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PMG Chapter 648: Shen Gong

Chapter 648: Shen Gong

The crowd was just as surprised when Yun Fei Yang gave up. Perhaps he had really only wanted to see some of Ku Yao Teng’s Qi. 

But Yun Fei Yang was right. Everybody was hoping to see what kind of gifts Shen Gong had for them. 

Ku Yao Teng groaned coldly and returned to his seat. There were fifteen people left, the fifteen strongest ones.

Xue Wu Chang glanced at the fifteen cultivators left and said, “Alright, come with me now. In seven days we will come back here to continue.” 

“Seven days…” The crowd was surprised. They needed seven days to receive gifts?

The fifteen geniuses weren't ready for that either, where were they going? Why did they need seven days? But in any case they were all happy. They weren’t going to complain because they were going to obtain treasures…

“Mister, I offended many people in Mi Cheng… I will be with you for seven days… But my friends…” said Lin Feng in a weak voice. Han Man and Po Jun were there too, maybe Lin Feng’s enemies would try to kill them… Lin Feng was scared to leave them for seven days.

“Where are your friends?” asked Xue Wu Chang. 

“There.” said Lin Feng, pointing at them. 

“Alright. If anyone dares touch them, Shen Gong will kill them. And for further precaution, I will send people to protect them.” said Xue Wu Chang. He then continued, “You don’t need to worry about anything. Relax. During these seven days, you must only pay attention to yourself. I will make sure there will be no problems.” 

“Alright. Thank you very much.” said Lin Feng while bowing in front of him. Surely, nothing would happen to Han Man and the two others. 

“Anything else?” asked Xue Wu Chang to the crowd. Everybody shook their heads, expressionlessly. 

“Alright, then follow me.” said Xue Wu Chang, turning around and rising up into the air. 

“In seven days, wait here.” shouted Lin Feng to Han Man and the others. Then he rose up in the air and followed Xue Wu Chang, along with the others. Their pure Qi was emitting whistling sounds in the atmosphere.

They were flying above the clouds in the sky. 

“Lin Feng, what do you think we will get this time?” asked Jun Mo Xi. Lin Feng and the others from Dragon Mountain were flying together in the sky, only Duan Wu Dao wasn’t with them. Duan Wu Dao hadn’t even glanced at anyone else. He had stayed alone from the beginning and to the end. He looked very selfish, as if he had been the master of the sky and was above all the others.

“No idea.” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He had no idea what the compet.i.tion would be like this time, would it be like the first round? Would luck play a role in this part of the compet.i.tion? Xue Wu Chang had said that the number of their jade key would play a role.. Each jade key probably enabled cultivators to access different treasures… Lin Feng would probably obtain the best treasure then…

“The first round was about getting skills in the temples, so this time wouldn't be about getting skills or techniques… Maybe it’s about making us smarter and increasing our power of understanding… Maybe we will understand cultivation layers even better.” said Jun Mo Xi. Xue Wu Chang had told them that they would first get treasures and then fight again… So what were those treasures? Would they drastically change their cultivation abilities? Would they influence the next battles?

n.o.body knew anything. Lin Feng and Jun Mo Xi were no exceptions.

After two days, Xue Wu Chang slowed down. In front of them was a mysterious Qi… It was an illusion. 

“We arrived.” said Xue Wu Chang. He stopped and everybody else stopped with him. They all looked to Xue Wu Chang. 

They had arrived?

There was nothing in front of them, only clouds?

Were there treasures there?

In front of them appeared a gigantic cloud, they were confused. Suddenly, some clouds rolled apart and a magnificent light appeared. Their hearts began to beat faster.

In front of them, clouds opened and a path appeared.

“What’s this?” the crowd was astonished. How intriguing! That was an illusionary door! A moment before, there had been clouds but now there was an illusionary door. Inside, there was a hole that looked like another world. 

“Come.” said Xue Wu Chang, pa.s.sing through the door. The crowd followed him and then they sensed that their pure Qi was becoming chaotic. 

“How pleasant. The pure Qi of the earth and the sky is very thick here.” thought Lin Feng, pleasantly surprised. He turned his head and saw that the illusionary door had closed itself. They had really arrived in another world. Under their feet, the pure Qi of the earth and the sky was rolling. 

Lin Feng had the feeling that this place was like a fairytale, like those he had watched on the TV in his previous life.

There were celestial palaces above the clouds.

“That place is Shen Gong.” said Xue Wu Chang, everybody was astonished. Shen Gong was that entire mystical place! 

Clouds kept rolling over, that place was proof of Shen Gong's power. 

“On the path of cultivation, there really are no limits.” thought Lin Feng terribly excited. Creating such a world was monstrously difficult.. Who could create such a world? What was the cultivation layer of the one who had created it? 

“Protector Xue!” shouted a person in the distance. It was a young man in armor. He then nodded to Xue Wu Chang.

That young man was about twenty-five years old and his Qi was enigmatic. He was even stronger than Yu Mo. That person was different from the eight most outstanding geniuses of the compet.i.tion. His armor, just like his eyes, were twinkling. 

“Hao Peng, come. These people are for you.” said Xue Wu Chang to the young man. Hao Peng nodded and said, “In seven days, I’ll bring them back.”

“Alright.” said Xue Wu Chang, nodding. Immediately after, he looked at the crowd and said, “Go with Hao Peng. He knows where to take you.”

Everybody looked at Hao Peng, he also stared back at them. He looked calm and serene, maybe even a bit proud.

“So those are the strong cultivators from Xue Yu, they're not that strong!” thought Hao Peng while observing them. Of course, he wasn’t going to tell them that.

People didn’t have the feeling that Hao Peng was nice because of the way he looked Ling Xiao Xiao, Qing Meng Xin and the other girls. He had even frowned while looking at tang You You as if he had wanted to say something but hadn’t.

“Come with me.” said Hao Peng. They then all followed closely behind him.

They could see many palaces in front of them, what an astonishing architecture! The Qi of the earth and the sky was extremely dense and pure there. The palaces were gigantic, just like wonderlands. 

If they had practiced in that place before, they would have already reached monumental cultivation levels! 

Sects and countries would become extremely powerful if their people could train there… 

Xue Wu Chang is our protector but he has limits to where he can take you. There are many places where he cannot go so I have to do it for you.” explained Hao Peng. Everybody was surprised, Xue Wu Chang couldn’t go just anywhere, he was only a protector… What an incredible place! 

But Hao Peng didn’t seem so nice. He was criticizing others to make himself appear more important!

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