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PMG Chapter 684: The General Overview of the Continent

Chapter 684: The General Overview of the Continent

A group of people were flying over the white clouds and once again. They had soon arrived in Shen Gong, the mysterious place.

Amongst those people, were some who were going there for the first time in their life. Shen Gong was an incredible place. Yue Tian Ming was there and it was his first time. 

However, Yue Tian Ming wasn’t as arrogant as he used to be. He was just following the crowd and looking lonely. He was keeping some distance with the group of people in front of him. All of those who were in front of him were incredible cultivators, geniuses. Yue Tian Ming was the second high-official of Xue Yue. In the past, apart from Duan Wu Dao, he despised everybody else. However, during the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, he was an insect and Duan Wu Dao was still one of the greatest geniuses. 

The scariest part was that Yue Tian Ming had never thought that his aunt, who had been expelled from the Yue Clan would have a son. His real cousin had won the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu! He could only admire him and look up at him from now on… He wasn’t jealous anymore. When Lin Feng had defeated him before, he had felt hatred and pain. But now he was calm and serene because Lin Feng helped him realize that they all in all didn’t belong to the same world.

Yue Qing Shan, Lin Feng’s grandfather, couldn’t win against Lin Feng anymore.

The Leader of Shen Gong North, was looking at Lin Feng with a smile. Even if Shen Gong was a monstrous sphere of influence, for Bei Ming to have Lin Fen following them was incredible.

Even though he hadn’t partic.i.p.ated at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, he knew everything that had happened had been incredible. Lin Feng was a real genius! In a thousand years there might be someone to surpa.s.s him. They couldn’t afford despising Lin Feng at this point. 

The people of Shen Gong, just like Bei Ming, had to pay attention to such dangers and antic.i.p.ate. Some young people could be a threat for them in the future, so they had to make friends with them early on, before it was too late. 

A short moment after, everybody entered Shen Gong arrived outside a gigantic palace. Hao Peng was there and had glanced at Lin Feng and the others. He looked a bit upset. There were so many geniuses, Hao Peng was worried that if they became stronger than him, he wouldn’t be as interesting as before. he wouldn’t be able to act so arrogantly. 

“You understand?” said Bei Ming to Hao Peng. Hao Peng looked calm and solemn. You could tell he was envious and jealous, but he only nodded and said, “Hold on a minute.” 

“Go.” said Bei Ming, waving and then he pointed at another palace where there were tables and chairs. “Everybody, please take a seat.”

Lin Feng and the others sat down. Some others weren’t used to such things, it seemed like they couldn’t relax. Shen Gong was a terrifying place. The people who were inside were, for most of them, at the top of the Xuan Qi layer. Actually, their strength was unfathomable. 

The East Sea Dragon Palace and the Jade Heaven Imperial Family were probably similar. 

“Everybody, you chose to come here to Shen Gong. It is a great honor, I Bei Ming, am very honored. Now, I will tell you the purpose of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu.” Said Bei Ming, glancing around at the crowd. Everybody’s eyes were twinkling and sparkling. They were all curious to see those mysterious areas.

“Everybody knows that the Continent of the Nine Clouds is extremely vast. Xue Yu is only a little part of the continent, an empire of average quality is more vast than Xue Yu. Besides, an empire of average quality also controls empires of lower quality and the countries under their jurisdiction. That is a general overview.” said Bei Ming while continuing to look at the crowd. “Now, look at the map of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.” 

Bei Ming waved his hand and a beam of light appeared. In a flash, a mirror appeared. In the mirror there was a gigantic map of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. 

The crowd was stupefied by how large it was. There were so many countries, it looked like there was an infinite number of countries. They glanced at all the countries but couldn’t find Xue Yu or even their own country. 

“Look.” said Bei Ming pointing at a location. A beam of light appeared again and landed on a place in the east of the map. It was a region labeled, “Xue Yu.” 

“That is Xue Yu?!” The crowd was astonished. Xue Yu was supposed to be vast and gigantic but on the map it looked absolutely tiny, like a dot.

“Look here. This is the East Sea Empire.” said Bei Ming pointing at another place. That region was much larger than Xue Yu. The East Sea Empire was where the East Sea Dragon Palace reigned as warlords.

“Look at the north, you will see that the regions are getting bigger and bigger. Some of those places don’t have countries, there are only sects.” explained Bei Ming. The crowd just followed Bei Ming’s fingers. As expected, the regions were getting bigger and bigger. There were fields, mountain chains and oceans. 

In the center was a place, when the people saw the center of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they were dumbfounded.

“What a gigantic region. What empire is that?! It looks terrifying!” said some people. In the middle of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there was a gigantic place and above it there was a word, “Holy.”

“Look here.” said Bei Ming pointing at the “Holy” word. He was smiling, “It is the center of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it is the Holy City. All around the Holy City are incredible spheres of influence. They are much stronger than Shen Gong, the East Sea Dragon Palace or even the Jade Heaven Imperial Family. On the scale of the Holy City, we all are insignificant. They are all much stronger than us. There are empires of higher quality there as well, and cultivators who have reached the clouds. In the very middle is the Holy City, it is the paradise of cultivators, a city filled with the strongest cultivators of the world.” 

Their hearts started pounding when they heard him. It was the paradise of strong cultivators, a city filled with the strongest cultivators of the world. Xue Yu was such a small place in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Even if they were the strongest young cultivators of Xue Yu, they were nothing in comparison with the strong cultivators of the Holy City. Shen Gong wasn’t that strong either in comparison. There were many more spheres of influence in the world, including a great deal stronger than Shen Gong.

“Are you feeling dispirited? Discouraged? Or do you have the feeling that you are tiny and insignificant in comparison?” asked Bei Ming. Many people raised their heads and looked at Bei Ming. In their eyes, Bei Ming could really see that some people felt discouraged. Were they really geniuses? Now, they were geniuses in Xue Yu, but what were they in compared to the geniuses of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

The crowd looked at Lin Feng and saw him sitting straight like a sword. A terrifying energy was emerging out of his body as if he was about to unsheathe his sword and fight against the world.

Their hearts were pounding. Was that the difference between them and Lin Feng? When seeing how small they were in the world, they felt insignificant. But Lin Feng suddenly felt like reaching the clouds even more, his heart was filled with an indomitable determination.

When Bei Ming saw how people were reacting, he was satisfied. He was even more satisfied by Lin Feng’s reaction. Lin Feng’s heart was indestructible, just like that of extremely strong cultivators.

With Lin Feng’s determination, he would definitely become an extremely strong cultivator in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had to leave Xue Yu at some point. 

This time the geniuses from the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu had to leave and go to empires of higher qualities. Even the strongest empires needed more great geniuses. 

Therefore, the four spheres of influence had come from so far to find these geniuses. In the end, Shen Gong had obtained the most outstanding genius. 

“You shouldn’t stay in Xue Yu, you are incredible geniuses. Therefore, you should become even stronger here.” said Bei Ming pointing at the Holy City. Those words were resonating in people’s brains. 

The sharp lights disappeared and the map as well. Several people were staring at Bei Ming with a smile. Bei Ming hadn’t told them about the goal of Shen Gong, he had just motivated them to become even stronger. They were all more determined than ever to become strong cultivators.

That was the advantage of staying with incredible cultivators, they would become stronger.

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