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PMG Chapter 655: The Prologue!

Chapter 655: The Prologue!

“He’s only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer…!” almost everybody looked at him with disdain. He had spent so much time in a place where the Qi of the Earth and sky were extremely strong and rich. In the end it seemed like he had been practicing for ten days! Besides, breaking through to the next cultivation layer after the fifth or sixth Xuan Qi layer wasn’t easy at all. It might be that Lin Feng would remain at the fifth Xuan Qi layer his entire life… Maybe he wouldn't be able to condense pure Qi anymore and would remain at the top of the fifth Xuan Qi layer.

“Sending a person like you to the first area was a waste of resources!” said Yu Mo indifferently. Lin Feng had spent seven days in there and hadn’t even broken through to the next cultivation layer… If Yu Mo had been in there, he would have become a monster.

Yu Mo had entered the seventh special area but he had only been able to stay there for less than four days. During that time he had sensed what it was like to break through to the Tian Qi layer. He had realized what it was like to become a monstrously strong cultivator. And concerning his real strength, his cultivation level was now at the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer.

He was convinced that those four days spent in the special area had enlightened him. He had understood things which would help him break through to the Tian Qi layer at some point.

When Lin Feng heard Yu Mo, he just smiled indifferently. He didn’t have to justify himself because it was pointless, fighting would be proof enough.

“Even though we could continue the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu now, if you want to consolidate your cultivation here in Shen Gong, we can delay it by two days.” said the Leader of Shen Gong North slowly. Everybody looked at him and n.o.body replied. n.o.body was willing to postpone it.

“Leader, since everything was planned already, let’s not delay it.” said Di Ling indifferently. He didn’t want to delay the compet.i.tion. 

“Yes, he’s right. We’re about to start the last battles… Everybody is waiting for them now. If we delay it then everybody will be upset and worry, let’s continue now.” said Yu Mo. Since he had been injured by Lin Feng during the first round in the evil area, he was furious. On top of that, he hadn’t obtained any treasures there.

During the second round, in the Flood Dragon Cave, he wanted to prove to everybody how amazing he was. He had grabbed a jade key but then Xue Sha stole it, and then Jun Mo Xi had attacked him too… In the end he had only been able to grab the seventh jade key…

Yu Mo was furious, he needed to prove to everybody that he was actually strong. 

“Alright.” said the Leader of Shen Gong North. He didn’t insist when he saw that everybody was unwilling to stay.

“Alright, you guys can bring them to the exit of Shen Gong.” said the leader to the young people who all nodded. The Leader was asking them to bring them back, which was obviously another attempt to make couples.

“Qing Chan, didn’t you want to leave Shen Gong for some sightseeing? This time, I will allow you to go and watch the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu.” said the Leader of Shen Gong. Qing Chan was astonished, she quickly glanced at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes and then nodded. She perfectly understood what it meant. He was asking her to go and make friends with the genius, Lin Feng. 

“Alright. you are all geniuses so don’t worry if you lose your battles… You made it so far already, concentrate on your cultivation now.” said the Leader of Shen Gong trying to comfort everybody. “Alright, go now.” 

“We’re off, good bye Leader.”

“Leader, thank you.” 

Everybody was saying goodbye to the leader or thanking him. After all, he was the one who had let them enter the special areas and enabled them to practice cultivation. They could only be grateful.

 Besides, the Leader of Shen Gong had to be extremely strong.

Everybody left.

Lin Feng was flying through the sky when someone suddenly appeared next to him. It was the girl who had talked to him before.

Qing Chan looked at Lin Feng, smiled wryly and said, “I wouldn’t have thought that you would fool me. You are actually monstrously powerful…. You got the first jade key and entered the first special area… You can only use those special areas once a year. Even the Leader of Shen Gong North cannot use it more than once a year… This time, you surprisingly had that incredible opportunity…”

“You never asked me so why would you say that I fooled you?” said Lin Feng while shaking his hand. He was a bit surprised, only once a year? Only the most outstanding cultivators? This time, Shen Gong had opened the doors of the special area for the sixteen of them and had enabled them to increase their cultivation level, what was the reason?  

Were the partic.i.p.ants of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu more important than the disciples of Shen Gong themselves? It didn’t seem plausible. In terms of strength and natural abilities, the geniuses of Xue Yu couldn’t be stronger than the geniuses of Shen Gong. How could they rival with them?

“You’re right.” said Qing Chan. “Lin Feng, do you know why I am here?”

“It’s only a coincidence. It’s because I talked to you for a few minutes and then the Leader of Shen Gong North asked me to chase you. He hopes that we can become friends and that you will contribute to the glory of Shen Gong.” Lin Feng hadn’t replied because Qing Chan had instead. Lin Feng nodded and said, “I knew that.”

Qing Chan smiled resplendently and looked at the sky. Then she whispered, “Will you accept?” 

“I won’t.” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. 

Qing Chan nibbled her lips, turned her head to look at him with a wry smile, “You seem quite sure… You are leaving me absolutely no margin. Can’t you give me face…?” 

“If I had met you before when I didn’t have feelings for anyone else, maybe. You’re so beautiful, charming and nice; I would have fallen in love with you.” said Lin Feng with a gentle smile. 

“What you mean to say is that I'm too late to receive your feelings?” Asked Qing Chan with a provocative smile on her face. Lin Feng smiled wryly. He nibble his lips and remained silent. 

“Joining Shen Gong would be incredible for you… With your personality, plus the education Shen Gong would provide you, you would become so much stronger.” said Qing Chan in a low voice.

“My heart refuses. It would just become a prison for me.” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. There were too many forbidden things in Shen Gong… If he joined Shen Gong he really would become stronger, but on the other hand, he would lose his freedom. He would have to listen to Shen Gong’s orders etc. Lin Feng couldn't live under restrictions. 

Qing Chan seemed like she could and couldn't understand at the same time. She smiled back and said, “No matter what your reply is, if you like me or not. I still want to get out of Shen Gong and leave with you…” 

“Yes.” The Leader of Shen Gong had told Qing Chan to stay with him when he was outside of Shen Gong. Lin Feng wasn’t going to refuse.

The crowd was leaving Shen Gong and arriving back to the normal world again, the Qi of the Earth and sky were becoming thinner… They were not used to how little there was…

The fifteen cultivators left along with some people from Shen Gong and headed for the fighting stage at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu.

When they returned they found that the fighting stage had become larger. And around it the crowd had become even noisier. Everyone had shown to watch the end of the compet.i.tion. 

“They arrived.” At that moment, the crowd saw a group of people in the sky. They had left several days before and were finally coming back!

Finally, the fifteen strong cultivators were back! Who was going to dazzle this time?

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