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PMG Chapter 615: The Evil Temple

Chapter 615: The Evil Temple

There were many people running up the dune together, but strangely they weren't fighting each other.

There were two people at the top of the dune. One of them had twelve starlight seeds, stealing that person’s seeds would have been incredibly great. 

There was another person with eight starlight seeds and it seemed that they hadn’t used seven of them yet, which meant he hadn’t obtained any great skills yet. 

Many people in the area noticed that and rushed over to the dune. It seemed like the first round could finish any time on that dune. 

Lin Feng and Tang You You were running frantically. Finally they arrived at the very top of the dune, it was a huge and vast flat area.

Surprisingly, at the top there was a temple out of which a mysterious and mystical Qi was emerging. Lin Feng looked at the temple, it seemed like there was a Heruka there, it looked kind and evil at the same time. 

It was difficult to distinguish if it was evil or good. 

“Maybe that the envoy obtained his golden Shakyamuni skill from that temple.” Lin Feng and Tang You You glanced at each other and then gazed into the distance. More and more people were running up the dune. They were getting closer and closer to the top.

“Do you want to go to that temple?” asked Tang You You to Lin Feng. Lin Feng already had eight seeds and had used only one of them. He could probably obtain some monstrous skill at that moment and become much stronger.

Lin Feng looked irresolute, it had been so difficult to obtain those seven seeds. What he wanted the most was the sword skill from the sword temple but people were chasing them at that moment. If he wanted to obtain the sword skill, he definitely had to fly through the sky and use too much pure Qi… Others would then join in chasing him then. It would be horrible if Lin Feng ended up dying.

If he entered the temple in front of him he might obtain a great skill, but he might not have the opportunity to go to the sword temple again. 

Lin Feng was fixedly staring at that temple with the statue looking both evil and good at the same time. It seemed like the nature of the statue kept changing every second. 

Lin Feng, however, had a familiar impression. Wasn’t his Heruka strength skill also good and evil?

Maybe that it was a sign that he had to get in. 

“Can you come in with me?” asked Lin Feng. Tang You You looked pensive for a few seconds and replied, “The doors might not shut because I don't have any more seeds to bargain with. But we might as well try.” 

Lin Feng nodded. They needed the door of the temple to remain closed, otherwise they wouldn’t be protected. 

“Let’s go in.” said Lin Feng. They then immediately entered the temple without another hesitation.

Tang You You entered with him, and as hoped, the door of the temple closed itself. In a flash, some stars disappeared at the top of the mountain, surprising the people that were running up the dunes. 

Was there a temple at the top of the dune??

A lot of them began leaving. Lin Feng had eight seeds and would probably obtain a monstrously powerful skill. After coming out, they wouldn’t be the ones to kill him. Instead, he would kill them. 

Of course, some people stayed and waited. They consisted of a group of five people. Those people only had one seed between their eyebrows. They had managed to survive only because they had stayed together the whole time. That was a smart strategy, they kept helping each other. If they had decided to kill each other initially they might not have survived the confrontation after. 

They decided to wait for those two. One of them had eight starlight seeds and another had four. If their group had managed to kill them and obtain their seeds they wouldn’t be scared of anyone else anymore.

Even though the seeds would only belong to one of them, they still wanted to try. Maybe they would be the one to succeed.

At that moment, Lin Feng and Tang You You were in the temple. It was as big as the sword temple. There were no swords in suspension however, only the statue. 

That gigantic statue wasn’t facing them, they could see it from the side only because it had two faces facing leftwards and rightwards. 

One evil and one good side… Looking in two different directions.

“It’s a Heruka statue…” whispered Tang You You. She sounded very surprised. How come there was such an ancient statue in there? 

Evil was evil, good was good. How had they managed to merge together in antiquity?

Lin Feng was astonished, it was a real Heruka statue. 

Did that temple have anything to do with the Heruka skill he had?

Lin Feng looked at the hands of the statue. On its left hand there were three good benevolent statues sitting. On its right hand there were three malevolent statues. On these statues there were also stars, from one star to six stars. 

“The benevolent statue only has one to three stars while the malevolent ones have four to six stars… Is good less powerful than evil?” Tang You You looked surprised. That statue was extremely mysterious. Since the benevolent-looking statues had less stars than the malevolent-looking ones, did it mean that the malevolent skills were more powerful than the others?

“It seems like the one who built the temple didn’t respect good as much as evil.” whispered Tang You You. But Lin Feng didn't hear her, he was staring at the one statue in the middle.

It was half good, half evil and had seven stars on it. That was probably the most powerful one. 

“Seven seeds… Are you going to use them all?” asked Tang You You. She sounded excited and curious. Was Lin Feng going to spend all of his seeds to learn the most powerful skill or was he going to spend a few on a several skills?

Was he going to get a kind one, an evil one or the harmonious one?

“Of course, I will get this one.” said Lin Feng while pointing at the one in the very middle. Lin Feng had the strength of the Heruka, of course he would get the most powerful one. He had to get the authentic one, half-evil and half-good. 

Perhaps this statue would help him in the future with his strength of the Heruka. Tang You You looked at Lin Feng in a deep and meaningful way and immediately walked towards the statue. She then said, “I know you wanted to go to another temple, but now you can relax. I won’t bother you while you learn the skill.” 

“Alright.” said Lin Feng, nodding. He shook his head and his seven starlight seeds connected with those of the half-evil half-good statue. Bridges appeared between his seeds and those of the statue. Swiftly, Lin Feng had the impression that his head was going to explode. Some memories had entered his brain which made him shake and move back a step. 

Lin Feng tried to stand steadily but gave up and sat down cross-legged. As expected, a skill which required seven stars was much more powerful than a skill which needed only one… Those memories were extremely brutal. 

At that moment, a vast starry sky appeared in Lin Feng’s brain. It was gigantic.

A dazzling golden light started twinkling all around his body. The aura of the Buddhas were shining all around him and illuminating the entire atmosphere of the temple. 

On one side in the s.p.a.ce there was a magnificent light, and on the other side there was a black evil light which couldn’t be pierced by the beautiful and dazzling light.

Those statues seemed like they had come from ancient times, as if good and evil had been fighting since the beginning of time.

It seemed like the mouth of the good statue was moving. Texts written in sanskrit started flowing, they were written in beautiful golden letters and they were moving towards the dark light. 

However, the evil statue remained fearless and remained standing there indifferently. An evil energy kept flowing and rolling in the atmosphere. The beautiful golden texts in sanskrit kept colliding with that evil energy and then disappearing as if they had never existed. 
Even though Lin Feng’s eyes were closed, his facial expression kept changing. The images in his brain were incredible, astonishing. His heart kept pounding violently and he couldn’t calm down. 

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