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PMG Chapter 683: Everybody’s Choice

Chapter 683: Everybody’s Choice

The people of the East Sea Dragon Palace, the Nine Cloud Swords Sect and the Necropolis Sect were stupefied. Lin Feng had refused their offers immediately. He was just interested in the the mysterious and mystical things Shen Gong had to offer. 

“You don’t need to think, you can’t miss such an opportunity. You will regret it in the future otherwise.” said the Dragon King. 

But Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Thank you all for your offers but I have already made a decision, please forgive me.” 

Since it was his own choice, Lin Feng wouldn’t regret. 

This time, he had refused incredible dragon skills and techniques. He had missed the opportunity to be trained as an incredible sword cultivator, but he wasn’t going to regret. In his head he was determined and was going to stick to his initial principles.

He didn’t like the feeling of having no freedom. He didn’t want to submit to anyone so he wasn’t going to join any sphere of influence. Besides, Shen Gong had organized the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. Without Shen Gong, he wouldn’t have benefitted from so many great things, he wouldn’t have stood at the top of the fighting stage of the compet.i.tion. Without Shen Gong, he would still have the strength of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. Di Ling, Xue Sha and Duan Wu Dao would also have still been much stronger than him. His life might have have been in danger too.

Lin Feng didn’t want to face Shen Gong later on because they had helped him so much already. He didn’t feel like offending people who helped him.

“Alright, since it’s that way, I will not insist. What about the others? Who wants to join the East Sea Dragon Palace, I welcome everybody. Those who ranked amongst the five first will benefit from incredible advantages. For example Tian level skills and techniques. The others will also benefit from good skills and techniques.”

The Dragon King rolled up his sleeves as if Lin Feng hadn’t given him face.

Many people were stupefied. Tian level skills and techniques were terrifying, obtaining such skills were extremely difficult. How attractive! That kind of temptation made so many people think about it twice, everybody was interested in such magical powers. They were extremely rare and joining the East Sea Dragon Palace would enable them to obtain great magical powers.

At that moment, the Dragon King was offering them such things. 

“Di Ling.” said Di Ling’s father suddenly. 

Di Ling turned around and looked at his father hovering in the air. 

“Di Ling, you have the firmament blood which is brutal and violent. The East Sea Dragon Palace is the best sphere of influence for you to join.” said Di Ling’s father, Di Shi Tian. 

Di Ling remained silent for a moment and then looked back at the Dragon King in purple and golden clothes and said, “I accept your offer.” 

“Alright, we will go back together and you will obtain some Tian level skills that you can choose personally from.” said the Dragon King smiling. He then glanced at Lin Feng. Even though Di Ling wasn’t as gifted as Lin Feng, he was also monstrously powerful. Such a genius joining the Dragon Palace was a great opportunity. 

Di Ling had broken through to the very top of the Xuan Qi layer and was about to break through to the Tian Qi layer. Joining such a great power of influence wouldn’t be a waste. Besides, with Di Ling’s natural abilities, ordinary cultivators of the Tian Qi layer wouldn’t be a threat to him. 

“I also accept.” said some other people. The Dragon King smiled when he heard them and said, “Very good, we welcome everyone.”

The people from the other three spheres of influence were standing there calmly, they were not like the East Sea Dragon Palace. Apart from a few people, they didn’t need the others.

The Jade Heaven Imperial Family was only interested in warlords, monarchs, emperors and so on.

The Necropolis Sect was only interested in those with an evil energy. Finding geniuses was extremely difficult for them. The best one for them would be Lin Feng.

“Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi, the Jade Heaven Imperial Family is perfect for you, much better than the East Sea Dragon Palace.” said someone from the Jade Heaven Imperial Family again while looking at Duan Wu Dao and Jun Mo Xi. Those two people belonged to the imperial families of Xue Yue and Dragon Mountain, they both had imperial blood. They had the Qi of monarchs and emperors and they had ranked second and fourth at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu.

Duan Wu Dao’s eyes were twinkling. Lin Feng had already made a decision. Di Ling was going to join the East Sea Dragon Palace where he would be able to obtain some Tian level skills and techniques. If he didn’t join a sphere of influence, Lin Feng might become even stronger than him. But, he didn't worry about Di Ling because he needed external help to break through to the Tian Qi layer and become stronger.

“I have one requirement, the Jade Heaven Imperial Family cannot imprison me. I am as before, Duan Wu Dao.” said Duan Wu Dao, everybody was surprised. Being a genius allowed him to choose. Ordinary people had no choice and couldn’t have requirements. But Duan Wu Dao was a genius and could require things from people, even from the Jade Heaven Imperial Family.

“Welcome.” said the strong cultivation while smiling. He then turned to Jun Mo Xi and asked, “What about you?” 

“Me?” said Jun Mo Xi smiling. He then shook his head and said, “I’m like Lin Feng. I am not used to having limits and submitting myself, please forgive me.”

The strong cultivator of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family nodded, he wasn’t going to beg him. It was Jun Mo Xi’s own decision. 

The others also gradually chose what they wanted. Amongst the eight best cultivators, Lin Feng wasn’t going to join any sphere of influence but he might cooperate with Shen Gong. The second, Duan Wu Dao was going to join the Jade Heaven Imperial Family. The third one, Di Ling was going to join East Sea Dragon Palace… The fourth one, Jun Mo Xi, the sixth one Tang You You and the eighth one Yun Fei Yang all followed Lin Feng. The fifth one, Xue Sha didn’t choose anything either. The Tian Sha Sect was already a sphere of influence and the seventh one Ling Xiao chose to join the Nine Cloud Swords Sect.

The others all chose as well but n.o.body attached importance to them. The most important people were the first eight winners. 

“Now, shouldn’t you leave Xue Yu?” asked Bei Ming coldly glancing at the people from the four spheres of influence. This time, the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu had been the arena of a great deal of events. Some people had become extremely strong thanks to Shen Gong but now they were leaving because the four other spheres of influence had appeared. Bei Ming wasn’t happy at all.

“Hehe, maybe we will see each other again soon.” said the Dragon King in purple and golden clothes. Then he waved and said, “Those who accepted to join the East Sea Dragon Palace, come with me.”

When he finished talking, he rose up in the air and the others followed him. Just like them, the others also left Xue Yu.

They hadn’t come for nothing this time. Not only had they obtained some geniuses but they had also understood the purpose of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. Maybe those people would become their enemies. But ultimately, some geniuses had become their allies.

Bei Ming looked at all those people leaving and then glanced at those had stayed. It made him feel better to see Lin Feng and the few others who had stayed. 

“I will do my best to honor your decision, thank you.” said Bei Ming to those who had stayed. “Now let’s go, you will all obtain some treasures.”

“Wait wait.” said Lin Feng suddenly. Bei Ming suddenly felt nervous, was Lin Feng going to change his mind? He was terrified by the idea of Lin Feng joining another sphere of influence, it would be horrible for Shen Gong.

“Mister, I have some friends here with me. Is it a problem if they join?” asked Lin Feng. The Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu was over, Han Man, Xiao Ya and Po Jun couldn’t stay there alone because Lin Feng would worry about them. 

Bei Ming couldn’t refuse Lin Feng’s requirement. A few more people could following them shouldn’t be a problem!

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