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PMG Chapter 645: The Holy City

Chapter 645: The Holy City

“Are you faster than my sword?” asked Lin Feng. The crowd was astonished as they watched the silhouette in the sky, more precisely his abdomen. 

His abdomen was covered with blood, and then incredibly, some blood arrows started emerging out his abdomen and moving into Lin Feng’s sword. Lin Feng’s sword was drinking blood. 

“His sword drinks blood…” thought the crowd stupefied… Lin Feng’s opponent raised his head and asked, “Lin Feng… What is your sword?” 

“It’s a bloodthirsty sword.” said Lin Feng indifferently. “We are sixteen, losing here is not dramatic… Originally, I just wanted to fight and stop when one of us had lost. We would have both benefited from amazing advantages and would have both become much stronger. We would have been seen as amazing and dazzling cultivators. Unfortunately, you wanted to cripple my cultivation so you have to die now, and you have only yourself to blame.” explained Lin Feng while his sword continued drinking his opponent’s blood. Then he stopped at his opponent and moved back to his original position.

“The moron offended the dragon… And the moron will die…” said that person with a sorrowful smile. He could have had a beautiful future but now he was going to die now…

He then slowly collapsed, crashing onto the fighting stage. Xue Wu Chang raised his finger, and in a flash the body burnt to ashes and disappeared. Xue Wu Chang looked absolutely calm and serene, he glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng really had incredible natural abilities. He really had benefited from the temples at the beginning. 

When the crowd saw the corpse burn to ashes, they then glanced at Lin Feng. They were unable to calm down. 

Lin Feng had understood the golden body… So people couldn’t break him?

Lin Feng could use one sword to threaten everyone that infuriating the possessor of the first jade key was dangerous.

What astonished those who knew Lin Feng was that he was able to crush cultivators of the seventh Xuan Qi layer easily. He had even despised and humiliated Yue Tian Ming, for someone like Yue Qing Shan, the situation seemed unreal.

His grandson was dazzling on the fighting stage of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. But at the same time, he didn’t recognize him as his grandson.

“Like a tiger, Meng He’s son is an incredible successor. If she were here, she would probably feel very gratified.” thought Yue Qing Shan, he looked sad as he closed his eyes. Lin Feng’s natural abilities were higher than that of his parents.

“He’s amazing, our brother has become so strong.” thought Han Man. Under his bronze mask, there was a magnificent and resplendent smile. He was clenching his fists so hard that blue veins appeared. Lin Feng’s strength was astonishing, everyone’s hearts were pounding. That young man on the stage was Han Man’s great friend, they were like brothers.

“If Lin Feng goes back to Xue Yue after the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, apart from Duan Wu Dao, n.o.body will be able to compete with him anymore.” thought Po Jun impatiently. After obtaining the great treasures of the academy, and with his bloodthirsty sword, who would be able to rival with him? 

“His goal can’t be Xue Yue…. He will become famous in the empire, or even in the Holy City.” said Xiao Ya while clenching her tiny fists, she looked excited.

“The Holy City? What is that place?” asked Po Jun unknowingly. He had never heard that name. 

Xiao Ya looked at him and when she saw that he looked confused, replied, “The incredible geniuses of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu are considered as ordinary people in the Holy City. Mi Cheng or even Shen Gong are considered as tiny little spheres of influence in the Holy City. Besides, in the Holy City, there is only one sect.” Po Jun and Han Man were astonished, their eyes were twinkling. 

The geniuses of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu were ordinary people in the Holy City… The mysterious sphere of influence called Shen Gong was also small there…

Was it a gigantic city?

“Where is the Holy City?” asked Han Man. He was extremely curious. 

Po Jun shook his head and said, “We don’t need to know that, we are tiny little insects. We will know when the right time comes.” 

“Hahaha, you will. Big brother will leave Xue Yue will even leave Xue Yu. He will become an extremely strong cultivator on the Continent of the Nine Clouds.” said Xiao Ya, she was full of confidence for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked like her real brother, like the one her grandfather sung of, “A young hero reaching the clouds who would step on mountains and rivers someday!” 

Unfortunately, her real brother had died… He couldn’t take care of her anymore but now, Lin Feng had become like her real brother. He was taking care of her and loved her like a real little sister.

Han Man and Po Jun nodded, indeed, Lin Feng would become a monstrously powerful cultivator on the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had to leave the tiny little country of Xue Yue, and even the small region of Xue Yu.

Tang You You then moved to the middle of the fighting stage, it was her turn to choose.

Just like Lin Feng, she had to win not to lose her jade key. She had the second one, so losing it would be a catastrophe because she would end up at the end of the rankings.

She then looked at the different potential opponents. Amongst those in the top ten, she didn’t feel like fighting anyone. Apart from Lin Feng, she couldn’t defeat any of them anyways.

Qing Meng Xin and Yun Fei Yang couldn’t fight, they had become friends too. 

“I choose you.” said Tang You You, looking at the thirteenth woman with the ice-soul skill. 

That girl looked at Tang You You and remained emotionless. Her Qi was ice-cold, just like her skill.

She jumped and landed in front of Tang You You. 

“Let’s see who can win in one attack, what do you think?” asked Tang You You. The other glanced at her and said, “Alright.” 

It didn't matter if she lost the battle or won. That girl had nothing to lose, that’s why she didn’t refuse Tang You You’s proposition. Partic.i.p.ating at the compet.i.tion was already amazing for her.

“Be careful.” said Tang You You and suddenly turned into a thousand dream shadows, which then turned into real clones. They were everywhere.

That girl suddenly moved backwards and abruptly, the atmosphere became ice-cold. Snowflakes started falling in the air.

“Absolute Zero, freeze!” 

“Kacha!” The temperature was ice-cold, piercing to the bones. Even the crowd felt ice-cold. Surprisingly, a layer of ice appeared on the fighting stage. Besides, in the middle, there was a blizzard.

It seemed like Tang You You’s clones were going to freeze and turn into statues.

“What a terrifying coldness.” thought Lin Feng speechless. He was also feeling the cold. 

That coldness actually froze Tang You You’s clones. 

“Huh? something moved…?” In the ice, a silhouette moved and attacked the girl. 

She turned around and in a flash, she knew what it was. She moved backwards and raised her head, spitting out ice and snow. It shot out towards Tang You You. 

“Break!” shouted Tang You You. Her body broke the ice, her black hair was moving in all directions, and then she suddenly disappeared. But quickly, she appeared in front of that girl. 

“Destroy!” said the girl attacking Tang You You again. The ice and Tang You You’s fists collided. In that flash, her body was frozen again.

Had Tang You You lost? Immediately after, a crackling sound spread in the air and the girl moved back of a few meters. There was still blood on her hands but blood was splashing out of her mouth.

“I see…” said the girl sorrowfully… Tang You You’s strength could surprisingly cross ice, that must be a particular aspect of her skill… 

“You win!” said the girl while moving back. Some cracking sounds spread in the air and Tang You You appeared in the open air again. She had managed to protect the second jade key!

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