where people of Shen Gong came to learn skills. You may not take the books away, the skills have to be learnt by heart. Otherwise there are no limits.” said Bei Ming. Everybody frowned. Di level skills of higher quality… That was already incredible for them… Only people of Shen Gong could read them though, that was one of the advantages of being part of a sphere of influence. Being born in such an environment was incredible though. With identical natural abilities, there was a huge difference between someone who had grown up there and someone who had relied on themselves to become stronger like they had.

“I was lucky in the past, I obtained some Di level skills of lower quality, or even Ba Dao did… Now, I can even choose amongst Di level skills of higher quality…” Thought Lin Feng while smiling wryly and shaking his head. The others were quite excited though. They wouldn’t lack skills in the future. They would even be able to practice several skills at the same time. In such a huge palace, there were billions of skills and they would be able to choose any of them… 

“Lin Feng, you finished first at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu so Shen Gong will offer you a present. If you accept to join Shen Gong, we will allow you to go to the second floor of the palace and choose some Tian level skills and techniques. But if you don't, I can't allow you to choose yourself. If you tell me what you want to study and what kind of skill, I will get it for you.”

Tian level skills! 

The crowd was jealous looking at Lin Feng. If Lin Feng accepted to join Shen Gong he would obtain some Tian level skills. Unfortunately, he kept refusing their offer over and over again. 

Even if Lin Feng refused, the others wouldn’t get such an opportunity.

“Tian level skills… ” whispered Lin Feng. He didn’t need skills though. He already had the cosmic-burning sun skill, he also knew techniques and other magical powers. The nine thousand rotation heruka strength skill…some sword skills and techniques. He had defensive and offensive skills… His skills weren’t weaker than Tian level skills…

“Lin Feng, I would like to remind you that Tian level skills already contain intent strength. If you can understand intent, you can choose a sword skill, sword formula.” said Bei Ming. 

“Sword formula…” Lin Feng shook his head. He had a bloodthirsty sword and level five sword intent. He also had the sword of the arid and empty area. Those were enough already, he didn’t need more.

“I need an agility technique. I need to be able to use wind intent.” said Lin Feng. Lin Feng lacked agility techniques, he hadn’t been able to match others in terms of speed during the compet.i.tion. He needed an agility technique 

“Alright. I will help you find one.” said Bei Ming nodding. He then took out a jade key with the number five on it. He put it in a multicolored door and opened it. Then Bei Ming disappeared.

“What a mysterious place.” thought the crowd. They were wondering what kind of technique Bei Ming was going to take. Unfortunately, Jun Mo Xi didn’t feel like joining Shen Gong either. Otherwise, he would have chosen some skills too.

After a short time, Bei Ming came back with a piece of jade in his hand. It was memory jade.

“Lin Feng, that is a Tian level technique of lower quality. It is Nine Days Wind Qi. It helps you understand wind intent. Take it.” said Bei Ming. Lin Feng looked at it and put it away. Bei Ming was sad, Lin Feng wasn’t joining Shen Gong but he was obtaining the technique… What a pity!

“Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You, if you join Shen Gong you will also get Tian level skills… But, unfortunately you keep refusing. You can take some Di level skills for yourselves and up to five… I will send some people to Dragon Mountain by the way.”

“Thank you, you are kind. But I don’t need any presents though.” said Jun Mo Xi shaking his head. He was satisfied with what he had. Tian level skills were attractive but nothing less… Di level skills were precious but not to him.” 

Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin didn’t take anything either. They didn’t also felt the same.

Yun Fei Yang didn’t refuse though and took five skills.

“Leader, I want to leave and go to the Palace of the Emperors.”

“Alright, take your things.” said Bei Ming waving. The crowd then took a jade stone that he was handing out. Then he said, “In that stone is a map for you to find where the Palace of the Emperors is. You all have three months to arrive.”

“Alright.” nodded Lin Feng and the others. They all looked at each other. They were becoming strong cultivators and Shen Gong wanted to use them, Shen Gong had no doubts about them.

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