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PMG Chapter 664: Between Swords

Chapter 664: Between Swords

Ling Xiao seemed extremely arrogant, as if Tang You You or Lin Feng were ants. In Ling Xiao Xiao’s heart, there was only Yu Xiao Xiao. He wanted to use his sword to prove to Yu Xiao Xiao that he was worth it.

“What a terrifying sword level… We underestimated Lin Feng but we also underestimated Ling Xiao.” thought the crowd. That sword energy was terrifying. Tang You You was in danger. Level three sword intent emitted from seven swords… How could Tang You You block that? Now people were wondering if Ling Xiao intended to kill Tang You You or not.

Ling Xiao was deploying so many means, seven swords… The situation was perilous for Tang You You. 

“Level three sword intent…” Lin Feng frowned. He looked at Ling Xiao, he had also never thought that Ling Xiao would show such strength against Tang You You… Ling Xiao thought that Tang You You was Lin Feng’s woman, so he wanted to avenge Yu Xiao Xiao because Lin Feng had defeated her.

That reason was good enough, but Lin Feng understood that Ling Xiao was mainly trying to show to Yu Xiao Xiao that he loved her. This fight was a stepping stone. 

Ling Xiao had already shown everyone that he was strong, he was dazzling all the way. 

Tang You You frowned, that sword Qi was way too oppressive. She started to look deathly pale. 

Tang You You immediately released her spirit and some extremely powerful Qi. She just felt an impending doom was upon her… She thought that she could die…

“Seven Swords, Go!” shouted Ling Xiao furiously. The seven swords dashed to the skies, all dazzling with different colors. Ling Xiao’s swords seemed like they could annihilate everything.

The seven swords jetted towards Tang You You’s all at the same time. They wanted to cut straight through her.

Those swords seemed like they contained Ling Xiao’s entire strength and oppressive force. 

Tang You You had no time to think when she saw all those dazzling swords.

“Thousand Shadows!” she shouted furiously. A myriad of Tang You You clones suddenly appeared. 

“Crrrr crrr crrr crr….” All the clones attacked the swords but were killed. Tang You You retreated back at full speed, she even fell off the fighting stage. Ling Xiao’s one attack was monstrous. Tang You You couldn’t resist to him. Sword lights were everywhere as Tang You You could only try to avoid them. 

“Give up!” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. Then Tang You You said, “I give up!” 

Tang You You’s soul was damaged as all of her clones were killed, she was left bleeding. It seemed like the swords weren’t stopping. The clones had delayed the attack but they kept moving towards her as if Ling Xiao wanted to kill her.

Tang You You raised her head to try and block the swords. But then she saw red lights appear in front of her. Sword Qi was dashing to the skies and emitting sharp whistling sounds. Ling Xiao groaned as he called back his seven swords. He was facing Lin Feng. 

“She already gave up so I got involved. I didn’t violate the rules, did I?” asked Lin Feng to Xue Wu Chang. Xue Wu Chang nodded, Lin Feng had not violated the rules. Tang You You had forfeited and Ling Xiao had continued attacking… He was the one who had violated the rules.

Lin Feng nodded and turned back to Ling Xiao, “Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao, you want to kill or hurt people to prove how strong you are. You tell us that you love your woman and that you can protect her. We don’t care about your private life! However, I hope that you can remain friendly, it would be unfortunate if we became enemies. Don’t forget that choices are important.”

Lin Feng then turned around and started walking away from Ling Xiao. 

The crowd was surprised. Ling Xiao’s swords were extremely strong, but Lin Feng’s sword was able to stop them. A confrontation between those two sword geniuses seemed inevitable.

Lin Feng was right, choices were important, especially seeing how he had the first jade key. Ling Xiao had tried to harm Tang You You using Lin Feng as an excuse.

Lin Feng walked towards Tang You You who was bleeding her mouth, and asked, “Are you severely injured?” 

“No need for sanguine soul gra.s.s… I will recover in a few minutes.” said Tang You You, trying to a.s.sure Lin Feng. She didn’t want him to use the other half of his gra.s.s… She knew that the gra.s.s was very important to him, he was going to use it to save someone’s life.

“It’s not that easy. Find a place to recover.” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. It was the best method to recover seeing how other pills were useless. Only extremely precious things would work better. Tang You You sat down and closed her eyes.

The battles continued on the fighting stage. Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao were still extremely strong, n.o.body could win against them. 

Then Jun Mo Xi moved to the fighting stage and looked at Ling Xiao. The crowd was surprised that Jun Mo Xi wanted to avenge her.

However, Ling Xiao had just fought. According to the rules, Jun Mo Xi couldn’t fight against him. 

How would a battle between Jun Mo Xi and Ling Xiao end though? 

“Jun Mo Xi, leave him to me.” said Lin Feng. Jun Mo Xi turned his head and smiled. He nodded and said, “Alright, he’s for you.”

“Even though I don’t like to fight against women, we will all have to fight against them sooner or later.” said Jun Mo Xi to Yu Xiao Xiao. Ling Xiao and Yu Xiao Xiao were surprised. It seemed like it wasn’t such a good idea to bully Tang You You. Now, Jun Mo Xi was going to avenge her.

That battle held no suspense at all. Jun Mo Xi could easily defeat Yu Mo so he could easily defeat Yu Xiao Xiao. Yu Xiao Xiao had already lost so now she had lost three battles total. She was the weakest of the eight most outstanding geniuses. Ling Xiao could only avenge her.

Ling Xiao was sad, he had bullied Tang You You and now Jun Mo Xi fought Yu Xiao Xiao. However, he didn’t hurt her because he didn’t like to bully women.

The battles continued and none were surprising. The lower ranked cultivators continued losing and weren't very exciting to watch. Then, it was Lin Feng’s turn again. 

Lin Feng moved to the center of the fighting stage. Everybody was getting excited from the antic.i.p.ation. They were all looking at one person: Ling Xiao. 

It was probably going to be a battle between two sword cultivators this time…

A bloodthirsty sword and seven swords…

Lin Feng’s sword intent was level three just like Ling Xiao’s. How would a battle between them two end up? The crowd found that watching Lin Feng fight was exciting. Their hearts were filled with even more ardor, tenacity and vigor as if their blood had been boiling. 

Perhaps it was only because they hadn’t antic.i.p.ated such situations happening. They had seen Lin Feng from the beginning to the end becoming stronger and stronger. If he managed to win against Ling Xiao, it would mean that he was the fifth strongest cultivator. Lin Feng could almost be certain!

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