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PMG Chapter 647: Everybody, Give Up!

Chapter 647: Everybody, Give Up!

“There really are too many geniuses…” thought Xue Wu Chang. Jun Mo Xi could use pure and unadulterated vital Qi of righteousness… How rare and how difficult, especially to make it reach such dimensions! It was extremely hard to learn. 

In order to learn vital Qi of righteousness, one required a pure heart and couldn’t commit sins. One’s vitality and soul had to be pure, sinners couldn’t give birth to vital Qi of righteousness…

That skill was the reflection of one’s personality.

“Stop now?” Yu Mo raised his head and looked at Xue Wu Chang. He didn’t understand why the battle had to stop. Just a moment before Jun Mo Xi had just oppressed his body, why would the battle stop? Yu Mo wanted to regain face, he had just been humiliated.

“You lost.” said Xue Wu Chang. Yu Mo didn't know what to say so he pulled a long face, Xue Wu Chang was humiliating him in front of everybody. 

“Even though you didn’t lose in terms of strength, you lost in your heart. What you need to do is not think about regaining your prestige… But instead, change your state of mind. If you are unable to change your state of mind then you will miss out on the wonderful opportunities that await you ahead. At that time, you will lose again.” said Xue Wu Chang slowly to Yu Mo. Yu Mo’s face looked hideous. He understood what Xue Wu Chang meant, after all, Yu Mo wasn’t stupid… Jun Mo Xi was indeed extremely strong and that vital Qi of righteousness could destroy evil Qi. A moment before, Yu Mo had wanted to release his spirit… But Jun Mo Xi wouldn’t have struggled with it, that was indeed his defeat.

“We will fight again.” said Yu Mo coldly to Jun Mo Xi. He then moved back to his seat.

“We can play together anytime.” said Jun Mo Xi smiling. He looked free, natural and unrestrained. When he moved, his vital Qi of righteousness disappeared and he looked like an ordinary young man again. There was nothing strange about him.

Jun Mo Xi moved back to his seat. In their hearts, everybody felt even more respect for Jun Mo Xi. 

Maybe Jun Mo Xi was one of the three best cultivators of the compet.i.tion, along with Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling … 

Lin Feng and Tang You You were extremely strong and had obtained the first jade keys. But compared with someone like Jun Mo Xi, they were still very far… At least, in their eyes.

Jun Mo Xi’s vital Qi of righteousness was monstrously powerful… Yu Mo didn't have a chance to resist it… Yu Mo was one of the eight most dazzling geniuses of the compet.i.tion but he was still inferior to Jun Mo Xi… Before the battle, everybody had wondered which of them were stronger. And the compet.i.tion was full of surprises, Jun Mo Xi who didn’t look as strong to begin with was actually obscenely strong. Being aggressive and arrogant didn’t mean anything to someone like Jun Mo Xi who was always calm, serene and gentle. Many had thought that Jun Mo Xi was one of the weakest of the eight most outstanding geniuses. But they just misunderstood his temperament. 

After Jun Mo Xi’s fight, it was the sixth person’s turn: Xue Sha. 

Xue Sha stood up and chose Qing Meng Xin. 

Qing Meng Xin had a resplendent smile on her face, she looked to Xue Wu Chang and said, “Mister, I am too weak, can I give up?”

The crowd was astonished but then they understood her. She was a girl, beating Xue Sha would be extremely difficult… Forfeiting was a way to admit that she had already lost.

“You can. You’re here so you can choose to fight or not.” said Xue Wu Chang nodding. 

“Thank you, mister.” said Qing Meng Xin looking honest. She then said to Xue Sha, “I give up.” 

“Hmph.” Xue Sha groaned coldly. He wanted to try a skill but Qing Meng Xin hadn’t given him the possibility to try it out! He didn’t like winning that way, especially after Jun Mo Xi’s victory. 

It should have been Yu Mo’s turn after Qing Meng Xin gave up, but he had been defeated already so it was Ling Xiao’s turn. 

Ling Xiao only could choose between three people… Yu Xiao Xiao, Ku Yao Teng the Dead Tree and Yun Fei Yang.

“I wonder if I could defeat Ku Yao Teng… If I fight against Yun Fei Yang, Yu Xiao Xiao will have to fight against Ku Yao Teng…” thought Ling Xiao… His choice was too hard. In the end, he looked at Yu Xiao Xiao and said, “Let’s give up together.”

When she heard him, she knew what he meant and nodded. Then he looked at Xue Wu Chang and said, “Mister, I challenge Yu Xiao Xiao and we give up together.”

They didn’t feel like fighting anymore, they were just thinking about the great opportunities Xue Wu Chang had talked about. They wanted to know what they were and if they'd be able to break through to the next cultivation layer after.

“Okay.” said Xue Wu Chang not refusing. Immediately after, he looked to Ku Yao Teng and Yun Fei Yang, they had no choice. 

The last battle had to be between them. If Ku Yao Teng lost the battle, he would lose his jade key. But if Yun Fei Yang lost, he had nothing to lose because he already had the last jade key. 

“Do we need to fight?” asked Ku Yao Teng to Yun Fei Yang. He didn’t even move to the middle of the fighting stage. 

“Let’s try!” replied Yun Fei Yang, the crowd thought that Yun Fei Yang was going to give up. That battle wasn’t going to be great, the crowd could not believe that he would win. 

The Dead Tree was speechless, but then his eyes were twinkling as he said, “Alright, let’s try then.” 

He jumped onto the fighting stage and watched Yun Fei Yang sharply. 

“Come if you want to fight.” said Ku Yao Teng. He then released some dead tree Qi, his eyes looked absolutely livid and cold.

Yun Fei Yang landed on the fighting stage and said, “Ku Yao Teng the Dead Tree, I want to know where your nickname comes from…” 

“You will see.” said Ku Yao Teng coldly. His pupils turned gloomy, he looked dead. The entire atmosphere filled with a death Qi and an eerie silence invaded it. It seemed like everything was dying around Ku Yao Teng. Yun Fei Yang wasn’t far from him but the death energy around his body didn’t feel pleasant, it seemed like he could die at any moment. 

Ku Yao Teng then made a step forwards and some withered Qi spread through the air. 

However, Yun Fei Yang smiled devilishly from the corner of his mouth! He looked particularly amused.

“I’m sorry, I give up.” said Yun Fei Yang abruptly. Everybody was astonished! Yun Fei Yang had asked for a battle and then suddenly gave up! 

Ku Yao Teng was furious but he didn’t even have time to react, that Yun Fei Yang was already back to his seat. He smiled resplendently and said, “I wanted to see your Qi, now that I saw it there is no need to continue.” 

“You’re playing with me!?” said Ku Yao Teng menacingly. 

“I think that everybody wants the battles to end as soon as possible.” replied Yun Fei Yang joyfully. Everybody wanted to see the great presents from Shen Gong. Yun Fei Yang had given up right-out, which meant that the battles had come to an end for now. 

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