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PMG Chapter 669: Demon’s Body

Chapter 669: Demon’s Body

“What a mysterious guy… What’s that?” thought the crowd. That guy was way too mysterious, he was full of surprises. Apart from his Buddha skills, he also knew some evil skills. That usually wasn’t possible! But it was true, Lin Feng couldn't be lying. Besides, his evil lights were becoming more and more profound. It seemed like he was trying to tell people that his evil powers weren’t ordinary.

“It’s a demon!” the crowd was really astonished. Lin Feng had turned into an ancient demon, he looked tall and majestic like a mountain. He was a real demon, it wasn’t a mere illusion.. It was a real demon…

“You’re purposely making a mystery of simple things, you turned into a demon so what? I don’t think that you can defeat me because I'm going to kill you.” said Xue Sha coldly. A terrifying evil Qi then emerged out of his body. The crowd moved backwards again, at the same time, a vortex appeared and a strong wind carried away some putrid Qi all around. They didn’t want to get poisoned by the putrid corpse Qi and turn into a cadaver.

“Corpse Qi… How could a demon fear corpse Qi?” said Lin Feng smiling. Some pure Qi landed on his body but he didn’t move at all. He remained standing steadily and tall, looking proud. 

Corpse Qi couldn’t penetrate into the demon’s body, it was almost immune to such a Qi.

“Huh?” Xue Sha frowned, Lin Feng wasn’t scared at all. Lin Feng’s body was extremely strong. The atmosphere of the night was invaded by black evil lights and were protecting his body. The evil Qi couldn’t pierce through.

“I don’t believe that you can resist much longer because you are not that strong and your defense can’t be that good.” said Xue Sha coldly. A terrifying corpse Qi emerged from his hand and began rolling. Immediately after, his body moved too. He then threw himself at the demon known as Lin Feng.

“Defense? Who talked about defense?”

Then that demon body moved like a mountain. Lin Feng’s voice was the same as before which made people guess that he wasn’t a real demon, It was just Lin Feng who had adopted the shape of a demon, but it looked extremely real. Lin Feng could already transform his body into a real demon.

A fist bombarded the atmosphere, it was gigantic and filled with oppressive, evil energies.

Xue Sha only saw a hand move towards him. He released even more corpse Qi as his hand then collided with the gigantic demon hand. 

“Boom!” A m.u.f.fled sound spread in the air, the crowd was shaking when the energies collided. Xue Sha was projected backwards. He couldn’t resist against the demon’s strength. Not only couldn’t his evil Qi penetrate into Lin Feng but he also couldn’t resist the demon's strength.

Of course, it had to do with Xue Sha’s specialty. He could use his corpse Qi to kill people but against Lin Feng it was useless. 

“Bom boom!” Extremely loud sounds spread in the air, the fighting stage was shaking. The gigantic demon body was moving step by step towards Xue Sha. The evil lights around his body kept spinning.

Each of the gigantic demon’s steps were huge, it only took a few to arrive in front of Xue Sha. Then, Xue Sha released some more terrifying energies. 

“Boom!” Some corpse Qi collided with Lin Feng. This time, Xue Sha’s body flew away. His strength was no match for the demon’s body. That demon had a terrifying strength and Xue Sha couldn’t stop him.

“Arrghhhh!” Xue Sha looked furious and roared violently. He had just been projected backwards by Lin Feng. He was no threat to Lin Feng. Xue Sha pulled a long face, he had already lost against Jun Mo Xi who had used his immortal spirit. At least he had an excuse for that defeat, but now, it was getting really belittling for him. He didn’t even have time to breathe. At that moment, Xue Sha was releasing a terrifying corpse Qi because he couldn’t lose. People couldn’t breathe that Qi otherwise they would die and turn into cadavers. 

“Die!” shouted Xue Sha furiously. The corpse Qi kept rolling in the air and moving towards the demon. Lin Feng’s demon body was surrounded by corpse Qi. Lin Feng frowned and made brutal steps forwards. A terrifying evil light appeared and crushed everything in the air and broke the corpse Qi. The corpse Qi couldn’t get near the evil lights. 

At the same time, Xue Sha was also running towards Lin Feng. A vortex of evil energies appeared and crashed onto Lin Feng’s demon body. A crackling sound spread as if Lin Feng’s demon body had broke.

“So what if you have a demon body? I can destroy it.” said Xue Sha looking glum. 

Lin Feng despised him, everybody was a tiny insect compared to Lin Feng when he became a demon. Xue Sha stopped smiling when he saw Lin Feng’s face, he was furious and looked cruel.

“You used almost all your strength and made me move a little bit. And now you think that you are amazing? Does that make you a genius?” said Lin Feng mockingly. Evil lights were twinkling in his eyes and around his body. 

“I will teach you a lesson, I will show you what a real demon is!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His gigantic demon body was moving and Xue Sha was shaking. It seemed like the demon was going to crush him. He saw two hands which looked like crosses moving straight towards him. 

“Huh? No!” 

Xue Sha seemed like he had suddenly understood something. Immediately after he ran away at full speed, he could sense the terrifying strength emanating from those two black evil hands moving towards him. 

“Get lost!” shouted Xue Sha. A terrifying cross-shaped physical strength bombarded his body and at the same time Lin Feng jumped forwards and shouted, “ASURA BODY!” 

In a flash, a gigantic sanguinary Asura appeared and attacked Xue Sha as sharp as a sword. The two silhouettes looked real, just like the demon. It was monstrously powerful. 

“Spirit…” Xue Sha was astonished. His skeleton spirit appeared again and his body turned into a ghost. It seemed like Lin Feng really liked to fight at night. His evil energies were terrifying.

A terrifying and oppressive physical strength started spinning, Xue Sha was stupefied. He raised his head and saw Lin Feng’s demon body descend from the sky. It looked like an ancient demon descending from the sky, like a king of the night. 

“Boom boom boom!” Terrifyingly loud sounds spread in the air, the fighting stage was shaking unceasingly. Xue Sha’s skeletons kept getting destroyed. Xue Sha’s body was blocked and constricted by the demon. The Asura threw himself once again, it contained deadly and killer energies. 

“Motionless Demon Body!” said Lin Feng. Another demon body appeared filled with evilness, and it moved towards Xue Sha. Xue Sha didn't know what to do, he was being oppressed by three demons at the same time. It was almost impossible to resist Lin Feng’s demon body. 

He had used a ma.s.sive physical strength to counter Jun Mo Xi, but it was useless against Lin Feng. This battle was really tragic for him!

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