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Chapter 611: A Disaster for the Yu Clan


“It seems like I have to go out.” Thought Lin Feng when he saw that the door was open. He couldn’t see what was happening outside, but he was hoping that the temple wasn’t being encircled by his enemies.


Lin Feng grabbed hold of the sword he had obtained and left the temple.


He checked to the left and right, he was being extremely careful. There was n.o.body outside which relieved Lin Feng. He continued to glance around.


But after a while, Lin Feng saw some starlight, two of them and then three.


“As expected.” Lin Feng was surprised. After one day, n.o.body wasted any time. People continued to hunt others to steal starlight seeds&h.e.l.lip;


“There&h.e.l.lip;” At that moment, Lin Feng was stupefied. There were five star lights, someone had five starlight seeds which meant that he had killed four people already!


Besides, Lin Feng just realized that there was something strange, everybody was trying to avoid him. All the starlights were moving away from him.


People who had that many starlight seeds were very strong.


“Huh?” Lin Feng was surprised, at that moment, there was a star approaching him.


There were two people, one of them had one starlight seed and the other had two.


“Do they want to kill me?” Thought Lin Feng. He then started to calmly walk away. As expected, when Lin Feng changed direction, the other two moved in the same direction as him. They were rushing in his direction and gaining speed.


Lin Feng’s pace didn’t change, he was moving neither slowly nor quickly at that moment but those two people continued to move closer.


Finally, he arrived somewhere and stopped, he then turned around and saw the people arriving.


Yu Jian and Yu Qin.


Yu Jian already had two starlight seeds, he had killed someone and stolen another starlight seed.


“After one day in there, you finally came out!” Said Yu Jian with a cold smile on his face. He had been waiting for Lin Feng to leave. After seeing only one starlight leaving the temple, Yu Jian understood that it must be Lin Feng. On the way, Yu Qin managed to join him.


“You want to kill me that badly&h.e.l.lip;?” Said Lin Feng indifferently while looking at Yu Jian.


“You should have died much sooner. You’re really lucky to have made it so far.But, I have an extra seed now, with its advantage, you are already a dead man.” Said Yu Jian while smiling coldly. A sword then appeared in his hand.


“Moron. You’ve only been hiding in the temple for one day, that wasn’t very smart.” Said Yu Jian mockingly and then added: “I learnt the same skill as you with my seed and then an agility technique with the other one, Yu Qin learnt a hand skill with his seed. You’re nothing, how could you hope to compete with us?”


Lin Feng reached back and unsheathed the sword from his back which emitted a cold gleam.


“Hmph! We learnt the same sword skill and I now have an agility technique, get ready to die.” Shouted Yu Jian furiously. He then jumped forwards attacking Lin Feng abruptly. His sword was dazzling.


Lin Feng took a step, his sword twinkled, the same sword as Yu Jian. They both looked exactly the same.


“I’m going to get another seed!” Said Yu Jian happily. He then moved with incredible speed and in a fl
ash his sword arrived in front of Lin Feng.


But at that moment Lin Feng’s sword which was in the distance, moved like an illusion, slow and quick at the same time&h.e.l.lip;


“Psssshhhh&h.e.l.lip;” A sound spread through the air and a sword penetrated through flesh. Lin Feng and Yu Jian were facing each other, Yu Jian’s sword was in front of Lin Feng’s chest and even pierced his clothes, but it was unable to move farther. However, Lin Feng’s sword had already pierced Yu Jian’s throat.


That sword seemed to be slow, but in a flash, it had pierced into his throat. He had learnt an agility technique which had helped him improve his speed but his sword skill wasn’t at the same level as Lin Feng , who had truly understood the skill!!


“Same sword skill indeed, but our way of practicing is different.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. He then pushed Yu Jian’s sword aside using his finger.


Yu Jian’s eyes were wide open, he was fixedly staring at Lin Feng, he refused to close his eyes. Lin Feng’s sword had been incredible, to the extent that Yu Jian was still seeing an illusion.


Lin Feng was a moron?


But, why was he able to comprehend the skill much better than Yu Jian? And in the outside world, wasn’t it the same?


“Because you’re about to die, let me tell you something, I am Lin Feng, I am Lin Feng from Xue Yue!” Said Lin Feng coldly which astonished Yu Jian, he started shaking even more. Lin Feng, it was the real Lin Feng&h.e.l.lip;!


Then Lin Feng’s sword moved more and he started shaking intensely. The two seeds between Yu Jian’s eyebrows immediately appeared between Lin Feng’s eyebrows! It was incredibly intriguing.


Lin Feng had killed him and gained two starlight seeds. Yu Jian had already used his two seeds to learn skills but after dying, they were usable again, Lin Feng could use them again to learn another skill.


When Yu Qin saw Yu Jian collapse, he was shocked as he stared at Lin Feng.


It was the real Lin Feng, he had just thought that it was a n.o.body with a strong body, but in fact it was Lin Feng, the real one&h.e.l.lip; It was the Lin Feng he had always wanted to eliminate&h.e.l.lip;


Lin Feng had disappeared but he hadn’t died, he instead transformed and appeared with a new face. He hadn’t even bothered to change his name, yet n.o.body had guessed that he was the same person.


“You asked people from Tian Feng to come and kill me, you nearly caused my death. Initially, I didn’t intend to kill you, but you’ve always continued to push me. How foolish!” Said Lin Feng while slowly walking towards Yu Qin. Yu Qin kept moving backwards, he was terrified.


Lin Feng originally was a n.o.body in Xue Yue and then rose and became a famous figure. Everybody had been astonished by Lin Feng’s cultivation speed. He used to be trash, but step by step, he had become so strong that it scared everyone, making them seem like trash for being so afraid. So just like Yu Qin, many people wanted to eradicate him.


However, Lin Feng was still alive and he was in front of Yu Qin.


“Run.” Thought Yu Qin at that moment. He was terrified by Lin Feng and, of course, didn’t dare fight against him, he turned around and started running like mad. Surprisingly, he didn’t even consider trying to avenge Yu Jian’s death.


“You know, running is useless now.” Said Lin Feng. He made a step forwards, raised his sword which seemed to be extremely distant, but in a flash, it abruptly appeared in front of Yu Qin, it was releasing a suffocating pressure. Yu Qin wasn’t even able to move for much longer until he crashed into the ground  and the starlight seed between his eyebrows appeared on Lin Feng.


Lin Feng already had four starlight seeds and could learn three new skills.


He didn’t go back to the temple though, he needed to get more seeds to learn the better skills, he wanted to learn the sword skill which required seven seeds!


Outside of the evil area, Yu Liu Shui was furious and his face had become extremely red.


The two geniuses of the Yu Clan had died! They were both killed by the same person.


Yu Liu Shui had hoped that those two geniuses would make it, at least, to the second round, but in the end they died. He would be going back to Xue Yue with nothing.


When Yu Qing Shan, on Yu Liu Shui’s side, saw that Yu Qin and Yu Jian had died, he remained calm. There were many benefits to gain in the evil area but not everybody could seize those opportunities! Yu Jian and Lin Feng had had the same sword skill and the same cultivation level, but there had still been a huge difference in power!


The Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yue belonged to real warriors, to the real geniuses! Even though there was an initial one hundred and forty-four geniuses, lots of them would die!


Suddenly, Yu Liu Shui turned his head and looked at Xiao Ya on another mountain. Sharp lights were twinkling in his eyes. Lin Feng had come together with that girl.


Lin Feng had killed his sons,  so the Yu Clan would make him pay the price for it!

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