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PMG Chapter 662: The Dead Tree

Chapter 662: The Dead Tree

Yu Mo was cut into two. Blood was gushing and splashing onto Lin Feng’s sword. Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword was drinking Yu Mo’s blood again.

In the air, Yu Mo’s teacher couldn't believe it. He just watched as the blood was absorbed by Lin Feng’s sword. The teacher wanted revenge Yu Mo. 

Lin Feng had brutally killed his student in front of him. With only one sword attack…

Even after he threatened Lin Feng and his student was still killed, he had to persevere until the end.

The sword was absorbing blood as it was shaking violently, The light diffused by the sword was becoming even more dazzling. It seemed like it was gaining vitality and vigor. Lin Feng looked emotionless, he turned around and put his sword away. As the blood stopped the sword seemed satisfied. Then Lin Feng moved back to his original seat as if nothing had happened.

n.o.body's hearts slowed down. Lin Feng had the strength of the seventh Xuan Qi layer and his sword intent was level three. And then there was his terrifying bloodthirsty sword. His sword was murderous. Lin Feng  not only managed to injure Yu Mo, but he had even killed him. Everybody needed to reconsider Lin Feng’s strength. 

The crowd had thought that Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao were the strongest at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. The third was probably Jun Mo Xi, followed by the other five. But now, Lin Feng had proved them wrong. He had just killed one of the eight most outstanding disciples, which meant that Lin Feng was one of them, so to say.

“It seems like everybody underestimated the one who obtained the first jade key.” thought the crowd. Lin Feng had used one sword attack to kill Yu Mo. Lin Feng, with his strength, was maybe one of the five strongest cultivators at the compet.i.tion…

The four best ones had to be Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi and Xue Sha, then Ling Xiao. Everyone was impatient to see Lin Feng fight against Ku Yao Tong the Dead Tree. If Lin Feng managed to defeat Ling Xiao, he would end up in the top five.

“He actually hid his strength well.” thought the crowd. They had never thought that Lin Feng, who used to be of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, would be one of the five best cultivators. Who wasn't surprised?

They were all impatient to see the rest of the battles. Seeing these battles made them want to cultivate even more determinedly. 

“Are you going to take of the corpse or should I do it?” asked Xue Wu Chang to Yu Mo’s teacher. The teacher looked cold. He glanced at Lin Feng and said, “I will take care of it.” 

The teacher appeared in front of Yu Mo’s body, grabbed it, and left. As he left a violent hurricane emerged that oppressed Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng was too outgoing, he had killed Yu Mo… It was a terrible offense to infuriate a Tian Qi level cultivator. Lin Feng would have to be careful in the future… 

Xue Wu Chang moved back to his original position when he saw the teacher leave. Then he said, “Since Yu Mo is dead, those who haven’t fought against a Yu Mo yet will receive an additional victory and thus an additional point.”

The crowd was surprised. Since Yu Mo was dead, those who hadn’t fought against him were getting an extra victory. That wasn’t fair at all because those who were initially able to defeat Yu Mo were treated the same way as those who weren’t. The most annoyed was Yun Fei Yang.

Yu Mo had fought only three battles and had lost against Jun Mo Xi and Lin Feng, but he had won against Yun Fei Yang. This meant that everybody else had won against Yu Mo expect for him. 

Tang You You won, as before.

Apart from Tang You You, the ones who were at the top of the rankings also all won. 

Lin Feng then won again against the twelfth cultivator with the silver sword. The cultivator with the silver sword had forfeited the moment Lin Feng’s bloodthirsty sword was about to collide with his own. 

After the young man with the silver sword, Lin Feng fought against Liu Yu Qin Yu Xiao Xiao. Because Yu Mo died, everybody had obtained a free win. 

Yu Xiao Xiao used a zither as a weapon. With that music she could make people’s hearts burn by sensing all the vibrations of her melodies. Because Lin Feng’s soul was monstrously powerful, Yu Xiao Xiao’s music was unable to affect him. Even though Yu Xiao Xiao was extremely strong, she hadn’t managed to make Lin Feng give up. In the end, Yu Xiao Xiao lost.

Lin Feng had already won all of his five battles. 

With the free victory obtained because of Yu Mo’s death, Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao, Jun Mo Xi, Xue Sha and Ling Xiao had also won all of their battles. Of course, there was someone else who had surprised everybody. Tang You You had also won all of her battles.

The sixth battle was Lin Feng against Ku Yao Tong the Dead Tree…

“If Lin Feng wins this fight he will become one of the six best cultivators…” thought the crowd. Lin Feng and Ku Yao Tong were facing each other on the fighting stage. Lin Feng had already defeated two of the eight most outstanding disciples of the compet.i.tion: Yu Mo and Yu Xiao Xiao. He had killed Yu Mo and crushed Yu Xiao Xiao. There would be no suspense if Lin Feng managed to win against the Dead Tree, he would be one of the six best in any case.

The Dead Tree was sizing up Lin Feng. He didn’t despise Lin Feng considering that he had already killed Yu Mo in one sword attack. Who would insult someone that strong? The Dead Tree couldn’t afford to be careless.

If the Dead Tree might lose if he was careless.

Behind him appeared an actual dead tree, it was his spirit. His nickname was the Dead Tree because his spirit was a dead tree. It was a very particular spirit and on top of it, he also had another technique called 'the eyes'. All of his abilities were incredibly powerful. 

“Take out your sword.” said the Dead Tree challenging Lin Feng, but Lin Feng shook his head. He wasn’t unsheathing his sword.

“I don’t have to sword, you used to think that I only had the golden body skill in the past. But against you, my fire skills will be more appropriate.” said Lin Feng slowly. Just then, a terrifying fire appeared around Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng was bathing in a sea of flames, watching the atmosphere burning.

“Huh?” the crowd was stupefied, Lin Feng could also use fire…? It made sense to use fire against the Dead Tree instead of his sword.

“Alright, let's see how well it works against me.” said the Dead Tree, his death energy was becoming increasingly violent. It seemed like everything was dying around him.. Suddenly several branches grew out from Dead Tree’s arms and hands and moved to surround Lin Feng’s body.

Lin Feng stepped forwards as he condensed some flames in his hands. He grabbed the branches and started burning them to ashes.

“What a strong fire.” thought the crowd. Several more branches were moving towards Lin Feng that looked like sharp swords.

“Burn!” said Lin Feng, more fire appeared as he shook his hands. The sun started shining upon those flames and the branches burnt again. There were no surprises at all. 

“Die!” shouted the Dead Tree furiously. Between him and Lin Feng, several dead trees with gigantic branches appeared. Everything around them seemed to be dying. It seemed like a new world filled with darkness. He used their branches to surround Lin Feng’s body and stretched his hands, filled with death Qi, to attack Lin Feng. Ku Yao Tong’s body now looked like a real dead tree. 

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