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PMG Chapter 641: Prove What?

Chapter 641: Prove What?

Yue Tian Ming hadn’t used his entire strength yet but he didn’t feel like using it anymore.

Since the beginning of the battle, Lin Feng had been crushing his mood. All of his attacks were useless. Lin Feng was just staring at him, humiliating him, making fun of him. 

“Tian Ming, don’t give up! You have to stay proud even if you lose! You are at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, losing a fight is not a disaster, it’s normal!” shouted Yue Qing Shan. He knew what Lin Feng was doing, he could see everything. For a cultivator, losing one’s courage, honor and dignity were the worst things. If a cultivator’s heart was destroyed, he wouldn’t be able to continue becoming stronger. Why was Lin Feng doing that? Did he hate Yue Tian Ming? Why was he so cruel to him?

Yue Qing Shan didn’t understand, his thoughts were chaotic. It was the first time that he felt so confused, even though he was quite old.

Yue Tian Ming was the treasure of the Yue Clan, Yue Qing Shan had faith in him. With all the efforts Yue Tian Ming had made in the past, he couldn’t lose his motivation… 

Yue Qing Shan’s voice resonated and detonated in Yue Tian Ming’s brain. He immediately roared violently and his terrifying celestial fangs spirit appeared again. 

Yue Tian Ming’s blood seemed like it was boiling. He couldn’t submit himself, he had thrive for victory! 

The strength of his blood spirit kept flowing at full speed. Yue Tian Ming was roaring like an animal, his hair was violently fluttering in the wind. He grabbed Lin Feng’s body and created fissures in the statue. Yue Tian Ming was finally managing to break Lin Feng’s body. 

“Break!” Yue Tian Ming was surprised and immediately delighted, finally! 

But Lin Feng said something else at that moment. 

“The only way for you to crack my golden body is to use your full strength… For the first disciple of the Yue Clan and second high-official of Xue Yue, that’s ridiculous… You're a real piece of trash.” joked Lin Feng. Yue Tian Ming couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng who was unknown, ridiculous. 

“It’s only a fissure… Why are you so happy? Do you think that’s enough to defeat me? Do you think you can be proud of yourself now…? You’re less than trash.” said Lin Feng. Finally, Lin Feng attacked and his golden hand crashed onto Yue Tian Ming’s body. It seemed like it was going to crush him, blood splashed and Yue Tian Ming’s body flew away. 

“He couldn’t even withstand a single attack.” Lin Feng jumped and landed in front of Yue Tian Ming. He looked down at him and said indifferently, “Do you feel proud?” 

“Boom!” Another golden hand appeared, Yue Tian Ming raised his hand and just heard his bones break, crackling sounds could be heard by the audience. Yue Tian Ming couldn’t stand up, he was left on the ground. 

Yue Tian Ming raised his head, his eyes were bloodshot. He was fixated on Lin Feng, he had the impression that he was going to go crazy… 

“And now? Are you still proud to be the second high-official of Xue Yue?” said Lin Feng. Yue Tian Ming looked furious, his hair was extremely messy. 

“That’s enough. Why do you hate him so much and have to be that cruel???” Shouted Yue Qing Shan furiously. Yue Qing Shan was glaring at Lin Feng. They didn’t know each other and initially Lin Feng even looked warm and gentle. Why was he so cruel at that moment? Why was he humiliating him so much?

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Yue Qing Shan with a cold smile on his face.

“Why? Because of you, Yue Qing Shan.”

“Me?” Yue Qing Shan was astonished. “I don’t understand, how did I offend you?” 

“Oh I see…” said Lin Feng smiling, but it wasn’t a happy smile, it wasn’t pride either. It was a mockery, the situation was ridiculous. 

“When you confronted your grandson, were you sad? What about my mother? What about my father? And what about me? Grandpa!” 

“Grandpa!” Lin Feng had called him grandpa, Yue Qing Shan’s heart pounded violently. Yue Qing Shan wasn’t the only one… Yue Tian Ming was also shaken. Lin Feng was calling him grandpa!

The crowd was also astonished, that old man was his grandpa! 

“Lin…. Feng!” Yue Qing Shan was astonished, it was really him, it was the real Lin Feng. 

Unfortunately, his grandson was proudly standing on the fighting stage at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. He had obtained the first jade key, but his grandfather didn’t benefit from that glory! He was just astonished… Words couldn’t describe those feelings.

It was Lin Feng… The real Lin Feng…

Yue Qing Shan looked extremely sad… 

“So it was you…” 

“It’s me.” said Lin Feng nodding. Some flames were burning in his eyes. In a flash, his face changed.

He didn’t look sick anymore, but his eyes looked just as resplendent as before. He was an outstanding young man. 

Lin Feng looked even younger than the sick Lin Feng, he had just been wearing a mask. 

At that moment, many silhouettes stood up. The people from Tian Feng, from the Wan Shou Sect, from the Yu Clan, they all stood up. They were staring at him… They were starting to understand the situation a little better. 

The Yu Clan understood why Lin Feng had killed Yu Jian and Yu Qin, the people from Tian Feng also knew why Lin Feng had been killing them one after the other. Lin Feng hadn’t died, he was still alive!

“It’s him…” Wu Qing couldn't take his eyes away from Lin Feng. Lin Feng had become so strong, Wu Qing was starting to get scared…  

Besides, Lin Feng would try to exterminate the Wan Shou Sect if he remained alive. Wu Qing’s heart started pounding… He felt terrified… If Lin Feng became stronger, he would kill them all… 

“It’s him..” The people from Dragon Mountain were astonished too… Lin Feng hadn’t died, he had disappeared but reappeared with a new face… 

Yue Qing Shan was looking at the young man, he looked dazzling, clean, handsome… He didn’t look furious, he just looked alive.

Was everything Yue Qing Shan’s fault? 

He had always taken care of Yue Tian Ming and had hoped that Yue Tian Ming would become a dragon amongst people. But he had expelled his own daughter from the clan, and her husband and her son… Lin Feng and his father hadn’t been able to live or come back to the Imperial City… They had had to live in a small town. Lin Feng had come back to Xue Yue and Yue Qing Shan had hoped that Yue Tian Ming would crush Lin Feng.

He had even tried to make Yue Tian Ming steal Lin Feng’s girlfriend, Duan Xin Ye. He had told Yue Tian Ming to attack Lin Feng in front of everybody.

Only a part of his dream was realized, Yue Tian Ming and Lin Feng were fighting during the compet.i.tion. But the problem was the winner wasn’t Lin Feng…. The result was astonishing. 

His grandson, Yue Tian Ming, had been humiliated and crushed by Lin Feng who only counted on himself… Lin Feng could easily kill Yue Tian Ming if he wished. For him, Yue Tian Ming really was a tiny little insect. 

Ridiculous, sad, tragic… That was only the beginning. 

“Why are you doing that?” asked Yue Qing Shan. 

“To prove something to everybody. You said in the past that you hoped that Yue Tian Ming would defeat me in front of everybody at the compet.i.tion. Now I have proven that my determination was stronger, I proved you that your grandson is not extraordinary. That your other grandson, who’s your daughter’s son, can accomplish great things. I want to be a source of pride for my mother, and I want to prove to everyone that she didn’t make a mistake when she left the Yue Clan.” said Lin Feng slowly. His speech had made=Yue Qing Shan’s heart twitch! 

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