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Chapter 612: Encountering Yu Mo!


Yu Liu Shui’s silhouette flickered and he threw himself towards Xiao Ya while releasing his Qi.


That powerful Qi terrified Han Man and Xiao Ya who turned around and immediately saw Yu Liu Shui attacking them.


“How shameless!!!” Shouted. Han Man furiously. He grabbed Xiao Ya’s hand and moved backwards but Yu Liu Shui acted as if he hadn’t heard him and kept moving forwards. His fist was still aiming at them.


“STOP!!!!!” Shouted a furious voice which crashed through the air and oppressed the entire mountain chain and especially Yu Liu Shui.


Yu Liu Shui felt like a meteor had crashed into his body and he groaned in pain. He immediately fell to the ground and struggled to remain conscious.


He pulled a long face and raised his head, he saw Xue Wu Chang in the air who was fixedly staring at him with killing intent. Yu Liu Shui was terrified.


“The Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu is a compet.i.tion in which those geniuses fight and risk their lives, you are an insignificant outsider. If we allowed insignificant people to shamelessly attack people out here, how could the geniuses concentrate their efforts on the compet.i.tion? If you want to avenge your people, you can do it after the compet.i.tion. BUT! If you even glance at them again during the compet.i.tion, I will kill you on the spot!” A terrifying energy had invaded the mountains, everybody could clearly sense it which made them shiver. n.o.body dared to make a single move.


“What a buffoon, you really made a spectacle of yourself.” Said Yue Qing Shan while looking at Yu Liu Shui. Yu Liu Shui groaned and coughed even more blood. His face looked hideous. The geniuses of his clan had been killed and he couldn’t even avenge them.


“Han Man, bro, are you alright?” Said Po Jun at that moment. Even though Yu Liu Shui hadn’t managed to attack him properly, his Qi had still reached Han Man and injured him.


“I’m ok.” Said Han Man while wiping some blood from his mouth. He was fixedly staring at Yu Liu Shui under his bronze mask and then looked at the evil area again.



After Lin Feng killed Yu Jian and Yu Qin, he had four starlight seeds. He looked around and found out that there were more people coming towards him. Everyone had seen that there were three people in the area, but shortly after there was only one person left with four starlights, he had obviously killed the other two people.


The killer hadn’t taken the time to go to a temple and learn an amazing skill, so the best time to attack him was now.


Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled and he immediately started to move towards the temple. However, four people started rushing to block his path. Two of them had one starlight seed and the others had two each. He couldn’t deal with them all by himself.


When they saw Lin Feng continue moving towards them, they threw themselves towards him. If they could obtain his seeds, they would reap a huge benefit. They had to stop Lin Feng from entering the temple, otherwise he would enter the temple and become a much stronger opponent. He would be very difficult to defeat after that.


Lin Feng obviously knew what these people were thinking. However, defeating the people who had only one skill learnt was the best strategy.


Very quickly, Lin Feng could see people closing in, but he didn’t stop. He rushed forward at full speed. The maximum speed of the first Xuan Qi layer was, of course, not the same as when he was in the
outside world.


“Stop!” someone bombarded the atmosphere with their fist. It was filled with deadly energy. Lin Feng saw many fists start to form in the air and move towards him, they were forming a perfect line in the air.


“What a monstrous punch.” Thought Lin Feng. His silhouette flickered and he unsheathed his sword.


At that moment, Lin Feng had already forgotten the punches, he was focusing on his sword which emitted a whistling sound.


The sword collided with the punch and a fierce deadly energy was released into the atmosphere. That person had much better comprehension of his skills than Yu Jian.




Lin Feng shouted furiously and his sword pierced the atmosphere, it cut through the fists in the air and continued moving, ignoring the resistance of the atmosphere, moving forwards with indomitable will.


“Pssshhh&h.e.l.lip;.” Another sound spread in the atmosphere, this time it wasn’t deadly energy which had been pierced but the person who unleashed it.




The fist however hadn’t stopped for even a second as it crashed onto Lin Feng’s body causing him to fly backwards. His sword pierced the enemy’s throat and created a scene filled with blood as another starlight seed appeared between Lin Feng’s eyebrows.


At that moment, Lin Feng had five starlight seeds. Around him, many people were paying close attention to his movements.


“What a terrifying sword&h.e.l.lip; One attack and he was killed&h.e.l.lip;” People outside were also stupefied. They were all sent into the evil area with the same level and no skills, it was to see who had greater comprehension abilities.


This was actually an extremely fair way to compete. Those who had higher cultivation levels were inherently stronger than those with lower cultivation levels, if they retained their cultivation level in the evil area, the strong would have killed the weak in the blink of an eye. However, those who had an extremely powerful comprehension would have a greater advantage in a fair fight, and Lin Feng was one of those people. Therefore, under such circ.u.mstances, he could easily handle people who relied on solely on their cultivation.


Lin Feng stood up and looked around. The other three people were closing in. Besides, some more people were starting to change direction towards them. They all wanted to steal his seeds.


“Go.” Thought Lin Feng as he rushed in another direction, he couldn’t afford to be surrounded, otherwise, he would really die.


In that evil area, one could see other people’s position with a glance, so he couldn’t afford to be careless.


“A temple.” At that moment, Lin Feng had created some distance between them and was the north area close to a temple. Lin Feng’s eyes were distant as he contemplated his options.


If he went in, he would be able to use his four seeds to obtain a powerful skill but after that he would have no seeds left and would have to kill even more people to obtain better skills&h.e.l.lip;


Lin Feng was irresolute at that moment. More people would arrive as time progressed. What he initially wanted was to kill enough people to obtain the better skills right away.


Now, he had to decide on a different plan.


“Huh?” But while Lin Feng was considering the situation, he narrowed his eyes and suddenly, five starlights appeared. There was already someone at the temple&h.e.l.lip; What a coincidence, that person was coming out.


That person immediately jumped out and appeared at the top of the temple. When he saw Lin Feng, he looked excited.


Lin Feng had five starlight seeds&h.e.l.lip; If he stole them, he would be able to use another five seeds!


It seemed like this time the heavens were on his side.


Lin Feng stopped walking and looked at that silhouette. It was one of the eight most outstanding geniuses, Yu Mo from the Firmament Empire.


During that short time, the people from behind were starting to catch up when they saw Yu Mo leaving the temple and his five starlights shining brightly, they all stopped and didn’t dare approach.


Everybody revered and worshiped the eight most outstanding disciples of the compet.i.tion. Besides, at that moment, Yu Mo had five starlight seeds after exiting the temple which meant that he had probably obtained a monstrous ability.


“I must leave.”


Lin Feng didn’t want to fight against Yu Mo either. He was using only one seed and Yu Mo was using five seeds, besides Yu Mo was one of the eight geniuses of the compet.i.tion, he probably mastered skills at an incredible speed. Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to fight against him with only a single skill.


Lin Feng then moved in the other direction but Yu Mo just smiled coldly.


“Where are you going?” Said Yu Mo at that moment while turning into a hurricane and moving at full speed.


Yu Mo had killed one person and rushed to a temple, he acquired a monstrous agility technique, then he used that agility technique to kill two other people, one of them had a single seed and the other had two seeds, then Yu Mo had used those three seeds to obtain a monstrously strong skill, a fist skill.


“Come back!” Shouted Yu Mo furiously.

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