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PMG Chapter 654: Coming Out

Chapter 654: Coming Out

Lin Feng was holding the evil sword and the result of the combination of the nine swords. Lin Feng had turned into an evil spirit, his eyes looked extremely evil, ice-cold, cruel and emotionless. 

The evil sword was releasing a monstrous evil Qi which had fused with his heart.

The evil sword had its own life and its own intent. With it, it could influence people’s cultivation. Even when he had turned into an evil spirit his body was getting polluted and influenced. If an ordinary person fused with the evil sword, they would be unable to escape unless they turned into an evil spirit.

“Go!” Lin Feng moved his hand the sword streaked through the sky. It seemed like a fissure had appeared in the air where it had cut. Some rumbling sounds in the air and then the sword disappeared. Lin Feng just had the feeling that he was in a dream. Having the ability to control that sword was incredible, but he would regularly have that feeling in the future. Someday, he would become a real Heruka and and slaughter everybody.

With that evil sword, he would be able to annihilate everything. 

Lin Feng felt extremely happy and free from worries after that experience. He had the feeling that someone had just showed him the path to enlightenment. 

“Boom boom boom!” The special area started shaking intensely. 

Lin Feng frowned, that world didn’t seem too solid. It was probably very difficult for people to remain in it for a long time. Actually, it was probably impossible, otherwise people from Shen Gong would spend all eternally practicing in there to become incredible geniuses… They would resemble Hao Peng or someone similar… They would be really terrifying. 

The first special area was a perfect world to increase one’s power of understanding. It saved cultivators one year or even ten years of time.

That kind of sensation was incredible, most people would never have such a sensation in their entire life. Sometimes, people couldn’t break through to the next cultivation layer. If that was the case then entering the special area could help them overcome their difficulties.

“Boom boom boom!” some loud bangs sounded. The s.p.a.ce was shaking, Lin Feng was stupefied. He turned his head around and saw a silhouette walking towards him…

“Huh?" what was going on? There were other people in the special area. 

That was the first special area, Shen Gong wouldn’t let anything go wrong… But there was a person at that moment… And Lin Feng didn’t know who it was.

“Back!” When Lin Feng saw the silhouette getting closer, he started moving back like the wind. 

However, it was useless, that person was too fast faster. Lin Feng couldn’t see any face though, only a silhouette… 

“It doesn’t look good…” Lin Feng was astonished. That person was too fast, he couldn’t move faster than he was.

“Bzzzzz……” Lin Feng shivered, a finger landed on Lin Feng’s shoulder that made him shake violently. He then shook his head, it was as if he had fallen into a coma.

The pure Qi all around him started rolling violently and spinning at full speed. Lin Feng’s Qi was becoming stronger and stronger, it was turning into an incredible essence.

“Don’t worry. I am anointing your head with the purest cream, I am enlightening you with perfect wisdom… Your strength determines the quant.i.ty of Qi of the Earth and sky that you can absorb. With your cultivation level, you don’t need to resist. You can easily absorb it and your cultivation level will increase. Just let things go smoothly” said a voice which resonated in Lin Feng’s head. Lin Feng had to stop resisting and let the Qi flow in his body. 

After a while the voice disappeared from Lin Feng’s head and he was sitting cross-legged. He was using his cosmos-burning sun skill to make the entire surroundings burn. Huge flames of Qi were burning around in the air.

A sun pattern appeared on Lin Feng’s body. In the sky, even though there was initially no sun or moon, a sun appeared and started shining upon Lin Feng’s body. The fire was becoming hotter and hotter. 

“Boom!” that terrifying fire became rampant, Lin Feng was bathing in a gigantic sea of flames. 

That terrifying fire seemed like it could burn the entire s.p.a.ce. There was only that fire in Lin Feng's heart.

He slowly stood up but his eyes were closed as before. He raised his hands and two suns appeared.

Those two suns rose up and floated in the sky. Then, more suns appeared, up until the ninth sun. They were shining upon Lin Feng’s body. This time, Lin Feng had an infinite quant.i.ty of pure Qi sun fire. The suns belonged to him and he could use all of their fire.

“Burn the cosmos!” thought Lin Feng. The flames started burning even more violently, there was nothing but flames all around Lin Feng.

The entire arid and vast area was covered with an infinite number of flames. 

Lin Feng opened his eyes and saw the fire. So that was what it looked like when the skill reached its maximum… When it became an authentic sun skill… It could really burn the entire cosmos…

“Boom boom boom!” The vast and arid area kept shaking, it was more and more violent. It seemed like it was going to collapse. Lin Feng looked sad… Seven days…

He really wanted to stay there longer, everyday in there was wonderful. He had made the same progress that he would have made in one year's time outside.

Unfortunately, he could only stay seven days in that great world and now it was over. 

Actually, only Lin Feng was missing in the outside world, everyone else had already finished their time. They all looked more mature as if they had all made great progress.

They hadn’t left him though. They raised their heads and looked at the first gate which was also the highest one. Lin Feng had obtained the first jade key so he got to train there. They were wondering when he would come out. 

“The first special area is the best one and is also the place where one can spend the most time… It must be much better than all the special areas where we went. Lin Feng has been there for seven days, even if he hasn’t changed his skills or anything he should have broken through to the next cultivation layer…” said Tang You You while watching the first gate. Actually, Lin Feng was the only one who had spent seven days in a special area.

Tang You You had been able to stay six days in the second area, and she had benefitted a lot from those six days.

“Breaking through to the next cultivation layers is only a matter of time. Even if Lin Feng doesn’t finish at the top of the rankings this time, he has already obtained a lot and will have a brilliant future in front of him. He will be even more successful in the future. He is able to progress faster than us.” said Jun Mo Xi in a low voice. When Yu Mo heard that, he groaned coldly and looked solemn. He hated Lin Feng for having obtained the first key, he wished he had spent seven days in the special area… He didn’t even have five days to practice cultivation…

But now, seven days had finally pa.s.sed. Outside and around the gate, some clouds appeared as the gate opened itself. A silhouette appeared and descended from the sky. 

That person’s Qi was different… 

However, his cultivation level hadn’t changed! He had only broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer!

“Fifth Xuan Qi layer??” The Leader of Shen Gong North was surprised… But then sharp lights twinkled in his eyes and a magnificent and radiant smile appeared on his face, “that boy is hiding things!!”

If the Leader of Shen Gong North could only see that Lin Feng had broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, it meant that he was being fooled by Lin Feng’s secret skill to hide his cultivation level!! 

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